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I was in a rush today to get to university, and i personally go commando for the nights (better breathability), and forgot to wear underwear before my commute. I went to meet with a professor, ran some errands, and then went to the bathroom. as im wiping, i notice some blood on my tissue. to my absolute horror, i had my period and no underwear. i had no clue what to do, and so i tried to use some of the free tampons my university provides. as i was sitting on the toilet, painfully so, i googled a wikihow article because ive never used a tampom before. finally, i said fuck it and put it in, but i did it absolutely wrong and it was hurting and made me feel dizzy, so i took it out within minutes of putting it in. AND this entire time, i had plans that i couldnt skip. i stuffed some tissue paper between my legs and into my vagina and fucking bolted to meet them. i then had ice cream with them and kept that tissue paper between my legs for about an hour before i left to go home on a bus that took 40 minutes to get home and clean myself up.

i absolutely hated today.

TL:DR: i forgot to wear underwear, got my period, misused a tampon, and stuffed tissue paper between my legs for about 2 hours.



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OkVolume1 t1_ixk9cwq wrote

Rough day. Period.


back2thekitchen88 t1_ixm4kus wrote

Redditors are the unfunniest people on the planet, my god


ChaplainParker t1_ixmhia9 wrote

As you go back to the kitchen, maybe look for your sense humor.


KalessinDB t1_ixnvtff wrote

Their name is 2 red flags smooshed together. They don't have one.


bluehawkxs t1_ixkz05s wrote

I was 14. It was summer. Everyone was going swimming. I really wanted to go too but had my ragtime. While everyone went to the pool down the street, I went into my mom's bathroom and looked for a tampon. Never used one before. Didn't know how they worked. It was a plastic applicator type. So I unwrapped it and then slid it in. But it stuck out about 2 inches. I kept pushing it in but it would only go so far. Those 2 inches of plastic wouldn't just disappear in me. So I put my bathing suit on and it tented out. I didn't know what to do, so I just went to the pool. I was really self-conscious about the whole tenting thing. Was going on the diving board and really aware that people have to notice. Til finally my sis came up and asked me what's going on down there. I told her and she explained the plastic part isn't supposed to stay in. Nice memory I get to have on the tribulations of being a chick.


improvmama101 t1_ixllytt wrote

I was in middle school and going to the pool with family and got my period. I was so desperate to swim that I asked my aunt to put the tampon in for me. Smh

Looking back I feel really stupid for this. That aunt was a team player though. I asked my aunt because my mom never and still has never used a tampon.


TolUC21 t1_ixmayn1 wrote

I don't think that's anything at all to be ashamed of. I'm sure your aunt didn't even think twice about helping you out.


Minejack777 t1_ixmm5ol wrote

Exactly. There's no reason to feel ashamed about it, and honestly I'm sure their aunt is touched that they'd trust them enough to ask for them to help them :)


BunBunny_draws t1_ixmn9a9 wrote

Just reminds me of that one time two girls in my children's home were having a conversation (my roommate and one other) and the not-roommate mentioned not knowing how to use tampons so my roommate dragged her to the bathroom to show her how, since both happened to be on their period. I could just hear things like "no, not like this! Further down" and "I see, that's very convenient" and was laughing my ass of at their conversations.


PDNH t1_ixlo4dx wrote

I couldn't get the courage to properly use a tampon, so I decided to just... Lay it down on my swimsuit. Like that helped at all 🤦


rckrusekontrol t1_ixlubzx wrote

So, I take it that evening you prepared a bindle, and in the dead of night hiked to the train tracks, and you’re a train hopper now, only friend is the endless rails, no, not that tampon-tent-girl at all…


ashesehsa t1_ixog0ct wrote

Funny I didnt have too much of a problem putting the tampon in for the first time, but completely freaked out when I had to take it out. I guess I had expected it to slide right on out, not realizing it expands inside. I was convinced it was "stuck" and if I gave it a good yank that I was going to pull my organs out along with it or something. Thankfully my mom helped talk me through it ! I was so effing scared at the time though!


Tiny_sock1234 t1_ixnfkq2 wrote

My periods were pretty unpredictable when I was young so one time on our family trip overseas I got my period and I didn't have any pads with me. It was unusually rough that time. So blood was running down my thighs. I locked myself in the hotel bathroom for an hour and was sooo embarrased at the time. Later that day we went swimming and I had to use a tampon for the first time. I was crying because it hurt and I couldn't get it in. Then I fainted alone in the bathroom/changing room on the beach. My mom wasn't much of a help. Safe to say I haven't used tampons a lot after that. It was kind of traumatizing😂


r0ckH0pper t1_ixmn6kn wrote

Da Boyz tent too! Super embarrassing for a normal body event


NeedsMoreTuba t1_ixn5l86 wrote

I did the same thing when I was 13 but my tampon fell out in the pool.


gofatwya t1_ixk42p1 wrote

Man, that escalated quickly.

Started out cheering you on for going commando; by the end, I was dizzy, too!


heyitsvonage t1_ixkfdnj wrote

You couldn’t reschedule ice cream? Lol


Earguy t1_ixkgh7z wrote

I dunno, ice cream is pretty amazing.


RandomWon t1_ixmllq0 wrote

It is not possible to reschedule ice cream.


RenzoARG t1_ixkm9i5 wrote

A person of culture, Ice cream is sacred.


eldryanyy t1_ixm4ea9 wrote

Can’t buy underwear either. This was the only way.


Zokelola t1_ixkofmn wrote

I could not do tampons for the longest time and I feel you. Got locked out of my dorm in college once and had to borrow one and it was so uncomfortable.


yaxgto t1_ixlqq2g wrote

So... Dude here, I have a wife and 3 daughters. Never knew it could go wrong. What exactly is going wrong to make people dizzy and what not?


kjbrasda t1_ixlrzrs wrote

It often hits the cervix because of it's placement. The cervix is very sensitive. The pressure and dryness of the tampon can cause pain. Pain can cause dizziness.

edit: actually it doesn't even need to hit the cervix to be painful, just an object being in a place that isn't used objects being there can be enough.


BotBotzie t1_ixmqn7b wrote

Quite a few things. If it isn't deep enough it hurts the outside, if it's too deep it can hurt the inside. For a lot of women there are only so many angles that will allow it to go in enough. But just because it's in doesn't mean it's comfortable, sometimes it's just not for no reason or perhaps the angle or deepness again.

On top of that they can be pretty drying, that can be painful too. And some women will just get pain from cups and tampons either all the time or sometimes. It probably has to do with the cramps/sensitively that are being amplified by the foreign object.

I get that from time to time, sometimes when inserted, sometimes hours later. Pain washes over me followed by nausea. Eject the tampon, lie down and suddenly it's all good. If I am too late i may barf or cry. Or both. Probably both.

But its rare so I still dabble with tampons. No more cups tho, cant take them out all the time or fast enough.


Architect_of_Sanity t1_ixmuagd wrote

Bro asking the questions bros have. I’m firmly convinced that if men had to deal with periods, childbirth and the rest - our branch of evolution would have died off hundreds of thousands of years ago.


Good_Smile t1_ixm1701 wrote

Why don't you ask your family?


yaxgto t1_ixnd5hq wrote

I mean they were asleep. The kids are too young and it's weird to find an opening except maybe one a month and she has never used tampons so extra weird. I figure prior were having open discussion so I'd ask.


oh_em-gee t1_ixkzeik wrote

In case there was spillage, hydrogen peroxide is your friend for getting out blood stains! Glad the day is over for you. Had a friend take a ride home and wore a skirt and got her period…back seat was stained :( I definitely have also done the bundled TP in a pinch. Periods suck.


SendMeSomeBullshit t1_ixmkh2a wrote

Hydrogen peroxide will remove the blood but also may bleach your pants. Start with with water and a brush to get get off as much as possible, then use the hydrogen peroxide.


SpaceAgePotatoCakes t1_ixo3nd7 wrote

idk if it's the same for blood, but for other stains after you wash it make sure to hang it to dry the first time. If it didn't come out you can try again, but if you put it through the dryer it'll get baked in.


ThatOneGuy308 t1_ixmrtg7 wrote

Hydrogen peroxide for removing blood is a great tip, very useful when I found out about it.


oh_em-gee t1_ixn3do8 wrote

Once my mom taught me that, I always wondered why folks had period underwear. I taught so many friends about it and they were upset at how many pairs of undies they’ve thrown away or had permanently stained. Truly spread the magic world of science! ✨


ThatOneGuy308 t1_ixn45qq wrote

I only heard about it via the internet, but it's helpful for cleaning up blood and such. Not as often as those with periods might need it, but still good to know considering how often I end up having to clean blood, lol


tits_on_bread t1_ixnxldw wrote

To add to this, in a pinch your own spit will lift your own blood stain. It won’t full on remove it immediately, but if you spit on it when it’s reasonably fresh, then wash it whenever, it will come right out.

It’s bizarre, but it works.


Cichlidsaremyjam t1_ixlslij wrote

"Yes I'm leaving a trail of blood but I AM NOT missing ice cream day."


ppetree t1_ixogt6a wrote

Hey! When a girl needs chocolate ice cream, a girl needs chocolate ice cream and this was a moment when the girl needed chocolate ice cream!


Bebinn t1_ixlv5kg wrote

There is a learning curve to using tampons. And being upset from the ordeal didn't help. Do yourself a favor and practice with them. You'll figure it out quickly. Don't let one experience stop you.


LadyOfLindens t1_ixmfv26 wrote

One thing to add to this comment though is that while it is nifty to know how to use tampons and using them more often tends to make getting them in next time easier, don’t feel bad (@OP) if you end up feeling emotionally unable to do tampons cuz that seems fairly normal. I only used them for several years myself and one of my closest and longtime friends used them almost always (swim team back in our school days) and we both never use them anymore cuz they’re just… they just take it out of you in a way other options don’t.

But the learning curve is very real and having a better grasp on how to put them in is a good skill to have if only to a minor degree.


papa-hare t1_ixo3izh wrote

Meanwhile I think whoever invented tampons deserves the Nobel prize. Other than menopause I can't think of any better options, it's as though I don't have a period at least for the few hours between changes! They're amazing.


Cosmxx t1_ixlnemm wrote



Livinginthemiddle t1_ixlc4a8 wrote

So tampon tip. Sit on the toilet, aim up towards your body to start with but almost as soon as you have the tampon inside flatten it out and aim towards your lower back.


MarimBeth t1_ixm1ypg wrote

The biggest thing is to relax though. If you're nervous about it you're likely tensing up. Take a few deep breaths and tell yourself it will be ok.


Sea-Aioli7683 t1_ixn86o9 wrote

Wait until a heavier day to try for the first few times. Pulling out a mostly dry tampon is unpleasant. Some tampons are of different lengths, too. (Generic/cheaper one tend to be longer?) Buy a plastic applicator deal for the first time - cardboard and no applicator is more advanced skill. What you buy depends on your flow - if you soak heavier pads, you are looking at super for light days and super plus/ultra for the heaviest part, maybe even with a pad backup. You will find a brand that works, and will not want to switch unless there is a tampon shortage or some other issue. Playtex plastic applicator are nice to start. You will get to the point of doing this without thinking about it. Don't flush tampons - Packages used to say that it is was ok, but no longer do. Some toilets can't handle it, and you will likely clog, esp if multiple women are in the same situation. (They really need to come up with some better wrap for disposal when out - The thin wrap isn't good enough to contain a biohazard saturated cotton plug, but throwing it in the toilet out somewhere and risking that it wouldn't flush is also bad.)


spetia t1_ixkxem7 wrote

Oh no I was getting second hand panic from that, I keep pads and pantyliners in my purse at all times just in case for stuff like this, now you should too!


Swinella t1_ixl8zfe wrote

...and girl code is that you can ask any woman anywhere for a pad/tampon, and we are obligated to share if we have one. It doesn't matter if you're our mortal enemy--she's already bloodied, you don't need the kill shot today.


IsNotToArrive t1_ixlmd7k wrote

...OP was commando, hence the TIFU


Various_Perception43 t1_ixmmcct wrote

You are allowed to stick the pad to the inside of the crotch of your pants. Now if she was in a dress, she'd have no options.


Cupcake489 t1_ixl04dt wrote

Periods will always start at the worst possible moment and/or when we are the least prepared for them. Always carry pads? Period will start the day after you give your last one away and forgot to restock. Going on a trip? Period will start in the car or on the plane. Beach vacation? Don't evem bother bringing that cute white bathing suit.

My period last month started when I was hiking at the top of a mountain, hours away from a bathroom. Inadequate cover to duck behind, popular enough trail that we met someone every few minutes. Fucking nightmare.

I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I hope you can laugh about it soon


lifelover46 t1_ixkphb9 wrote

I’ve been there before. Didn’t have any pads or tampons and had to use toilet paper all day at school many many years ago. toilet paper just doesn’t work very well, lol.


alejandra_candelaria t1_ixkwazu wrote

I almost passed out when I put on my first tampon too, fuck wikihow and youtube, I feel you


imanadultok t1_ixmwco6 wrote

Penis owner here. TIL tampons aren't as easy as pin the tail in the Donkey.


I-just-wanna-talk- t1_ixo8ktt wrote

Ugh yeah. It took me a few attempts for sure. I even tried to go swimming when it wasn't in deep enough and it hurt like hell. Then I finally managed to get it right and suddenly I couldn't even feel it anymore. I was like "wait, it's not supposed to hurt like hell??"


PBlove t1_ixkx72f wrote

If you are not going to carry supplies in your purse, carry a handkerchief.

The old way of dealing with this was a rolled up cloth between the legs. With a handkerchief you fold it around toilet paper and then play that between your legs held in place by your pants or shorts.

If you were wearing a skirt... My condolences,

(Not a girl but my knowledge of history helped out a girlfriend when were were out camping. And she had miss counted days.

Best part is you can wash and wring out a handkerchief easily and pat it nearly dry with paper towels or more toilet paper to use with new toilet paper shoved between it. Not as good on professionally made products but no one questions a bandana or handkerchief in a purse or pocket. Just make it apart of your EDC)


ReportEastern t1_ixl28z4 wrote

The perks of wearing black pants every day


TikkiTakiTomtom t1_ixl9y1x wrote

I cannot fathom forgetting to wear underwear. The amount of chafing balls and thighs is unbearable to not notice


sei556 t1_ixlr5xw wrote

Yeah I feel like even if someone dressed me up while I was unconcious and left out the underwear, I would notice instantly. Maybe OP is used to wearing jeans-undies or something idk


harlekintiger t1_ixltbpu wrote

Now you know about always having spare underwear in your purse/bag/whatever. It's the first thing I list whenever my girlfriend asks me "Do I have everything, did I forget something?"


Awkward-Fact350 t1_ixl2tip wrote

Aaw Hun, tampons are tricky the 1st few times. I swear I probably (I didn’t) put it in sideways and split myself in half. Hope tomorrows better.


theMarianasTrench t1_ixl82op wrote

I found out I put my tampon in the wrong way ghe first time. No one told me to ANGLE IT >:( hahaha when you're relaxed try again, but as a period haver for a decade I hate using tampons they prolong my period


TzuDohNihm t1_ixm1k2d wrote

Wait, is your underwear under that one guys couch? His wife is totes pissed off.


candysweet434 t1_ixkzywr wrote

I am surprised you had no accidents, you must have a light flow.


HOLDGMEBROTHERS t1_ixl1efl wrote

Sounds like a pretty bad day, hope you do something cheerful this week. Good luck!


saigai3 t1_ixlgloj wrote

Menstrual Cups to the rescue I have used cups even when I had to go to the beach and was it was super comfy and I was actually tension free for once in my life.


yaxgto t1_ixlqlzr wrote

My wife also has disposable ones we found... Somewhere(grocery store). We have them in both vehicles just in case.


mozzamo t1_ixl9vvq wrote

Nothing gets in the way of ice cream eh


spook7886 t1_ixlldzi wrote

Some tampons may cause an allergic, anaphylactic response. My first wife, before we met, had the same dizzy feeling. Tampax brand caused it, damn near killed her then.


Sea-Aioli7683 t1_ixn8o35 wrote

Some others may be having a panic attack. Also potentially dizzy.


streeetcheeese t1_ixm2u5l wrote

The tampon made you dizzy? Did you put a cardboard applicator in? I mean tampons are uncomfortable but painfully dizzying is a new one for me. Maybe you have endo


ppetree t1_ixognj5 wrote

Oh that is truly sad. I was a single dad with 4 daughters and I can't tell you how many times a teenaged girl was caught off guard and I'd get a call "Dad can you bring me...."

I'm sorry that happened to you!


aquariuslovingya t1_ixky6zl wrote

As a female that is almost always commando like 95% of the time. I should be worried about this happening to me


mouaragon t1_ixl12ki wrote

Bloody hell! What a day.


thisis_sam4moz t1_ixl55qf wrote

Well you did get through the day so thumbs up for that, well done :)


Lymantria24 t1_ixlqhyz wrote

This is and the stories of the comment section is only a sad story about how much the education systems suck around the world


rmitch011 t1_ixltf21 wrote

So, if I am understanding this correctly - you put the tampon into your Google search, and incorrectly inserted a period; so you got menstrual-flavored ice cream because of it?

Checks out.


EthreeIII t1_ixm570b wrote

Omg. . As a guy I used to keep extra pads in my backpack for my girlfriend. I’m sorry this happened to you. Always have a spare pad just in case. I won’t go as far as saying carry extra underwear because that only solves a small portion of the problem.


dillydally15 t1_ixmeumq wrote

If it makes you feel better, I had such a scare a few weeks ago. I was in a rush and wore black tights (leggings?) without underwear. I had no idea that my period would come that day because it was already two weeks late. Lo and behold, I started bleeding right as I was finishing up a class! Had to walk back to my place praying no one would notice me bleeding. Wish I thought of tissue paper but I kept thinking about what to do if they fell out or something. Tampons freaked me out so that was a big no (never used them before!).

Hated that day and the entire next week decided to include an extra dosage of cramps in the bloody gift basket!


Ayencee t1_ixmjhn5 wrote

Oh boy…. This seems like the right post to recount the time when I was 14 or 15 and didn’t really understand how tampons worked yet. I got my period at the start of a family beach house week. And I still wanted to be in the water, yknow? So no pads. So I went to put in a tampon. Except I didn’t realize you dispose of that plastic outer shell. So I left it in.

Later, I’m on the beach digging a large hole and making a castle with my cousins and little siblings. Something doesn’t feel right, so I look down and see that plastic plunger thing on the tampon sticking out in the crotch of my swimsuit. I make a run for it back to the house, baffling everyone. Still mortified 12 years later that someone might have seen that bizarre sight. Yeesh.


beyonddisbelief t1_ixmmjgf wrote

This sounds like the setup for a NSFW Seinfeld episode. In Seinfeld format some other commotion will start escalating until everyone forgot about the “situation” then the bloody tissues will drop 🤣


StonedScroller t1_ixn2cci wrote

Gosh dang I hope that was good ice cream!


siddmon t1_ixnaawc wrote

Well, at least this an easy life lesson and you will know how to properly use a tampon after this experience


bordemstirs t1_ixnn0w3 wrote

Periods really make every day life so much harder. Uhg.

Sorry, but at least it wasn't worse?

Also if you have a car keep a change of clothes+hygiene products in the trunk.


bunkid t1_ixo19m7 wrote

If you’re not used to tampons, you CANNOT put them in under stress. For the first times using a tampon, take at least 30 minutes time, put music on, breathe and RELAX. Lay down on the ground if u want to. Get comfortable. That’s how I did it and there was no other way because if you’re tense, your vagina is tense and that hurts


DarkestSpecs t1_ixo7ifv wrote

i simply just cannot fathom how someone forgets to wear undies😭


Obandigo t1_ixle9r9 wrote

I saw this on a Reddit post and told my wife about it. She has two and that's all she ever uses now, and she always keeps one in her purse


Jewsusgr8 t1_ixlo551 wrote

Out of curiosity I asked my wife how she puts one in after a demonstration I don't understand, am now dizzy.


mnl_cntn t1_ixlru0h wrote

Oh no!!! That really sucks dude, sorry that happened


tobyistrash t1_ixlstlw wrote

i will never stop taking testosterone to experience this hell ever again


Sweets_0822 t1_ixlsuye wrote

Highly recommend looking into those period discs. I don't care for the diva cups but the flex discs are far more tolerable than those imo. I cannot do a tampon to save my life but in a pinch, the discs are helpful to keep one or two somewhere accessible. I usually prefer pads (ok, I prefer no period but after having kids even my tried and true Nexplanon didn't stop periods) too but these are a nice "pads aren't practical l" (i.e. swimming or forgot underwear!) alternative.


Ch00choh t1_ixltjwc wrote

And I thought I had bad days


RekeBear t1_ixltuyt wrote

Period Basis -0.0 gif


Unrigg3D t1_ixm9owa wrote

Been there. Period. Can't promise you it won't happen again.


Bea_sassy t1_ixmar01 wrote

Awe man. 🥺 I'm so sorry. That sucks.


WeirdImaginaryOO7 t1_ixmh4t7 wrote

I haven’t had my period in a decade TG! I still carry a tampon and pad for my tribe.


WindigoMac t1_ixmiuwl wrote

One does not simply forget to wear underwear. That’s a decision


Blackov t1_ixmp70v wrote

On the plus-side, you're not pregnant.


marirah_ t1_ixmyi26 wrote

Oh nooooooooo I’m so sorry!! Nice save though!!


MaineBoston t1_ixn4qoi wrote

I have not worn underwear in years. So much more comfortable. Buy a box of tampons, they come with instructions. Keep a couple tampons in your purse so not caught off guard again.


Apprehensive-Ad6847 t1_ixnbjq4 wrote

You are a MUThAF#@KIN G.

To clarify that isn't going commando. That is gangster! No bodies hit the floor but the blood definitely flowed.


Vipertje t1_ixnfmbt wrote

How can fuck up inserting a tampon. Did you shove it up your urethra?


InfiniteCalendar1 t1_ixnvlas wrote

Oof that's just uncomfy. Having to use toilet paper in place of a period product always sucks. Although I definitely recommend giving tampons another try, hell it took me a few times to figure them out when I was new to them.


PhunkySideUp t1_ixksbl8 wrote

I feel like this is how you develop social anxiety. Just listen to your body. Easier said than done if course.


[deleted] t1_ixl488h wrote

You had ice cream with your professor?

Sounds... odd


unclefisty t1_ixmoyuv wrote

Are you TRYING to give yourself TSS?


therabbit1967 t1_ixpd8j1 wrote

i mean … how can you „forget“ to wear underware. Seriously.


hattyhat24 t1_ixlmuey wrote

And I thought girls only stuffed their shirts...


SGBotsford t1_ixktckl wrote

Lesson: Keep a pad with you even if you go commando.


We_Could_Dream_Again t1_ixl3i5n wrote

This now has me wondering how wearing underwear was really the cause of the TIFU?


Ok_Ad8609 t1_ixmcr5a wrote

Next time, put the TL;DR at the front where it belongs. Otherwise, don’t include it because it’s useless at the end.


QuarterNoteBandit t1_ixmllpi wrote know "didn't" is past tense, right?


Ok_Ad8609 t1_ixmmdpe wrote

Yeah, exactly! That’s why it goes at the beginning, i.e. so you don’t have to read the entire long-ass wall of text to get the point. It’s a courtesy to give readers the main point up front, and then they decide if they want the rest of the details. Ergo, putting after the long-ass wall of text is pointless (and it negates the whole purpose of the construction).


N4cer26 t1_ixksl4t wrote

It made you feel dizzy??


[deleted] t1_ixkus4f wrote



Arashi5 t1_ixkxs2e wrote

Toxic shock doesn't happen seconds after you put a tampon in.


[deleted] t1_ixkekk7 wrote



rubyroses123 OP t1_ixkemxi wrote

yeah i didnt, i was fine in the morning and then got it when i got to university


shiroinyan1 t1_ixkiru5 wrote

This has happened to me at least twice and it's the worst shit that's ever happened to me!!! Plus, white underwear. Even as I'm currently regular, I can't predict exactly when this is going to happen, so I always pack a few pads.


[deleted] t1_ixkf3aq wrote



rubyroses123 OP t1_ixkfg8l wrote

no ive had my period before college, its just really irregular and sometimes i dont get it for months


iTrollbot77 t1_ixkng50 wrote

Glad you at least got to enjoy your ice-cream, and that nothing more embarrassing happened.

It's OK to hate the day. You'll laugh about it later with your friends :)