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Salt-Firefighter-194 t1_iwaaq0g wrote

There is almost an identical conversation in Red Dwarf.

Cat: "What I don't understand is why he went through the trouble of using his kidney as a full stop.."

Rimmer: "I don't think he meant to do that, it probably just..ploped out"


TolMera t1_iwac4bz wrote

The black adder quote is made up, because I knew I had heard this on a show somewhere, and google was not yielding any results for “killed write blood kidney skit”

Thank you for telling me where I had this joke in my head from. Damn Red Dwarf was good


Salt-Firefighter-194 t1_iwacg17 wrote

It's one of my favorites and I have like 7 seasons on Google TV. This episode is Psirens. Just watched it last night lol. Always love meeting other Dwarfers.


TolMera t1_iwack32 wrote

Rimmers world always gives me a giggle.

And the double Polaroid haha


Salt-Firefighter-194 t1_iwacpxn wrote

Yes! Did you know they actually did a pilot once for an American version? It was awful!


TolMera t1_iwacyhe wrote

I did not know, I imagine it’s somewhere in the bowels of YouTube?

If you have not, checking out Orville is worth it, another space comedy