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My SO and I don't live together, and we both have a lengthy commute to work in different directions. It's become routine that we text each other when we leave work and when we arrive home.

Today, I forgot to let SO know that I had left work. When I got home, I had an unread message: "How's work?"

I replied with 3 messages:

"im home"

"i thought i texted when i left work"

"as it turns out i did not"

I could see that only the first one sent, but I got caught up in a conversation with my roommate and wasn't paying much attention to my phone.

About 10 minutes passed before my phone rang. I had no idea why my SO needed to call me--I didn't think there was anything urgent going on.

I picked up, and IMMEDIATELY my SO was asking "Are you okay? Are you safe??"

As it turns out, those last two messages took some time to send, and my SO apparently had this conversation:

-How's work?

---im home

---i thought i texted when i left work

-It's okay, I'm glad you made it home safe

---as it turns out i did not

-Wait what?!

-Are you okay?




I had failed to respond, caught up in conversation, leaving my SO to fret over me possibly dying in a ditch somewhere.

TLDR: delayed texts informed my SO that I did not get home safely, and I didn't look at my phone enough to realize.

EDIT: I promise this isn't a controlling or toxic relationship! Sometimes I do forget to text, or SO does, and both of us tend to assume the other forgot/is busy/something came up. We fully trust each other to go about our lives and take care of ourselves. The texts are just a peace of mind type thing :) The only reason SO got so anxious/worried was because I apparently explicitly said I wasn't okay. Thanks for the concern, I understand where it's coming from! But I can't depict the extent of our relationship in a short Reddit post, lol.



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palegate t1_iw6l8rd wrote

"-It's okay, I'm glad you made it home safe

---as it turns out i did not"

If a person had the wits about them to come out with that answer, I'd be more amused than worried.


Unlikely_Ad_7030 t1_iw6x0df wrote

Dear beloved It is with my deepest condolences and a bit of blood in my mouth that I write to you now, to inform you that I am in fact not safely within my abode, but rather curled up in a ditch just off I95. You need not come to my rescue, as the mud here is actually quite comfortable and the homeless vagrants are good company. From your favorite corpse to be, Susan


TolMera t1_iw72h8a wrote

Baldrick: “But did he really have to dot the I with his kidney?”

Black Adder: “No Baldrick; I think it just kind of… fell there.”


Salt-Firefighter-194 t1_iwaaq0g wrote

There is almost an identical conversation in Red Dwarf.

Cat: "What I don't understand is why he went through the trouble of using his kidney as a full stop.."

Rimmer: "I don't think he meant to do that, it probably just..ploped out"


TolMera t1_iwac4bz wrote

The black adder quote is made up, because I knew I had heard this on a show somewhere, and google was not yielding any results for “killed write blood kidney skit”

Thank you for telling me where I had this joke in my head from. Damn Red Dwarf was good


Salt-Firefighter-194 t1_iwacg17 wrote

It's one of my favorites and I have like 7 seasons on Google TV. This episode is Psirens. Just watched it last night lol. Always love meeting other Dwarfers.


TolMera t1_iwack32 wrote

Rimmers world always gives me a giggle.

And the double Polaroid haha


Salt-Firefighter-194 t1_iwacpxn wrote

Yes! Did you know they actually did a pilot once for an American version? It was awful!


TolMera t1_iwacyhe wrote

I did not know, I imagine it’s somewhere in the bowels of YouTube?

If you have not, checking out Orville is worth it, another space comedy


JellyfishGod t1_iw9ypwx wrote

I may just start ending all my emails and letters with that last line “from your favorite corpse to be, jellyfishgod”


floreality OP t1_iw6mc4j wrote

I'm a sarcastic individual and I'd like to think that, in the universe in which I wasn't okay, I texted him that and then promptly lost consciousness


danderskoff t1_iw7d6h5 wrote

As someone who is sarcastic down to my soul, every stressful or serious thing I've been in, I always crack jokes.

My mom's boyfriend shot himself in the foot on accident - nonstop jokes.

I broke my foot in several places- you bet I'm making jokes at my own expense.

My grandmother died - yeah I'm making jokes about how she used to be. And then probably doing a little crying afterwards.


floreality OP t1_iw7tnjm wrote

LMAO YEAH that's the only way to process traumatic experiences


keijodputt t1_iw7ue1l wrote

>My grandmother died - yeah I'm making jokes about how she used to be. And then probably doing a little crying afterwards.

Granny was the toughest and funniest person I've come to live with. The whole family (sons & daughters, cousins, nieces & nephews, grandchildren, great-grandchildren), friends, me included, were cracking jokes, all day, non-stop, at her funeral.

Even the farewell elegy was laugh after laugh at the comedic events of her long life. There was not much crying, but no bad feelings whatsoever. We all loved her, we all enjoyed her presence in our lifetimes; but her time on this Earth was due; we all knew she was ready to go, so that was it.

She always looked on the bright side of life (whistles).


RepublicOfLizard t1_iw97j4s wrote

Humor is definitely one of my coping mechanisms as well. And I can always tell when I’m making a genuine joke, or I’m just trying to make light of a very serious situation, because my therapist won’t laugh at the latter.


jaffa3811 t1_iw6ymuo wrote

I would type this out with my dying breath


Raganox t1_iw8zsh5 wrote

Im imagining morgan freeman narrating that exchange


ArbutusPhD t1_iw9moqb wrote

—- indeed, my Goodman, I am currently in a state similar to the Queen’s uneaten oatmeal!


Kooky_Canthisitta t1_iw6esd5 wrote

LOL glad you were okay after all!! This reminds me of a post I saw awhile back (can’t remember where sadly) of someone’s 3 person group chat that was something like:

Person 1: where are you guys??


Person 2: ON OUR WAY [this message failed to send]

Person 1: you’re doing what????

Edit: formatting


floreality OP t1_iw6feil wrote

LMAO imagine if they'd sent in reverse though!!


but just fyi



IceFire909 t1_iw6txlp wrote

Sorry we're late, his penis got stuck in my mouth


STUPIDVlPGUY t1_iw7h0ax wrote

this is why you always send in one message, make your intention clear


happycharm t1_iw7qnd6 wrote

Omg my husband sends his messages like that - In fragments instead of just typing the whole damn sentence and sending it at once - and it causes so many misunderstandings yet he refuses to change how he sends messages 😑 with me I have just learned to wait until he's finished to send a reply but even with that it's hard to know when he's done with his message. With other people he gets misunderstood a lot


KillahInstinct t1_iw726c0 wrote

How are messages not send so often? Is that like an Apple thing?


BreDenny t1_iw95yaj wrote

I live out in the boonies of the US and my messages sometimes don’t send like that, or if I’m in the car and go through a dry patch for my provider one will send when I have service then drop the next one because I lost service


KillahInstinct t1_iw96zic wrote

Fair enough. I just never had that in years of Android and knowing that US mostly use IPhone I was left wondering if this was a thing. Thanks for actually explaining a thought I hadn't considered!


BreDenny t1_iw99xyy wrote

You’re welcome! I felt bad that your comment was downvoted instead of anyone taking the time to explain. OP said it was on Snapchat and think it may have been the switch from having wifi to using cellular data


Ghost17088 t1_iw7ajct wrote

> How are messages not send so often?

Don’t know, we’re Verizon customers.


KillahInstinct t1_iw7x1qh wrote

Not sure why being down voted for asking a genuine question. I have never had random messages not arriving, except when WhatsApp was down as a whole (but then it isn't random)


AromaticIce9 t1_iw8eip5 wrote

I see someone's never left the city


KillahInstinct t1_iw8jyv8 wrote

So you are saying it's normal for messages to be randomly dropped? What third world country are you from?


AromaticIce9 t1_iw8tmgt wrote

You from California or New York City boy?


KillahInstinct t1_iw8x6a1 wrote

Some people really don't know there is a whole world outside of the US huh?


AromaticIce9 t1_iw8z3im wrote

Be quiet dutch pansy.

You've already admitted you piss yourself when the power goes out.

Stop humiliating your pathetic country.


KillahInstinct t1_iw94smi wrote

Eh ok forgive me for asking a question, and get that anger management issue checked out


sooper_genius t1_iw6y96w wrote

Ah yes, the "two conversations in one thread" phenomenon.

While you respond to one text, the other person responds to a different text or starts a different topic. So you have two parallel conversations going on. Gets confusing but you gotta pay attention and fill in the blanks what the other person is replying to.


Overzealous-Zygote t1_iw7i31y wrote

I do that with my SO when we're both on our phone "full-time". Weirdly, in the moment it often makes sense, but rereading it is terrible.


allofolivesolives t1_iw7t63p wrote

I am so grateful for the iPhone reply function in texts.

ETA: I am not a shill, just someone who gets text convos tangled up very quickly.


Aizen_Myo t1_iw7yc22 wrote

WA has that too, telegram either I believe, albeit I don't use it that much..


freebat23 t1_iwakl94 wrote

me and my girl both have androids.

as you can imagine, this makes for really chaotic texting especially since we both have insanely fast brains that can't stay on topic.

most of the time though, i'm just happy to be talking to her even if it doesn't make sense


KnightOfPeronia t1_iwc1pzq wrote

Before most social media added the reply feature, I used to copy the message I wanted to respond, and then add a /// to separate my answer. So it would be "[original message] /// [my answer]". Good thing we can reply on most apps nowadays — it's so vital for us fast-brainers.

Just putting this out in case you don't know the trick :)


DLBaker t1_iw6fdi5 wrote

We have had phne issues for months where messages take hours or days to send / receive. You might have had something similar happen.


floreality OP t1_iw6firc wrote

It was over an Internet-based messaging service, it was more likely the transition from data to WiFi that caused issues, lol


qrseek t1_iw82fyz wrote

For some reason some times I have a bug where I'll receive a message timestamped several hours in the future, so it will be pinned to the bottom of the chat as the newest message until that time actually passes


freebat23 t1_iwakg6i wrote

i had that happen but opposite. someone would send me something and it'd be timestamped earlier than it actually was, so it looked like we were kinda time travelling over text


Whyzocker t1_iw6qorr wrote

One more reason to not send what's supposed to be 1 message in multiple disconnected chunks.

On an unrelated side note I knew a person who would write everything basically 2 words at a time. Fucking infuriating


bubbs72 t1_iw6z1zd wrote

Hi son!

I was one of those people, until my son told me of his hatred of that type of message. Now instead of 5-6 messages it is 1-2. :) (mine weren't 1-2 words per text. it was 5-6 quick texts with a sentence each)


IllyriaGodKing t1_iw9cyhs wrote

My friend does this. Usually chat over facebook messenger, and she likes to tell me these long stories about what happened to her at work, etc. She likes to send them a sentence at a time. I usually don't care, but if I'm listening to a podcast it pauses every five seconds until she gets her thought out.


QuarterInchSocket t1_iw74wkq wrote

"It's okay, I'm glad you made it home safe."

"as it turns out i did not"

"Wait what?!"

"Yeah when I got home and parked, I ran full speed to the front door with scissors in my hand. Totally not safe."


floreality OP t1_iw7ueg5 wrote

"I took off my seatbelt before I was finished parking 😈😈"


Acornelectron t1_iw6rds2 wrote

Tip: use a messaging app like Signal that timestamps messages based on when they’re sent, not when they’re received.


lcotemi t1_iw73wto wrote

Or share location with each other.


Ghost17088 t1_iw7gewh wrote

And have Reddit scream about you being controlling/abusive/having trust issues?!


floreality OP t1_iw7u2vg wrote

I honestly thought that was gonna happen when I said we sent texts about leaving work and getting home!


qrseek t1_iw82lpy wrote

Nah if it works for you that's fine


floreality OP t1_iw8fy8c wrote

Yeah, but Reddit loves to scream TOXIC RELATIONSHIP at the drop of a hat lol


lcotemi t1_iw83d6h wrote

Oh I know. It’s just so much easier if you actually trust each other to share location. There’s no “what if scenarios”.

No trust, makes sense you wouldn’t want to share


floreality OP t1_iw8glx7 wrote

We honestly might start doing this. We trust each other deeply and we both struggle with anxiety. It might be helpful!


lcotemi t1_iw8jb3v wrote

Think about it. If she doesn’t get home, you won’t even know where to start looking for her


Ghost17088 t1_iw97x9n wrote

It’s also great for finding your 4’11” girlfriend in crowds when you go to a food festival and get separated, lol.


JC_the_Builder t1_iw7zivt wrote

One time I was driving home on the highway from a long trip. This car lost control right ahead of me, slammed into a rock wall and flipped over blocking the entire highway. Was stuck for an hour. So I took some pics and sent them to my family.

For some reason they thought I was injured and called the state police asking where I was. When I got home a few hours later they were overjoyed. I asked them why they didn’t just call MY CELL PHONE I SENT THE PICS FROM. There was no answer.


floreality OP t1_iw8funf wrote

Ha, that's why my family saves the wild details until after we've gotten home! I would've just said "stuck in traffic".

Once my little brother was driving and a car behind him lost control/braked too hard coming down a hill. We don't know exactly what happened, except that my brother checked his mirror and saw a car flipping through the air.

The song "Wouldn't It Be Nice" was playing, and the titular line started just as he saw the car. I wish I could've witnessed the comedic timing. As far as we know, the driver was mostly okay, lol


dastree t1_iw7j0ac wrote

I had an ex who used to think it was hilarious to call me and tell me she was in a horrible accident and her car was upside down in a ditch somewhere and she was hurt....

She fucked with me but fast forward like 6 years to meeting my current significant other and she actually has gotten into awful accidents on her way to work and now I can't stand my phone ringing when she's driving anywhere

Probably wouldn't be so bad if the first ex didn't give me some serious ptsd from those calls


sirthunksalot t1_iw7s0ch wrote

What a psycho your ex was. Glad you left her behind.


dastree t1_iw7tavv wrote

Right? I mean when you're young you don't make the best choices lol

I dunno if if even call it dating but it didn't last long, long enough to leave a mark tho


sirthunksalot t1_iw8a0xx wrote

Yeah definitely been there haha. Makes you appreciate them more when you find a sane partner.


lazyapplepie83 t1_iw8c8xj wrote

My dad died in an car accident when I was a baby (it was in the 80s). My mom had some issues because of that and always wanted to know where I go, when I am at home and such things. Now I am also like my mom. When my bf is not at home from work at a certain time, I am worried. I am glad he is understanding and tells me when he will be home later than usual.


floreality OP t1_iw7uvny wrote

Yeesh. Some people should see a therapist before seeing a romantic partner. I'm sorry you had to experience that. :(


Gaaius t1_iw6ozvk wrote

thats why you make a newline in the text
instead of sending multiple


fencepost_ajm t1_iw7vfck wrote

Delivery delays with text messages to my wife is what got me using Signal years ago. Highly recommended.

Also I believe it sends much higher quality pictures than the pretty aggressive shrinking done by MMS. Lets you really see the side eye the cats are giving to someone taking pictures.


floreality OP t1_iw7vls2 wrote

I need SO many high quality jpegs of the cat tbh


ExactLocation1 t1_iw8stc8 wrote

Sorry for your SO, but I wish karma gets to a friend of mine who literally uses a new message for a new line. It’s very annoying


floreality OP t1_iw8zelc wrote

It's really hard to convey things properly over Snapchat without multi-messaging to use new lines lol


ExactLocation1 t1_iw91yi7 wrote

Wow people use that for messaging these days, I thought it was what teens use to exchange nudes, sorry I’m old 🥱


floreality OP t1_iw95ja7 wrote

I didn't start using it till he told me it was the way he texted lol, he's 4 years older than me idk


ramriot t1_iw7247m wrote

This is why you turn on receipts, that way if you get a confusing response you can see the sent timestamp

BTW to see this in latest Android Messages app, hold down the message in question until it's highlighted, then touch the three dots in the upper right corner. Select "view details," and it will display both the time the message was sent and the time it was received.


floreality OP t1_iw7w7k5 wrote

My poor sweet SO is 26 and has a Boomer level of competence with technology. He would forget to read them/forget they exist, tbh lol


ramriot t1_iw8rei0 wrote

I've always thought that like driving a car requires a license to prevent the unskilled from causing havoc, telecoms technology should too


floreality OP t1_iw8yub4 wrote

That would complicate almost every job out there, because they all rely on phones/computers now oof


snoopervisor t1_iw7zjk3 wrote

I hate it when I call home and the phone is on "not disturb" mode, and no one picks up. And yesterday I arrive and all the lights were off.


Jacktheforkie t1_iw998kv wrote

I have a similar problem, crappy 3rd world country phone signal causes so many issues


NewbTaco t1_iw9zaww wrote

Bro... if this is your big fuck up, you're doing good


DroidChargers t1_iw851rp wrote

Do you both have the same phone OS? My gf has an iphone while I'm on Android and this happens sometimes and I can't figure out why


floreality OP t1_iw85m10 wrote

We were using an Internet-based messaging service, but no, we don't have the same OS. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple engineered something like that on purpose. Either way, I've convinced them to go with an Android next upgrade lol


farrenkm t1_iw8e1kg wrote

I try to be acutely aware of this kind of thing, so if an interpretation like this could occur, I take a moment to confirm with the other party before I freak out.


threebirdsinacoat t1_iw8io9t wrote

anxiety disorders out here loving dick with how much they suck

i like thinking of my anxiety as a seperate entity that i can tell to shut up, its not perfect but when it works its really funny

"you know your friend probably hates you and finds you annoying"

"shut up janet you are just jealous that you don't have any friends"


floreality OP t1_iw8h1kv wrote

Anxiety disorders are a bitch though :(


farrenkm t1_iw8hg6b wrote

Absolutely feel that. Just got my anxiety diagnosis in June. It's easy to see it in the way you explained, I'm absolutely not trying to diminish that.

I'm grateful you two got the misunderstanding figured out!


floreality OP t1_iw8yysj wrote

Best of luck to you, it's a long road--but you'll do so much better a few miles from here.

I'm glad we sorted it out too!


mrpoopybuttsack t1_iw9glsu wrote

Sorta fail to see how this is a fuck up. Unless the blue S badge means sarcasm? This is a NBD.


Catinthemirror t1_iw9i5nt wrote

Thank you, OP, for setting off this solid gold thread. It's been months since I laughed until I cried. So freaking cathartic. 🤣


floreality OP t1_iw9kp0i wrote

Much obliged lmao this is the digital era!


Catinthemirror t1_iw9kxg5 wrote

I took my phone into my adult son's room to share why I was laughing so hard I scared the cats. I had him laughing as well. So great. So many golden comments.


kelly08howell t1_iw7isqe wrote

Ive had that happen to me, both sides of the convo


micomoneyy t1_iw9dxhr wrote

This is a pointless story


dreadpiratew t1_iw9gl25 wrote

Damn, texts every time you are going somewhere and arriving somewhere? Maybe just turn on location sharing so you can check in if you feel like it?


floreality OP t1_iw9hf61 wrote

We'd have to find a good app. I don't use iPhone.


littlebrowncat999 t1_iw9rg2k wrote

Okay if you can text you are likely not lying in a ditch. Maybe this checking in when you leave work and when you arrive home is a bit too under the microscope. People work in dangerous jobs and don’t feel the need to constantly contact their SO. You can stop for groceries, get a drink or visit a friend on the way home without checking in with your SO. I don’t think it’s healthy to feel the need to account for every minute. This is going to get old.


floreality OP t1_iwa8mmt wrote

Hasn't gotten old for the past year and a half! I understand and appreciate the concern, but honestly, if I forget to send the text SO usually assumes I forgot or fell asleep or something. It's just a little routine lol. The issue was that I said things were not okay


gbchrome t1_iw83uu5 wrote

Why I appreciate iMessage as much as I do. I’ve dated Android users but if I’m honest iMessage makes me feel 100% more comfortable about our conversations.


floreality OP t1_iw861nd wrote

I've actually convinced my SO to jump ship on iPhone and next upgrade we're going to both be on Android Messenger :) that said, we were using a separate messaging service


gbchrome t1_iw8lveq wrote

Well yea - if both are willing to use a different messaging client then it isn't that much of an issue - but given the reality of life and business work.. most people we interact with won't do that and those w/ an iphone has a level of seamless integration - particularly those in the ecosystem via macbooks, ipads, etc that Windows and Linux users can only ever dream of atm. The things macOS users enjoy are often 10 years out for the rest of them as they get their act together and even then it is hog moge mash of solutions that are rarely if ever fully integrated to each other.

Microsoft, and Google just can't seem to figure out how to make their stuff both appealing and reliable to the end user to create actual adoption. Has happened with Apple occasionally as well though, but they really have done a fantastic job with imessage, despite not opening it up to Windows and Android.

Also - it's very likely that your TIFU wouldn't have happened at all under iOS as I believe iOS tends to more reliably send messages, not just delivered and read receipts. Undelivered messages for me are always well highlighted on the home screen and across multiple devices that I use even lol. Apple really does want you to know and doesn't just bury something like that just in your messages app. The actual chronological order would have also likely aligned on both ends as well even if there was a delay on one end or the other.


floreality OP t1_iw8p5eh wrote

I work for an Apple Authorized Service Provider and while I recognize there's bias because I'm constantly dealing with the bad side of things... I just can't bring myself to use the Apple ecosystem.

Yeah, it's convenient! It's really well integrated within the Apple family of products, and compatibility is better between Apple products than between Apple and a different OS or ecosystem.

The thing is, Apple does not like anything done without their approval. User interactions are limited to what Apple deems acceptable, which is a shockingly small range of options by comparison to other devices.

For people who are okay with the options presented, Apple has a great UI and good security. I, as an Android user, switched phones with an iPhone user for 3 months and couldn't wait to come back. It was initially cool with the ecosystem benefits, and I definitely noticed the higher effort put in by some app devs on iOS vs. Android, but ultimately, I found myself running up against a wall All The Time. Can't install apps that aren't from the App Store. Can't let different apps manage phone calls, messages, etc. Can't access developer settings, can't generate and look through bug reports besides the system report available in iOS settings, etc.

Playing 8-Ball and using FaceTime was pretty cool, but I'm holding onto YouTube Vanced (rip in peace) and my video game emulators with a vice grip, lol. Not to mention the handy little app that's been absorbing ad requests from various free apps for months.

Besides that, the minute your warranty and AppleCare+ runs out (if you've paid for it), there's no such thing as an affordable repair for AirPods, Apple Watch, etc. Even if it's not physical damage, once you're past the limited warranty, I will look you in the eye as a client and say you can either pay the cost of your AirPods for a repair, or get a brand new set. Phones and Macs aren't AS bad, but if you spill liquid in your Macbook, congrats on your new Macbook because that's the repair cost.

I'm really just mad at the tech corporate world and I can at least switch brands on Android and be relatively unbothered, should I end up with a grudge against the manufacturer.

Soapbox over. lol


gbchrome t1_iw8rylk wrote

Oh I agree w/ all of your points.. it really sucks that I have to maintain a $100 dev account just so I can sideload things without having to do it weekly. The UK rulings to allow sideloading won't come soon enough - but I expect it will bring sideloading to everyone that wants it and/or alternative app stores, officially.

At the end of the day though I tinker with all of my electronics too much and just want my primary phone to be reliable period and iOS has been that for me. I don't know that I fully trust myself enough or Android to ever make Android my primary device. I do like they finally look like they've got buttery smooth scrolling down with Android 10 though - something Apple has had since version 1 but the 2 platforms do prioritize their features differently.


floreality OP t1_iw8zbi3 wrote

We're on Android 13 now! I remember getting the Android 12 beta and realizing how insanely well-designed it was lol

I understand wanting a reliable device though. I've just seen one too many messed up iPhone 13s and 14s to share that viewpoint, but again, I have a bias!


gbchrome t1_iw995kb wrote

I just stick with the cheapest and latest SE model iphone when I need a new phone. Most phones are too big and the mini iPhone is to $$$, so SE it is. If a phone was my only computing device then I might be able to justify something nicer, but I can't.


cmoyes t1_iw7a9ce wrote

Not going to lie this is a really shitty story


[deleted] t1_iw5xx7h wrote



floreality OP t1_iw68gq0 wrote

And I have the deepest sympathy for those people.

I know it's hard. Grief is hard. Loss is so fucking hard. If that's where you are right now, I am sorry.

I know I'm incredibly lucky to have my SO. We actually had a health scare recently, spent a while in the emergency room. I can't imagine losing this person that I love.

But we make room to laugh, because we can't let it haunt us. If we spend every day of our lives fearing the one day they end, nothing truly feels joyous.

I hope you are able to find comfort soon. Whether it's loss, anxiety, depression, or some other thing you're battling with, I sincerely hope it eases up.

Until then, remember to breathe deeply and prioritize your well-being.


Colton_Omega t1_iw68gfg wrote

I’m interested to see just how many more downvotes you get than actual upvotes on this post


Jinno69 t1_iw6zvt6 wrote

Dude wtf is this grim outlook on stuff.


psychalist t1_iw7zm6g wrote

Its called reality bro, should try living in it.


Jinno69 t1_iw84r76 wrote

lol, people die and are born every minute reality is what you make out of it, and you have fucked up view on it dont pretend like you are special when you are just damaged