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sooper_genius t1_iw6y96w wrote

Ah yes, the "two conversations in one thread" phenomenon.

While you respond to one text, the other person responds to a different text or starts a different topic. So you have two parallel conversations going on. Gets confusing but you gotta pay attention and fill in the blanks what the other person is replying to.


Overzealous-Zygote t1_iw7i31y wrote

I do that with my SO when we're both on our phone "full-time". Weirdly, in the moment it often makes sense, but rereading it is terrible.


allofolivesolives t1_iw7t63p wrote

I am so grateful for the iPhone reply function in texts.

ETA: I am not a shill, just someone who gets text convos tangled up very quickly.


Aizen_Myo t1_iw7yc22 wrote

WA has that too, telegram either I believe, albeit I don't use it that much..


freebat23 t1_iwakl94 wrote

me and my girl both have androids.

as you can imagine, this makes for really chaotic texting especially since we both have insanely fast brains that can't stay on topic.

most of the time though, i'm just happy to be talking to her even if it doesn't make sense


KnightOfPeronia t1_iwc1pzq wrote

Before most social media added the reply feature, I used to copy the message I wanted to respond, and then add a /// to separate my answer. So it would be "[original message] /// [my answer]". Good thing we can reply on most apps nowadays — it's so vital for us fast-brainers.

Just putting this out in case you don't know the trick :)