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Acornelectron t1_iw6rds2 wrote

Tip: use a messaging app like Signal that timestamps messages based on when they’re sent, not when they’re received.


lcotemi t1_iw73wto wrote

Or share location with each other.


Ghost17088 t1_iw7gewh wrote

And have Reddit scream about you being controlling/abusive/having trust issues?!


floreality OP t1_iw7u2vg wrote

I honestly thought that was gonna happen when I said we sent texts about leaving work and getting home!


qrseek t1_iw82lpy wrote

Nah if it works for you that's fine


floreality OP t1_iw8fy8c wrote

Yeah, but Reddit loves to scream TOXIC RELATIONSHIP at the drop of a hat lol


lcotemi t1_iw83d6h wrote

Oh I know. It’s just so much easier if you actually trust each other to share location. There’s no “what if scenarios”.

No trust, makes sense you wouldn’t want to share


floreality OP t1_iw8glx7 wrote

We honestly might start doing this. We trust each other deeply and we both struggle with anxiety. It might be helpful!


lcotemi t1_iw8jb3v wrote

Think about it. If she doesn’t get home, you won’t even know where to start looking for her


Ghost17088 t1_iw97x9n wrote

It’s also great for finding your 4’11” girlfriend in crowds when you go to a food festival and get separated, lol.