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saleboulot t1_j1wjoqn wrote

What did you do to lose the eye ? Jerking off or the tonsillectomy?


Gaviel t1_j1wmtij wrote

The former


CS-KOJI t1_j1wtiib wrote

Have you permanently lost vision in that eye ?


Gaviel t1_j1wtwe2 wrote

Yeah it's completely gone. Definitely do not recommend giving yourself "self love" after any surgeries because of it.


CS-KOJI t1_j1wum3h wrote

That’s awful, what a shitty thing to happen. I had no idea how dangerous it could be, I’ll definitely keep this in mind if I ever find myself needing surgery.


hanazawarui123 t1_j1ym74e wrote

I had a laproscopy for my hernia and was scared to touch myself for over a week. Before my checkup, I thought I'll just "check the pipes" and did the deed. Even though there were no complications, in hindsight, I probably should have waited longer.


Squigglepig52 t1_j1zaieo wrote

Me at 17 jerking it a few days after a torsion repair.

Just, don't.