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flopik t1_iwhxonp wrote

Off topic - are two russian rockets hitting Poland today true ? Do you know anything more ?


pupperoni42 t1_iwifb19 wrote

Clarification for those who are seeing it here first: it looks like a Russian missile aimed at Ukraine flew over the border into Poland and killed two citizens of a village there.

Probably a screw up rather than a deliberate attack, but it does mean that Russia hit a NATO country and killed its citizens during this war. It's possible this will trigger NATO countries including the US into direct action but it's too soon to tell.


cupcakemuffin413 t1_iwi8cod wrote

Lmao you really think some random guy on Reddit would answer that? To another random guy on Reddit?

Even if OP knows, do you seriously think they'd be allowed to tell a stranger??


073068075 t1_iwia2vr wrote

Well, I live here and haven't heard anything yet so just let's hope it's not true.


073068075 t1_iwiadir wrote

Nevermind it is fucking true, oh fuck. I knew sth was wrong with today. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna have a slight panic attack.