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First ever post, I figured this FU warranted it. On mobile, please forgive formatting, yada, yada….

So today I decided to fix a pair of stud earrings whose front part had come apart from the backing. Husband grabs the crazy glue from the shed and leaves me to it.

Now, we can’t remember the last time we used said crazy glue, so inevitably the top part is hardened. I gently squeeze the bottle and find there is still liquid in there, so I figure I just need to make a small cut to the end to get rid of the dried part.

I make said cut and squeeze, but the direction that I’m pointing the open end in is straight towards my face. Suddenly, a good amount of glue is sprayed INTO both of my eyeballs and about 1/3 of face. I scream so loudly that my husband hears me in the shed about 50 feet away and through two closed doors.

He runs in to see me showering my eyes with the kitchen faucet.

“What the hell happened?!”

“I got crazy glue in my eyes!!! 😭😭😭”

“How the hell did you do that?!”


Husband springs into action. There was about 5 minutes of fear wherein we both thought I was inevitably going to go blind. Alas, after about 15 minutes of rinsing with saline, dunking my eyes in warm water, and a couple of calls to medical professionals, our fears were alleviated. And here I am, half a day later able to see my screen and share with all of you. Yes, I will be seeing my optometrist this week. No, I am no longer allowed to use crazy glue unattended.

TL;DR : Old crazy glue sprayed into my eyes. I thought I was going to go blind. I did not.



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Dumpythefrog t1_iwaiqmc wrote

This is so scary. Happened to me once but with bleach toilet cleaner. It burned so bad I felt like someone stabbed my eyeball out. Was so terrified I was going to go blind I was crying hysterically and my mom and dad just laughed and said to rinse.

Anyways I’m fine now


Elgatee t1_iwb6k6f wrote

Fortunately enough, eyes are quite resilient. It takes a decent amount of damage to permanently alter vision.

Which is also frightening when you consider how many people hurt their eyes on the daily watching a screen (me included)


TheThiefMaster t1_iwb8pm8 wrote

Watching a screen doesn't inherently hurt eyes - but it can cause them to harden into a short focal length rather than a long one when they age.


simcityfan12601 t1_iwbesss wrote

Lol my eyes got ruined by lasik. Take care of your eyes.


slt125 OP t1_iwcbyqk wrote

I’m considering Lasik - mind sharing your experience?


BoringCrow3742 t1_iwfr4sv wrote

they peel the front of your eyeballs off with a vegomatic razor apparitus slicer, laser the inside of the eyeball, and blue the front of the eyeball back on when done.

i saw it on "how its made", the poor bastard was awake for it with his head secured in a bolted halo. NOOOOPE. i really dont mind glasses.


EtherealPlagued t1_iwfj8h6 wrote

Same with my bf, I kept trying to urge him towards PRK instead but no dice. Now he’s got constant dry eye and his vision is much worse than when he originally had glasses. Plus they’re extremely sensitive to light and wind.


nachtgespenst t1_ix5x7wr wrote

FWIW, I had PRK and had a very bad experience as well. Shitty vision and my eyes are dry and never comfortable.


NotSoAccomplishedEmu t1_iwb9cxe wrote

Bleach splashed in my eye once. I thought I was going blind because my vision completely clouded over. Extremely painful. I took an ambulance to the hospital and was treated for a chemical burn. The ophthalmologist told me bleach was worse than acid getting my eye.

Sorry your parents brushed you off. That was a legit medical emergency. Glad you are ok now.


slt125 OP t1_iwcc3j8 wrote

That is terrifying. Hope your vision returned?


NotSoAccomplishedEmu t1_iwcjd94 wrote

Yes, it took about two weeks to fully return. This was about 25 years ago. Fortunately there was no long term damage.


Atiggerx33 t1_iwc6xx8 wrote

Accidentally sprayed wasp killer in my eyes once. It's truly terrifying until you realize you aren't going blind.


No_Quiet_2741 t1_iwb8cv6 wrote

I remember when I accidentally got a bunch of Milo powder in my eye, I was terrified since my vision went blurry after that. My parents told me to rinse my eye and my mom tried blowing in it. It went red but eventually I could see again but it still hurt for a couple of weeks. I'm still afraid to deal with powders of any kind


slt125 OP t1_iwcbw0d wrote

Ugh! I feel your pain! Glad you are ok!


WeNeedToTalkAboutMe t1_iwcbygl wrote

Let this be a lesson: when using ANY kind of household chemical, wear eye protection.

Shit, I put on my shooting range glasses when I Windex my mirrors, because I've gotten backspray in my eyes and let me tell you, plain blue Windex stings like a mofo.


slt125 OP t1_iwcckia wrote

I’m usually really diligent with eye protection, actually. We live in the bush so medical attention isn’t close. Chainsawing, chopping firewood, even when I go to collect eggs from the chickens I’m cognizant that those prehistoric creatures could ruin my eyes with one peck. Clearly I underestimated the power of the ol’ cRaZY glue!


Squigglepig52 t1_iwbvr3t wrote

I was on teh phone, long distance, with a friend. In the background, I hear his daughter yell "Jimmy glued his mouth shut!"

"Gotta go, bye!"


Oxcraft30 t1_iwb588f wrote

Natural selection at it's finest


slt125 OP t1_iwcc711 wrote

Husband said the same thing 😆


theresthatbear t1_iwdliic wrote

Murphy's Oil Soap breaks up crazy glue, for future reference. If you use crazy/gorilla glue on a regular basis, always keep a bottle of Murphy's on hand. I don't know if it works on hair but it definitely works on skin and nails.


xtinap79 t1_iwhv98i wrote

I feel for you, I too have been banned from using crazy glue. It doesn't seem to matter how careful I am, something bad always happens and once again all my fingers are glued together or glued to the countertop, etc. That stuff really is crazy. Never got it in my eyes though...


ILikeTasks t1_iwn4dm9 wrote

Wear googles and a lab coat


Thatrack t1_iwb0neg wrote

Damn thats crazy. Glad your ok


Conundrum1859 t1_iwdo0ml wrote

Had this happen with silver demister paint. Fortunately the shower was right next door, got it all out and apart from a sore eye was fine. Arc eye (uv led experiments) was worse.


RelevantDefinition43 t1_iwavf92 wrote

That's crazy omg. 💀💀 I am touching any glue ever I swear. Thank God, nothing serious happened.


Shutthefunkdown t1_iwb3hjo wrote

So you are going to touch any glue that ever existed? That's a pretty impressive feat if you manage to pull that off


[deleted] t1_iwbb97r wrote