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dastree t1_iw7j0ac wrote

I had an ex who used to think it was hilarious to call me and tell me she was in a horrible accident and her car was upside down in a ditch somewhere and she was hurt....

She fucked with me but fast forward like 6 years to meeting my current significant other and she actually has gotten into awful accidents on her way to work and now I can't stand my phone ringing when she's driving anywhere

Probably wouldn't be so bad if the first ex didn't give me some serious ptsd from those calls


sirthunksalot t1_iw7s0ch wrote

What a psycho your ex was. Glad you left her behind.


dastree t1_iw7tavv wrote

Right? I mean when you're young you don't make the best choices lol

I dunno if if even call it dating but it didn't last long, long enough to leave a mark tho


sirthunksalot t1_iw8a0xx wrote

Yeah definitely been there haha. Makes you appreciate them more when you find a sane partner.


lazyapplepie83 t1_iw8c8xj wrote

My dad died in an car accident when I was a baby (it was in the 80s). My mom had some issues because of that and always wanted to know where I go, when I am at home and such things. Now I am also like my mom. When my bf is not at home from work at a certain time, I am worried. I am glad he is understanding and tells me when he will be home later than usual.


floreality OP t1_iw7uvny wrote

Yeesh. Some people should see a therapist before seeing a romantic partner. I'm sorry you had to experience that. :(