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Mooseymax t1_j1u46x5 wrote

Clearly haven’t ever paired your Bluetooth earbuds to another device (like laptop), forgotten, then blasted out the unholiest of noises from your phone with earphones in - turning the volume louder because it sounds muffled.


Thebombuknow t1_j1u6sjs wrote

My earbuds have multipair. They're paired to all my devices at once, and it can automatically play through multiple devices (it just mutes the other ones when one takes priority).


lizziebordensbae t1_j1vgclw wrote

Ok, I need that! What kind of earbuds do you have?


compaqdeskpro t1_j1vuxgb wrote

I have Jabra and Bose that multipair, and AKG that do not.


bros402 t1_j1w3x2c wrote

Use the term "multipoint" when looking at bluetooth headsets/earbuds


Thebombuknow t1_j1wbsgw wrote

I use Jabra Elite Active 75ts. I also just got a Jabra Elite 4 Active, which is their newest midrange earbud. I know the 75ts have it, not sure about the 4s though.


Van_GOOOOOUGH t1_j1x4f8c wrote

Can you control which one takes priority? I have this problem with my Bluetooth earbuds in my car, even if I want my Bluetooth to be on my earbuds, it always goes to my car. And I need my car audio system on to pick up GPS through the speakers. I hate that my car picks up my earbuds and makes those priority over the GPS system. I hate it.


Thebombuknow t1_j1x5vdl wrote

I'm not entirely sure what you're describing. Your phone is pairing to the car and your earbuds, and the earbuds take priority?


Van_GOOOOOUGH t1_j1y0qgc wrote

Whenever I try to Bluetooth my car to one phone, and my earbuds to another phone, the car takes over & doesn't allow the secondary phone to connect to my earbuds... It's frustrating & weird because my car can't connect to two Bluetooth devices at once, but as soon as I activate Bluetooth on a secondary device my car hijacks it & abandons the other device.


Thebombuknow t1_j1yqa2e wrote

Oh yeah, certain cars can do that. If you don't need it paired, you can always unpair the second phone. If it's needed, there's probably a setting somewhere in the car that tells it not to auto-connect to certain devices.


JejuneEsculenta t1_j1uatwu wrote

In my case, I do product testing for an earbud manufacturer, in my spare time, so they keep sending me free sets.

I just have one set for the computer, a couple sets that are paired either my phone and another device, one set just for the phone, one for my Switch, one for my Mac, etc...

Super handy until you misread the markings on them and grab the wrong ones.

EDIT: Cripes. I just realized how many sets of earbuds I own. Yikes!