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floreality OP t1_iw861nd wrote

I've actually convinced my SO to jump ship on iPhone and next upgrade we're going to both be on Android Messenger :) that said, we were using a separate messaging service


gbchrome t1_iw8lveq wrote

Well yea - if both are willing to use a different messaging client then it isn't that much of an issue - but given the reality of life and business work.. most people we interact with won't do that and those w/ an iphone has a level of seamless integration - particularly those in the ecosystem via macbooks, ipads, etc that Windows and Linux users can only ever dream of atm. The things macOS users enjoy are often 10 years out for the rest of them as they get their act together and even then it is hog moge mash of solutions that are rarely if ever fully integrated to each other.

Microsoft, and Google just can't seem to figure out how to make their stuff both appealing and reliable to the end user to create actual adoption. Has happened with Apple occasionally as well though, but they really have done a fantastic job with imessage, despite not opening it up to Windows and Android.

Also - it's very likely that your TIFU wouldn't have happened at all under iOS as I believe iOS tends to more reliably send messages, not just delivered and read receipts. Undelivered messages for me are always well highlighted on the home screen and across multiple devices that I use even lol. Apple really does want you to know and doesn't just bury something like that just in your messages app. The actual chronological order would have also likely aligned on both ends as well even if there was a delay on one end or the other.


floreality OP t1_iw8p5eh wrote

I work for an Apple Authorized Service Provider and while I recognize there's bias because I'm constantly dealing with the bad side of things... I just can't bring myself to use the Apple ecosystem.

Yeah, it's convenient! It's really well integrated within the Apple family of products, and compatibility is better between Apple products than between Apple and a different OS or ecosystem.

The thing is, Apple does not like anything done without their approval. User interactions are limited to what Apple deems acceptable, which is a shockingly small range of options by comparison to other devices.

For people who are okay with the options presented, Apple has a great UI and good security. I, as an Android user, switched phones with an iPhone user for 3 months and couldn't wait to come back. It was initially cool with the ecosystem benefits, and I definitely noticed the higher effort put in by some app devs on iOS vs. Android, but ultimately, I found myself running up against a wall All The Time. Can't install apps that aren't from the App Store. Can't let different apps manage phone calls, messages, etc. Can't access developer settings, can't generate and look through bug reports besides the system report available in iOS settings, etc.

Playing 8-Ball and using FaceTime was pretty cool, but I'm holding onto YouTube Vanced (rip in peace) and my video game emulators with a vice grip, lol. Not to mention the handy little app that's been absorbing ad requests from various free apps for months.

Besides that, the minute your warranty and AppleCare+ runs out (if you've paid for it), there's no such thing as an affordable repair for AirPods, Apple Watch, etc. Even if it's not physical damage, once you're past the limited warranty, I will look you in the eye as a client and say you can either pay the cost of your AirPods for a repair, or get a brand new set. Phones and Macs aren't AS bad, but if you spill liquid in your Macbook, congrats on your new Macbook because that's the repair cost.

I'm really just mad at the tech corporate world and I can at least switch brands on Android and be relatively unbothered, should I end up with a grudge against the manufacturer.

Soapbox over. lol


gbchrome t1_iw8rylk wrote

Oh I agree w/ all of your points.. it really sucks that I have to maintain a $100 dev account just so I can sideload things without having to do it weekly. The UK rulings to allow sideloading won't come soon enough - but I expect it will bring sideloading to everyone that wants it and/or alternative app stores, officially.

At the end of the day though I tinker with all of my electronics too much and just want my primary phone to be reliable period and iOS has been that for me. I don't know that I fully trust myself enough or Android to ever make Android my primary device. I do like they finally look like they've got buttery smooth scrolling down with Android 10 though - something Apple has had since version 1 but the 2 platforms do prioritize their features differently.


floreality OP t1_iw8zbi3 wrote

We're on Android 13 now! I remember getting the Android 12 beta and realizing how insanely well-designed it was lol

I understand wanting a reliable device though. I've just seen one too many messed up iPhone 13s and 14s to share that viewpoint, but again, I have a bias!


gbchrome t1_iw995kb wrote

I just stick with the cheapest and latest SE model iphone when I need a new phone. Most phones are too big and the mini iPhone is to $$$, so SE it is. If a phone was my only computing device then I might be able to justify something nicer, but I can't.