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bfrazer1 t1_iy313f3 wrote

I've been editing reality TV for 15 years, and if it's any consolation I've seen this happen a few times. It sucks, but shouldn't be the end of the world. You mentioned a sound guy, so audio was running, right? A good editor will hopefully be able to salvage the best sound bites from that, covered with broll, and occasionally cutting to the take you did film. Not 100% as effective, but the episode will be fine.


Givemeurhats t1_iy3lnok wrote

^ no experience being a cameraman or TV editor, and I'd say this is how I'd expect them to do it. Sound guy got the whole recording. Sucks you won't see him cry, but you can still hear it lol. Now I'm gonna spend the next year watching cooking shows and wait for a contestant #5 who never had a post-interview


wrongbutt_longbutt t1_iy4qtwe wrote

> Now I'm gonna spend the next year watching cooking shows and wait for a contestant #5 who never had a post-interview

And with this comment, a new type of guerilla marketing was born.


aussie_nub t1_iy6eqt2 wrote

Except they're going to have to watch all the competitors ones too so not sure it's as good as you might think.


tarion_914 t1_iy7o327 wrote

Sounds like a conspiracy by the big reality cooking show guys.


Sjt1982 t1_iy76bti wrote

OP please give us a hint and let’s okay Reddit charades, when is this show on? Channel? How many words and letters in the title? What does the title sound like?


AndrewFishay t1_iy5xif6 wrote

Sound advice here, and 100% legit they can make it work with his VO over alternate footage. This will be why you never forget to check you’re recording in the future.


Nuvenor t1_iy2rwt0 wrote

Shit happens. And I'd argue you actually did well, unknowingly.

I personally hate how reality TV preys and broadcasts the low point of the contestants for views. To me this is emotionally abusive.

Especially the making him sad part had me irked.

That guy will be thankful in a couple of years.


korinthia t1_iy598gs wrote

He didn’t do well, but he did do good.


splithoofiewoofies t1_iy5qml7 wrote

'hey yeah go back and cry about your wife cheating on you again we missed recording it for tv"

"hey, why arent you as sad now?"


Kolacky t1_iy32o48 wrote

Good thing you used that throwaway account. No way anyone can link you to the thousands...nay...millions of other 25 year old cameramen working on reality cooking shows, where a contestant had a breakdown sometime in the last few weeks.


deterministic_lynx t1_iy36xd5 wrote

I suppose it's more about the main account not being linked...


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_iy464va wrote

>It turns out that Bone was a regular participant in several NSFW forums, including one devoted to pregnant women in swimsuits, who he referred to as “beautiful human submarines.”

Okay obviously he's a creep but "beautiful human submarines" has me cracking up


outlawsix t1_iy43960 wrote

Reading this definitely did not make me google "jennifer lawrence butthole" and then wind up in a ken bone meme trap


nah-knee t1_iy4gyu2 wrote

Technically without any proof that it’s actually him he can just deny deny deny


Al-Pecini t1_iy2sb8s wrote

I don't see this as a fuck up. Honestly I don't think this poor mans feelings should end up on TV.

I mean you obviously failed to record, but this ain't the fucked up thing. Selling and broadcasting sensitive and heartbreaking moments like this is just inhuman


TheThumper326 t1_iy2z4x7 wrote

I think similarly. This person did humanity a service, accidentally, by unintentionally making sure that level of drama didn't make it to TV. Real life drama should not be entertainment for the masses.


farel85 t1_iy3k0mx wrote

You do realise those people sign up exactly for this right? I mean it's not a random dude on the street, it's someone who knowingly signed up for this and gets paid for it.


tolomea t1_iy3l1k7 wrote

As a manager I would hire you again.

You were open about your mistake, didn't try and hide it or anything and are unlikely to ever repeat it.

A more useful question is what could be changed about how the team functions to prevent this from happening again.


RixirF t1_iy56qdk wrote

>A more useful question is what could be changed about how the team functions to prevent this from happening again.

Easy; change the camera man.


Jonodonozym t1_iy5l3uj wrote

This is terrible management practice. Nothing's stopping the next cameraman from making the same mistake, meanwhile OP is clearly remorseful and will be extra cautious about checking the recording in the future.

A better solution might be attaching a big hard-to-miss LED(s) to the back of the camera that lights up when recording.


splithoofiewoofies t1_iy5ree6 wrote

Nah the best solution is to gently rib him for five seasons and then when he breaks down, ask if he can do it again because you forgot to hit record.


ChuckBlack t1_iy40adk wrote


Too long, didn’t record


DonGorgon t1_iy3cphx wrote

You unknowingly did the right thing really


WeNeedToTalkAboutMe t1_iy386tc wrote

I guess it's different in such a small shooting environment, but isn't that why on larger sets they call out commands like "Sound", "rolling", "action"? To make sure everything is working.


BangBangMeatMachine t1_iy4asu6 wrote

> Yesterday was one of the longest days on set.

If this isn't part of the conversation about why this happened, it will happen again. Long days and fatigue lead to fuck-ups, inevitably. Yes, you need to be careful and try to avoid it. But ther person deciding the schedule needs to know that their decision contributed to the problem.

Almost always, mistakes at work are due to a systemic problem as much as the individual making the mistake.


infini98 t1_iy2skt4 wrote

You had one job, and you still fcked it up. Guess what, it's fine. Take it as a lesson for the future.


goodforabeer t1_iy3bp9s wrote

It shouldn't be totally on you to remember to record. A simple confirmation of recording before starting the interview would have saved the situation.


Foxxymint t1_iy3h3nq wrote

It's not the cameraman's job to operate the camera?


mcarterphoto t1_iy3if5q wrote

No only that, it's the cameraman's job to confirm he's rolling. Some setups, everyone looks to you and you say "rolling" or why you're not ("everyone fucking settle in please!!!", people gabbing and making noise). Some setups the interviewer or producer turns to camera and asks if we're rolling. In my experience, generally camera confirms that sound is rolling if there's a separate recorder.


mcarterphoto t1_iy3i5wv wrote

Don't know who you work for - when I'm shooting interviews, everyone looks to me to say "rolling". I say it once the room has settled down and the red light is blinking in my viewfinder. Nobody stops halfway through to confirm I'm actually doing my job.


Phighters t1_iy3oba3 wrote

..but they wait for your confirmation before beginning. That's the point.


Phighters t1_iy3nm3r wrote

reply all, take ownership in front of everyone, and apologize. It'll be fine, shit happens - its a cooking show, you didnt miss the Berlin wall coming down.


Connect-Capital-9400 t1_iy3qm1b wrote

screw them for exploiting a person's feelings and emotions, I for one am glad you didn't push the record button, these directors and producers have no souls......


jcaino t1_iy3xzjq wrote

Task failed successfully. Seriously, I bet that dude couldn't be more relieved.


gavco98uk t1_iy42ibb wrote

Guess who's never going to make that mistake again?

A few years ago the local online TV station came to interview the boss. He did about 20 minutes of talking, then when he asked if he could review the footage, the cameraman (who looked as if he'd just left school and was on his first shoot) discovered he had forgot to press record.

He nearly got kicked out the office.

Boss re-did it... but it didnt have the same feel second time round.

It happens. Just make sure you learn from it and dont do it again.


Singsalotoday t1_iy4u679 wrote

This is not what I expected when I read the title but maybe that intimate moment was not meant to be recorded and destiny was intervening via your f up. You didn’t lose your job, everyone makes mistakes and you are less likely to do it again.


Mountain_Broccoli777 t1_iy57cnl wrote

I'm personally glad you biffed this one. I worked in reality tv for years and just couldn't stand working in that environment watching dunder head producers high five each other over someone's emotional distress. Those people were some of the most psychotic freaks I've ever worked with and I love that you didn't get his breakdown on tape. I would always remind myself that the people signed up for it...but the nefarious attitudes of some of the thundercunts behind the scenes was revolting.


MightyKrakyn t1_iy3x25i wrote

Yo, I don’t think your realize how disgusting your production sounds when you tell that story. Like, legitimately bad for humanity. I’m glad you did not record that man at his emotional low to show to however many millions of people.


tweakingforjesus t1_iy4gh86 wrote

Doesn't the camera provide some sort of feedback that it is currently recording? An indicator in the viewfinder or a red light somewhere? Anything?

If not, I blame the camera manufacturer more than you. People are imperfect and make mistakes. Equipment should anticipate this.


gellenburg t1_iy3mtoi wrote

It happens. Wasn't a fuck-up, but it was a screw-up. Life goes on.


LOUDCO-HD t1_iy3p5p3 wrote

Did the Producer not confirm you were rolling or decks are at speed? Part of the blame falls on the Producers shoulders, everyone should be cross checking everyone in an EFP team.


Fuquaeww t1_iy673u9 wrote

Agreed. The AD & EPs are easily pulling in $5000+ per week to sit in a control room & scrutinize your work in real time. You make $ to avoid mistakes; they make $$$ to make sure you avoid mistakes.


Cenodeath t1_iy3vcp0 wrote

Honestly I feel like this was a good thing, people watching others breaking down is pretty shitty.


i_suckatjavascript t1_iy50ton wrote

Do they not have multiple cameras at different angles to prevent this from happening?

Btw, this sounds a lot like Masterchef based on how you described the show format.


the_very_next_day t1_iy5369c wrote

if you only get 1 shot at it how can your process not have any redundancy at all? at least 2 cam ops! its not on you op


missannthrope1 t1_iy5mpmw wrote

Last time I checked, everyone makes mistakes. If you didn't feel bad about it, you'd be a psychopath. You will never do it again, and council others to never make the same mistake. That makes you a teacher.


Lakitu47 t1_iy5ytpu wrote

Don't beat yourself up, it happens, especially in this industry that grinds you down over insane hours and that's not on you..


TheBigEMan t1_iy5z3mw wrote

I hate these shows so, so much


toooldforreddit48 t1_iy5z40m wrote

I work in event production and it’s happened so many times that the session was supposed to be recorded from the desk and the operator screwed up and never recorded it. And only because the camera guys pressed record that we were able to go back and patch together the footage from them.

This stuff happens dude. Especially in live events. They should have had a backup hyperdeck recorder if it was so important.


skyntbook t1_iy74jch wrote

For what it's worth, I'm sure contestant #5 is extremely relieved not to have his whole history laid bare on reality TV.