Submitted by Candid_Zebra265 t3_zzh62j in tifu

...WITHOUT GLOVES. God damn it my hair is great but my hands are stained like nobody's business and I have tried everything I could think off... Oil, dish soap, regular soap, rubbing with all of the above and salt/sugar, rubbing with a rag until my hands felt like they were falling off, etc.

I look like I am becoming fucking Violet from Charlie's chocolate factory. My parents are gonna laugh at me, I am already very much ashamed of myself knowing that I have dyed my hair dozens of times, used this specific dye yesterday on my SD and spent half an hour washing the stains that were caused only by rinsing her head and had my hand stained even though I was actually wearing gloves yesterday. How dumb can I be that I can't be left alone for a few hours before fucking up big time.

Oh and to add to the humiliation, the whole extended family is going to be there because apparently my family doesn't celebrate Christmas as much as NYE.

My social anxiety is telling me that I cannot be the joke of the evening for 20+ persons without having a mental breakdown.

I definitely fucked up and should have waited until idk like Sunday before doing it.

BTW if there are ANY hairdressers or at home hair dyers that know some tricks please send them my way! I am on my knees begging at this point.

TL;DR : Dyed my hair bright pink, no gloves, my hands are stained and my family who loves to pick on people is definitely chosing me this year.



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BeastieMom t1_j2bnz25 wrote

If you have a Sally Beauty supply or similar shop near you, they sell hair dye remover wipes. They work pretty well, at least they have when I’ve needed them.


RadientPinecone t1_j2ev3r7 wrote

These wipes work really really well!! I've used them for years. But they can strip layers of skin off if you're too aggressive with them so be careful


dabvenny t1_j2blvp8 wrote

Nail polish remover is your friend !! Use it on ur hands or wherever you got it! Also next time, coat your forehead and ears in Vaseline and you won’t have to use acetone to get hair dye off ur face!


smelling_the_roses t1_j2cdgud wrote

Seconding nail polish remover. I have a soy one that doesn’t destroy your skin to bits like the usual acetone ones, and gets that job done.


birchesbcrazy t1_j2df6zt wrote

I need to know this one! Please share? My hands are wrecked after removing nail polish even with acetone free!


_alaskaa t1_j2bku41 wrote

Bro relax. You’re gonna be fine.


Candid_Zebra265 OP t1_j2bkxzc wrote

Would love to post pictures, my hands are a deep DEEP magenta all over 😅


_alaskaa t1_j2blm27 wrote

That’s hilarious. I wish I could see that.


20MMS07 t1_j2d6ixk wrote

Don't add fuel to the fire


_alaskaa t1_j2dgr6e wrote

I didn’t mean that in a bad way bruh. I feel for them.


Aa8aa8 t1_j2dg6rb wrote

You know, people are worried about themselves much more than they are concerned about you. If you don’t make it a big deal, it will pull the gas out of the fire. If one or two people laugh, good for them, maybe they needed that. Just go along with it.


randousername8675309 t1_j2c4b7w wrote

Make-up remover wipes or micellar water have always worked for me - deep purple color everywhere.


LucyTheMagpie t1_j2c9jso wrote

Seconding micellar water. I always go blue, but it’s been a life saver


Shishire t1_j2d0s3n wrote

This! Our wife gets her hair dyed a deep blue regularly, and the salon dye-remover wipes are too harsh on her skin, so we always use our make-up removal wipes to clean her hairline and hands (and our own hands). It's remarkably effective.


Tseduds2 t1_j2dm6n2 wrote

I’m very confused by your use of a plural form when talking here…


Shishire t1_j2f64zi wrote

We have DID and use plural first-person pronouns.


Tseduds2 t1_j2fi602 wrote

Ah. I still don’t understand. But that’s prolly cos English isn’t my “main”. But thanks for answering!


Tseduds2 t1_j2dm7di wrote

I’m very confused by your use of a plural form when talking here…


SkyrimIsForTheNerds t1_j2bteqj wrote

You didn’t wear gloves before doing it, but you can wear gloves tomorrow! Not like, latex ones, but cool ones.


RedQueenWhiteQueen t1_j2c5ju4 wrote

Dress up like Holly Golightly and wear opera gloves.


-kettle- t1_j2cf2wk wrote

Go get Rit dye color remover. It is for dying cloth but I have done exactly the same as you several times. Quick- non toxic and you’ll have some for next time. Works on getting the color residue out of blonde hair too. Mix with shampoo on clean hair. Hands will come clean with a wash cloth after a two min soak. Good luck an Happy 2023!


Previous-Breakfast-4 t1_j2bpl7a wrote

Soak them in bleach for a couple mins. Not the healthiest option…but will do the trick. Source- hairstylist who does this almost daily


giskardwasright t1_j2cdclp wrote

Rubbing alcohol works pretty well


Keen4Abyss t1_j2cers9 wrote

Second this with some cotton pads (bonus if textured)! May dry out your skin a bit, but works well and is cheap.


4alark t1_j2bnpq8 wrote

Stain fighting toothpaste has worked for me to get some difficult stains off my hands.


LeftStatistician7989 t1_j2c1vp9 wrote

Diluted bleach. I know I know it’s bad for you but just do some cleaning…


Meowlock t1_j2cduhf wrote

Rubbing alcohol on cotton balls. Be sure to do this in an area with a vent.


newsungirl t1_j2c9g8k wrote

Acetone!!! (Aka nail polish remover)


CyborgSam69 t1_j2ca1vt wrote

Maybe you could own it by laughing at yourself before others get the chance to negatively comment. Something like “Look what silly me did, forgetting my gloves. My hands match my hair, not the look I was aiming for.”

We all make embarrassing mistakes, this isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

Whatever you use to get the stain off, be sure to wash it off with soap and use hand lotion. Your skin won’t be happy and will need some TLC.


ty2cool476 t1_j2cbrpd wrote

alcohol works for me - it helps get the brunt of it out


hjo1210 t1_j2ccr4q wrote

Baking soda and Dawn dish soap. If you don't have baking soda toothpaste with Dawn will work too


stash3630 t1_j2bkos0 wrote

I’ve never dyed my hair, but one time working with fire retardant foam I got it on my hands and nothing would get rid of it. Eventually I tried Vaseline and it worked like a charm.

It was more on my hands than stained into them, but maybe it’s worth a shot


iamamuttonhead t1_j2br4e3 wrote

Just rock the look. It was intentional.


yupim99 t1_j2c26o7 wrote

Face cleaning wipes work for me. The neutrogena grapefruit ones work best for some reason.


noomady t1_j2c5x96 wrote

Now it's a great time to use dye remover. In case there isn't any nor time to buy some. Wear an outfit that use gloves AND DON'T REMOVE THEM and you'll be fine


rhaina1961 t1_j2c98s0 wrote

Wear elbow length satin gloves with your outfit when you go out for the night. Relax and roll with it, have fun!


shagdidz t1_j2c9bwp wrote

Just wear a dress that requires fancy gloves, problem solved until you can get the dye off.


saltyrobbery t1_j2cbxu0 wrote

Use ash. Like from a fire. Mix it on a cloth with some water and scrub.


Bluefairie t1_j2chzjl wrote

it depends what the dye was. Manic panic and the likes go away with nail polish remover, but if it’s Elumen you might need their special “color cancellor” (can’t remember the name) that they use to remove the color from hair when you want to switch tone. It gets the color out like magic.


needygrape t1_j2cit47 wrote

I discovered that Nair gets dye off of skin. Rub it on them immediately rub it off and wash the area. Not the best for your skin, I’m sure, but it works!


jeevaschan t1_j2cj2mt wrote

When i would do this, id usually use bleach on my hands and put some on a rag for any that got on my face. Its not the best idea, but I figure if you just use a bit it shouldn’t hurt.


Purple-Ad-7464 t1_j2cjhj1 wrote

Surprisingly, dandruff shampoo works pretty well.


lavenderrabe t1_j2cjssx wrote

Hand sanitizer is my magic cure


ggoodlady t1_j2cmpi7 wrote

If you’re laughing at yourself, then others can’t laugh at you - only with you.


lil_benny97 t1_j2colum wrote

Who cares if you have pink hands? It'll be a good story to laugh about.


whywouldntyou22 t1_j2ctwsj wrote

It’ll be fine. It’s just colorful hands. My crown fell off a week before Christmas and I had to get what was left of the tooth pulled, because a new crown wouldn’t have much to cling to. Now I’m home for the holidays, with a missing tooth 🥹 I was worried but no one made a big deal out of it or talked sh*t. Accidents happen all the time, they’ll understand. Hide your hands in photos


mackenml t1_j2cx8sv wrote

I can’t remember if it’s rubbing alcohol or peroxide, but one of them works well. I’ve don’t it tons of times so don’t feel bad. It won’t come off your nails though, so paint then a dark color.


Advanced-Duck-9465 t1_j2cykch wrote

Did you try lemon? Just cut in half and rub your hands with it.


Intrepid_Law_3033 t1_j2d0iv1 wrote

Toothpaste has always helped when i have dyed my skin.


ObsidianRae t1_j2ddx7i wrote

If none of these tricks work and you don’t have gloves, then I say lean into it. Get a black waterproof eyeliner and do some abstract lines, add some rhinestones. You now have the coolest hands at the party.


-Raskyl t1_j2dsjd0 wrote

Just flip it on them. Every time someone makes a comment. Glare at them and say something like "genetic diseases are nothing to make fun of" and then walk away with a straight face. Never explain.


Katlady25 t1_j2e9p8m wrote

Bleach your hands.


SugarsBoogers t1_j2eao67 wrote

Former hairdresser here. Try aggressive moisturizing. Like aquaphor and cotton gloves for an hour or so. Follow with more exfoliation, rinse and repeat.


arxose t1_j2ecyds wrote

Try baking soda! pulls dye out of the skin, but it does exfoliate so be careful


overmydeadusername t1_j2eeqzt wrote

Make up remover wipes are worth a shot but I was always taught in cosmetology school that color removes color. So you could try taking a small amount of hair color and washing your hands with that and soap. Obviously don’t let it sit too long but lather it good and also add some salt as an exfoliant and see if that helps. Sally’s should also have some color remover options available as well.


Ok-Tangelo-8324 t1_j2el90d wrote

Probably get down voted for not being safe, but when I used to dye my hair and inevitably dye my skin, I'd pour straight bleach on my hands. I mean, it'd be in a sink with running water and soap next to me so I could immediately wash the bleach off, but it always worked for me. Of course, I works so this right after I was done dying so it didn't have time to set in

I was also told once by a hairdresser that cigarette ash works to remove dye


Safe_Historical t1_j2eu5jb wrote

When I was 14 I dyed my hair (without my parents knowledge) with cheap Hot Topic dye, and decided to wash out the dye in the shower. My whole body was purple, but it was very dark on my shoulders and chest, for 2 days. My mom decided my punishment would be getting to go out with my friends still, they made fun of me so hard, I never made that mistake again.


Humble_State_6833 t1_j2f68o9 wrote

I’ve found rubbing alcohol also helps remove color off of skin


ZoneWombat t1_j2fb87k wrote

micellar water helps as does magic eraser


SchnarchendeSchwein t1_j2fgvvh wrote

High-proof alcohol. Clear is best. Pure ethanol if you can find it. Scrub with it.

It removes Sharpie from lab materials in a quick wipe, it will probably help.


reclusivegiraffe t1_j2flirn wrote

rubbing alcohol will work, depending on the dye


markedforpie t1_j2c1k72 wrote

Okay so I know of two things that take hair dye off like magic.

  1. hand sanitizer. Put it on your hands and it rubs right off.

  2. for more serious dye take a rag and moisten it. Not too wet. Then put some dawn dish soap and baking soda on it. And rub with it.

Both worked on pink dye for me.