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RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfb6oy wrote

The k variant is just unlocked version of the normal variant, the cpu are as similar they can be.

And the k version usually costs like 30 bucks more and useful only if you overclock lol

Where unlocked means you CAN overlook ane gain minor performance while consuming more and risking a unstable system.

And yeah, a 7700 k version or not is hardly worth 100 bucks.

If you don't belive me my ryzen 2600x is like 30% faster and i would have a hard time selling it for 120€

The first number of a intel processor indicates the generation

Yours is the 7th gen (we are in double digit realm now but eh)

And the generation is REALLY important in the performance of a CPU

A i7 from two gen ago ia maybe as fast as a last gen i5 for example