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JC_the_Builder t1_iw7zivt wrote

One time I was driving home on the highway from a long trip. This car lost control right ahead of me, slammed into a rock wall and flipped over blocking the entire highway. Was stuck for an hour. So I took some pics and sent them to my family.

For some reason they thought I was injured and called the state police asking where I was. When I got home a few hours later they were overjoyed. I asked them why they didn’t just call MY CELL PHONE I SENT THE PICS FROM. There was no answer.


floreality OP t1_iw8funf wrote

Ha, that's why my family saves the wild details until after we've gotten home! I would've just said "stuck in traffic".

Once my little brother was driving and a car behind him lost control/braked too hard coming down a hill. We don't know exactly what happened, except that my brother checked his mirror and saw a car flipping through the air.

The song "Wouldn't It Be Nice" was playing, and the titular line started just as he saw the car. I wish I could've witnessed the comedic timing. As far as we know, the driver was mostly okay, lol