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My family loves sea food salad. Well to be clear, my family loves my aunts sea food salad. Yesterday on thanksgiving while we were eating, I saw a bowl of sea food salad on the counter with the rest of the feast so naturally, I grabbed a spoon and scooped a whole bunch on my plate. When I was scooping the salad the aunt that supposedly made it came up to me and asked who made the salad which confused me because I thought she did. But my hungry ass decided not to think much of it and still eat it because I saw maybe five others with it and it seemed fine based on how fast they were eating. After a while I realized it tasted a little funny.. not how it usually tasted but again I didn’t think much of it, just thought maybe she used new ingredients. I ended up having two plates of the seafood salad. This morning my mom called my siblings and I down stairs and she asked who all ate the salad. Turns out that salad was very old and was sitting in my aunts fridge for almost a month. My aunt says she has no idea how it got out the fridge and why it was out in the first place. I feel sick. I ate two plates. I have bad sea food in my body. Bro. Will I die? I feel fine and nothing has happened to me but it’s just the thought. TL;DR



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iPod3G t1_ixtaanr wrote

A guest ate his aunt’s month-old seafood salad. This is what happened to his tract.


RudeSprinkles1240 t1_ixrtozs wrote

You'll probably be okay. You can get sick up to 7 days after eating the food, though.


SaintElmo54 t1_ixrcep9 wrote

If you still feel ok 24 hours later, you probably don't have much to worry about. Typically, you will get cramping, sometimes severe, which feels similar to stomach flu, but fortunately does not last more than a day. On the other hand, if you ate a bowl of e-coli, you can be in some serious trouble.

Last time I had food poisoning, I got a bad case of cold sweats and passed out, and felt like hell all day.


beijina t1_ixsdsx1 wrote

As you are not sick yet it's probably fine. I assume the seafood was cooked and the salad marinated including something acidic like lemon juice and/or vinegar? This helps preserve the seafood as opposed to the pieces being exposed to air by themselves. Of course this is no recommendation to eat months old salad just because it's marinated but it is an explanation for it not tasting horribly yet.


Setthegodofchaos t1_ixzr28b wrote

I'm concerned. Are you good bruh? You experiencing any symptoms?