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horrifyingthought t1_ixrpuna wrote

That sucks, but it sounds like drinking to excess is not the norm for you, and you took full responsibility and cleaned it up yourself once you were cognizant.

I agree this is a fuckup, and you might have to buy some apology flowers and new bench (I doubt your wife will ever sit on it again lol), but overall this seems like a relatively minor blip. No big yellow or red relationship flags on either side, congrats on such a healthy relationship!

Now drink some water, buy some bleach, and then go back to sleep lol


Remarkable_Camera832 OP t1_ixrus8j wrote

Drinking like that really isn’t the norm for me. And after this I’ll only be less inclined to it. And boy howdy am I blessed to have a lovely wife. Great idea with the apology flowers I’m going to use that one for sure


cucumberholster t1_ixsggh9 wrote

Apology dinner, if you can cook make something extraordinary. If you can’t, whip out the Mastercard at a classy establishment… maybe redo your vows