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mhck t1_j1rietc wrote

If you haven’t eaten in 48 hours, you’d describe a lot of things in a way that makes them seem like huge red flags. I don’t think we can get an accurate read on whether this is toxic or whether this is typical heteronormative BS because the narrator of this story was at their absolute limit of emotional control at the time it happened. That’s not a healthy place to be, whether you’re in a toxic environment or a pretty standard one.


Elaine_Benes_Lovr t1_j1sgbrz wrote

That fact that Fox News gets played at a parents house is enough for me to end things with a partner. I DO NOT want to marry into that type of family.


Middle_Appointment20 t1_j1sxgqi wrote

My FIL is a Fox News, breitbart, newsmax idiot. But we get along because, for the most part, we do jor discuss it. He knows I’m a liberal and mostly leaves that stuff alone. I have zero respect for his point of view but I didn’t marry him. I married his daughter( who I turned into a liberal:) )


TucuReborn t1_j1ymsb7 wrote

This is me and some of my best friends, basically.

My best friend from middle school's whole family are massive GOP fans, and he's more moderate but still leans a bit more to the right on a lot of things.

Me and him? We can discuss and debate, then have a beer and laugh at how we can get along better than professional politicians while watching a stupid movie or anime.

Another friend is similar, with mostly left leaning views but has a few things he feels strongly about that are right leaning. He tries to stay apolitical because he hates the country's politics, but every now and then we talk politely about things.

My ex was similar as well. She was super liberal, more so than even me(and I'm a diehard BernieBro), but her whole family was death before Dems. I did not get along well with her family, but neither did she.