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RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfckes wrote

Even if he was "robbed" the difference between a normal processor and k variant is like 30 bucks.

And the performance is THE EXACT SAME

The k variant CAN give a little more performance only if the user chooses to overclock and the difference is still slim.


Phighters t1_ixfhyh1 wrote

None of that matters. If someone stole your Acura TLX and replaced it with a Honda accord, you don’t get to wash your hands of it just because you got most of the value back and they are functionally identical with the same performance.

I don’t disagree with anything you said tech-wise, but swap it out to a similar situation, and it no longer feels right.


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfj5rc wrote

No man, the processor is basically the same.

Think of it like a Tesla that could unlock a 10mph speed boost for 1000€ and and identical one that even if you paid could not do that.

Apart from the POSSIBILITY to do that if you ever wanted they are the exact same and if op wasn't aware of what kind of chip had i dubt he was overclocking it.

And, even if, the value difference is absurdity slim, both these chips are under 100€

I would just find a situation like that oddly funny.