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KillahInstinct t1_iw726c0 wrote

How are messages not send so often? Is that like an Apple thing?


BreDenny t1_iw95yaj wrote

I live out in the boonies of the US and my messages sometimes don’t send like that, or if I’m in the car and go through a dry patch for my provider one will send when I have service then drop the next one because I lost service


KillahInstinct t1_iw96zic wrote

Fair enough. I just never had that in years of Android and knowing that US mostly use IPhone I was left wondering if this was a thing. Thanks for actually explaining a thought I hadn't considered!


BreDenny t1_iw99xyy wrote

You’re welcome! I felt bad that your comment was downvoted instead of anyone taking the time to explain. OP said it was on Snapchat and think it may have been the switch from having wifi to using cellular data


Ghost17088 t1_iw7ajct wrote

> How are messages not send so often?

Don’t know, we’re Verizon customers.


KillahInstinct t1_iw7x1qh wrote

Not sure why being down voted for asking a genuine question. I have never had random messages not arriving, except when WhatsApp was down as a whole (but then it isn't random)


AromaticIce9 t1_iw8eip5 wrote

I see someone's never left the city


KillahInstinct t1_iw8jyv8 wrote

So you are saying it's normal for messages to be randomly dropped? What third world country are you from?


AromaticIce9 t1_iw8tmgt wrote

You from California or New York City boy?


KillahInstinct t1_iw8x6a1 wrote

Some people really don't know there is a whole world outside of the US huh?


AromaticIce9 t1_iw8z3im wrote

Be quiet dutch pansy.

You've already admitted you piss yourself when the power goes out.

Stop humiliating your pathetic country.


KillahInstinct t1_iw94smi wrote

Eh ok forgive me for asking a question, and get that anger management issue checked out