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I would like to start this off by saying I have no concept of rizz whatsoever. With that being said I go to church with this girl w wll call her "ophelia" cuz I love that song. Anyway me and Ophelia are very close friends I noticed she was always a little more physical with me didn't think anything of it at the time. So we're sitting outside on a bench and just chilling we had walked over to McDonald's across the street from are church and she bought me something because I'm dirt poor. Anyway so we're sitting on this bench eating McDonald's and she HOLDS MY HAND. Damn near cried I do not know why I was so scared at the concept of somebody liking me. I do the natural thing I ran away faster than a pedo looking at Chris Hansen. McChicken in mouth just bolting it. I locked myself in the bathroom stayed there for like 20 minutes I don't know why I was doing this I was terrified. And then when I come out Ophelia sitting at the door of the bathroom just waiting for me. This poor girl it was almost in tears. I had to comfort for this girl for like the next 30 minutes.

TL;DR girl tries to hold my hand. I run away with my McDonald's and going lock myself in the bathroom. Girl waits for me outside bathroom. =Sad woman: (.



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HighOnGoofballs t1_iwg8kbb wrote

If she waited for you then you still have a shot


Im-a_fuck-up OP t1_iwg8mz2 wrote

Oh no I already took my shot she's my girlfriend now lol. Well I guess we're still sort of unofficial it's complicated.


ixramuffin t1_iwgils7 wrote

It's not complicated, you're just bad at communicating


Im-a_fuck-up OP t1_iwgioon wrote

Probably lol


C00lK1d1994 t1_iwgrlj9 wrote

“Hey do you want to be my girlfriend?” That’s how I got mine.


ZirePhiinix t1_iwkh2r6 wrote

OP ran away and hid in a toilet for 20 minutes. Still got the girl.

I think this one is a keeper IMO.


Gol_D_Chris t1_iwkoets wrote

Just be prepared that she might run away if you propose to her


Catnip4Pedos t1_iwi2bbp wrote

Nah kids these days don't make it official until they make a tiktok prank account


maggotshero t1_iwhjun4 wrote

Can I ask how old you are? Because you sound like you're early teenage years. Learn this lesson now: LEARN TO COMMUNICATE.


powerposepenguin t1_iwgrp1s wrote

Than what's this doing on tifu?? It worked out anyway. :D Most things won't work out how you expected it but glad you guys found eachother


PinkDalek t1_iwi7rb1 wrote

She bought you McDonalds. Y'all are practically engaged now.


[deleted] t1_iwk7na0 wrote

Don’t keep her in the talking phase for 15 years that’s fucked up, don’t waste her time, either make it official or leave???


togocann49 t1_iwg5bj9 wrote

When you like someone a lot, and it feels real, it can be very scary. Good news is you will likely handle things better in future


Im-a_fuck-up OP t1_iwg7zfj wrote

Eeh I beg to differ I'm quite oblivious.


GunasInFlux t1_iwgln96 wrote

Don’t talk about yourself so negatively, my man. This interaction didn’t go super well. But, she waiting for you outside the bathroom. She saw you didn’t know what to do and was kind enough to see beyond that to the person you are underneath. If you tell yourself, “I’m oblivious. I’ll fuck up again in the future. I am no good,” you best believe those things will be true, but only because you believe them. Start telling yourself things that you want to be true. “When I fuck up, I know I can recover. I am not bound to fuck up. I am learning, growing, and deserving of peace and love. Success is within my reach. I am not where I want to be, but I can work to get myself there.” Simple affirmations that may feel like “lies” at first but in reality can be and will be true IF you start to believe them. Our personal identities are mostly the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves about our lives. Start telling yourself a better story. You are worthy of self confidence, peace, joy, and love. But you will only have those things when you believe they’re possible for you. You got this.


togocann49 t1_iwg8qrf wrote

With experience, you often gain wisdom. Even if you’re oblivious, you’ll likely be less less oblivious as you gain experience/wisdom. PS-I’m the oblivious type too, so I’m speaking of how things went for me as I got older


Known-Skin3639 t1_iwh8299 wrote

My dude…. If you like her then the best thing you could do is start slow. Hold her hand back. Running like that probably scared her as much as her holding her hand scared you. My old man advise to you is to talk to her. Heart to heart. Tell her you didn’t know how to process what happened. I’m sure she will understand. Girls are pretty cool like that. Usually. You say your oblivious. We all are my friend. Listen to her. Pay attention to body language and comments. There is a lot of information there. You’ll get there I promise. It’s hard some times. I know this because I was kind of like you when I was young. I over came it with the same advise I just gave you. Relationships are awesome.


Western-Ad-4414 t1_iwg9006 wrote

There is no fu in this post. You got some work to do. In the future you will be better. No worries and congrats.


CommunicationEast623 t1_iwghhzu wrote

I mean, it is funny from the outside, I am not going to lie, but being scared of something new is normal and sometimes being scared makes you act outside of who you are.

I hope she understood you were just scared, not rejecting her in a brutal way


Arrogant-giraffe t1_iwgrfkx wrote

And now you a Ophi go on a mission trip together and then travel the country in a van with a cute pupper. DO IT. She really likes you if you ran away and she found you and waited. That's a special kind of love and patience and that girl will learn your favorite recipes, and make them better than your momma does. Trust and believe, do not let her go


HOLDGMEBROTHERS t1_iwggxql wrote

This just made my day, very cute. It happens to the best of us man. Good luck with everything!


acidrain69 t1_iwh68nv wrote

This is adorable. Just breathe and you’ll be fine.


lastwhangdoodle t1_iwh6m31 wrote

Oh look another shitpost. Do better r/tifu.


BartlebySanchez t1_iwhaxw5 wrote

Eating McDonalds

Suddenly runs to bathroom

Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been Taco Bell.


ccknboltrtre01 t1_iwiz81x wrote

Ive done this exactly. So sad to think back on it


harlojones t1_iwj8pip wrote

You’re like that guy from 90 day fiancé


Pay_Tiny t1_iwki24p wrote

That’s hella cute ngl


Important-Specific96 t1_iwzr5sp wrote

I got you beat. I was 12, playing strip spn the bottle with two 14 year old girls. We were all down to our underwear when the bottle pointed at me. I stood up, made like I was goind to drop my whitey tighties, but grabbed my clothes and ran away an hid under my parents Buick LeSabre. 5 years of celibacy ensued.


oredaze t1_ixhj13a wrote

It probably took her a great deal of courage to do that, and you basically rejected her... :D


PassoutPierce t1_iwgyfi9 wrote

Ngl Chris Hansen. Lmfao. The only one I remember was when the person was asked. " why did u bring a 6 pack of beer and condoms. While she was "making cookies"