Submitted by Burstmyanus t3_z6vh10 in tifu

I have read the rules, and though this story does involve me and my digestive system, I will try to keep it as neatly formulated as I possibly can.

Just like any other day, I woke up, snoozed my alarm, got up, showered, did my make up and got ready for work.

Normally I have a breakfast with yoghurt and some fruit, but when I opened my fridge I realized I still had some thanksgiving leftovers that I could eat for breakfast. My mom made a really nice quiche. It still smelled and looked great so I warmed it up, and enjoyed my meal.

Not too long after my stomach started cramping and I figured I just needed to do my morning poo, and it would be fine. It was already getting later, so I had to rush to be on time for work. I quickly did my thing and it did feel a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t think too much of it. There was some bleeding, but I thought I had just started my period, hence the cramping earlier on.

I quickly realized that I did not just get my period, but that I rushed a number two and my backdoor was now torn.

I tried wiping but the bleeding kept going. Eventually it stopped, so I went on about my morning. The only problem is, that my stomach was definitely upset from the food. So I had to make my way back to the toilet again very soon.

This cycle of pooping, bleeding, wiping, getting up and having to go again has been repeating this whole morning.

I called in sick.

TLDR : Ate some bad thanksgiving leftovers, got my stomach upset, rushed a nr 2 and tore my backdoor.



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Plarzoid t1_iy4l0zx wrote

Thats rough, for sure.

It may not be a tear, but could be a hemorrhoid, which is an extended, burst blood vessel caused by pushing too hard. They can bleed a lot, but often aren't terribly painful. They're also easy to re-aggrivate and can recurr.

You should use a mirror, have a trusted loved one, or even a doctor check you out, for proper treatment.

Better safe than sorry, when it's your bum. gif


abolandi t1_iy40n17 wrote

That’s every morning for my raw ass


SquashedPizza t1_iy49d0j wrote

You always need to go more when it's already hurting back there! Sorry :(


Simaganis1963 t1_iy5g0pf wrote

I don't think it was the left overs because it'll take at least 30-40 minutes to kick in. Also the poop in poop chute was already sitting there

You are probably chronically constipated & yes caused trauma to to anus

If it was bad leftovers it's usually explosive & you can't leave the bathroom what with all the poop & vomit


AcrobaticSource3 t1_iy4j7em wrote

I guess there were no prunes in the Thanksgiving meal


-Gilgadeath t1_iy65paz wrote

Keep an eye on this. The bleeding might be a sign of ulcerative colitis, which can occur in just the lower part of the colon.


onyxaj t1_iy50jgu wrote

I advise some baby wipes if you have any to wipe with. Will help with the chaffing from using tp too often.


PNWlala1111 t1_iy56ter wrote

Yikes! No fun! You gotta stop forcing, you gotta use a squatty potty to get yourself in the correct position, and you gotta be more gentle with everything surrounding bathroom time.


creppyspoopyicky t1_iy6w5sj wrote

Poor kid. That sounds like a fkn nightmare. I hope you at least got to relax between poop trips & kind of enjoy yr day off.