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ReyvCna t1_ixe6czk wrote

Lol everyone jumped on the bandwagon without proof, OP somehow thinking that a 7700k is worth 450€ more than a 7700 (while an entire 12700 is like 330€).

This is why I would nearly never help anyone with their PC.


virtikle_two t1_ixf00jq wrote

Yeah, OP is just dumb enough to be dangerous. Frustrating, at least they admitted fault.


towerfella t1_ixfapnt wrote

He owned up to his mistake and learned something in the process and was kind enough to share it with us all.

I think he did well with managing emotions.

  1. got angry at a supposed slight
  2. shared that frustration with other humans
  3. was advised by other humans that there might be something he CAN do to justify his emotions
  4. OP thought about the advice, decided it was good, and acted upon it, and discovered that his emotions were due to a simple misunderstanding between the reality he thought and the actual reality we all share
  5. decided to share the experience with us to the betterment of the human race.

I honestly think we all could use the OP as an example of what to do when you feel slighted: 1) wait and talk 2) verify that your version of reality is the same as the shared (read: real) reality.


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfb5mv wrote

The k variant is just unlocked version of the normal variant, the cpu are as similar they can be.

And the k version usually costs like 30 bucks more and useful only if you overclock lol

Where unlocked means you CAN overlook and gain minor performance while consuming more and risking a unstable system.

And yeah, a 7700 k or not is hardly worth 100 bucks


dryingsocks t1_ixgqvyg wrote

the K variant is also probably a higher bin so you might be getting slightly better performance per watt and stability


Illum503 t1_ixhv15t wrote

>The k variant is just unlocked version of the normal variant, the cpu are as similar they can be.

Not true, the K version has higher stock clock speeds and TDP even if you don't overclock


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixjifaf wrote

That performance is the maximum you can achieve.

The 7700 has a 65w TDP and the 7700K has a 95W TDP


Illum503 t1_ixk6w5b wrote

The maximum clock frequencies just refer to the turbo frequencies, which is a stock feature, nothing to do with overclocking. There is no fixed "maximum" clock speed for overclocking. 7700Ks have been overclocked higher than 7 Ghz. But they don't need to be overclocked to be faster than the non-K version. The stock speed of the 7700 is 3.6 Ghz without turbo, 4.2 Ghz with turbo. The stock speed of the 7700K is 4.2 Ghz without turbo, 4.5 Ghz with turbo.