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justabill71 t1_j1mbag4 wrote

"We wish you a merry piss, miss."


OkVolume1 t1_j1meqjp wrote

And a Happy New Wizz.


TheGhostORandySavage t1_j1n6of6 wrote

Happy New Wee-er was right there and you missed it!


ProfessorCrackhead t1_j1ng3on wrote

Nah, I liked theirs.


randomofrandoms1 t1_j1nh2ck wrote

No squatting for you, or looking down in fear. No hovering to do here, now have some drinks dear(s)


ILikeFPS t1_j1nr1ff wrote

Good tinkles we bring to you and your friends.


Eggslaws t1_j1nhff7 wrote

We wish you a merry piss, miss

We wish you a merry piss, miss

We wish you a merry piss miss.. and a

Happy poo year!


fxx_255 t1_j1ns99v wrote

Why is nobody asking if she liked the gift? Did it work? Did you awkwardly watch her try it?


RuneAloy t1_j1o4xp3 wrote

O' Christmas Pee, O' Christmas Pee.


CherryChristmas t1_j1oaz4b wrote

I snorted at this omg😂 thank you for making me laugh through my tears


Oddlot0930 t1_j1mb1q6 wrote

Given you're still together, doesn't sound like a FU to me


joeDroganfeller t1_j1mvqy0 wrote

47 years and he still has no clue that this gift changed her live in such a profound way that she just had to marry him to make it up to his dad.


___Phreak___ t1_j1m9syh wrote

Are you sure he wasn't on the spectrum?


RegretAccomplished16 t1_j1mg75y wrote

As someone who is on the spectrum, I couldn't help but laugh that OP doesn't think his dad is autistic at all


___Phreak___ t1_j1mhrxz wrote

Same, and I'd be surprised that the presents weren't appreciated


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1m9zht wrote

Mmm.. no. I guess I'm not sure.


ThrobbinGoblin t1_j1myi05 wrote

I'm pretty sure that autism of some sort runs in the men in my family because they are all like this, and nowadays if I take a psychological test they see it in me. I think that the only difference is that they didn't test for it or really know much about it back then, so men just had to mask their entire lives and deal with it or die single and childless.

I know this because when I was growing up it wasn't really a well tested for thing and I had to mask. And OPs story sounds like something I would do.


chantendo64 t1_j1nkqgy wrote

I think there’s also something to be said for it going on for generations and that being the normal for the family. My boyfriend and his dad act so similarly in some ways. Early on in our relationship I very gently suggested to him I thought he might have autism and he didn’t believe me at first because of how his dad acts and that that was their family’s normal. He ended up getting tested and was diagnosed. So I think along with the lack of testing there’s also a component of not thinking that testing is needed.


Adjectivenounnumb t1_j1nu7hw wrote

Corollary: I didn’t realize until I was an older teen that having people come to your house to buy drugs from your parents wasn’t normal.

(Thanks, dad!)


ThrobbinGoblin t1_j1o6ost wrote

Dude, it's pretty normal. At least in America.

I mean... Isn't it? At least like weed or mushrooms at some point if you're in the midwest. Unless your parents are the most super conservative people or they didn't have you until they were in their thirties. At least in my experience there's a good proportion of them that at least dabbled.


Adjectivenounnumb t1_j1o7slz wrote

It was the 80s and it was cocaine and crack. :/

My father eventually ended up in federal prison for trafficking. (Yes trafficking, so bigger quantities.)


ThrobbinGoblin t1_j1p61wg wrote

Oh yeah, that's rough. Sorry about that. All my family members only grew and sold weed back in the day, and smoked the crack. Not well off enough to traffick or do coke 😅


lolatu54 t1_j1myfu3 wrote

They didn't have a spectrum back then. He was just considered eccentric 😂


BananaGarlicBread t1_j1nn8bc wrote

Right on. I'm 99% positive my dad is autistic (as sure as someone who isn't a professional can be), but back in the day if you were verbal and relatively high functioning you weren't "autistic", just quirky or eccentric.


Robobvious t1_j1mpci8 wrote

If the spectrum goes from no autism to all the autism then everyone’s on it somewhere, lol.


BouncingDancer t1_j1mqxyx wrote

Probably some autism to all the autism.


uhrilahja t1_j1mx49v wrote

Yes. If someone's not autistic, they're not on the spectrum. It's a spectrum within autism, that includes people with different needs and strengths!


Valalvax t1_j1mxosk wrote

Yea, it's not even like a sliding scale chart, more like one of those 4 quadrant graph things


uhrilahja t1_j1nqb1v wrote

Indeed. Not "more" or "less" as the extreme options.


Xrgonic369 t1_j1mz1i6 wrote

“Spectrum” is a poor word because it implies a number line type deal, ranging from “not autistic” to “extremely autistic.” It’s more like a color wheel, where each color represents a symptom, and each color can be thought of as its own number line, where each autistic has more or less of each individual symptom. I am autistic.


individualizada t1_j1n1q9d wrote

No it doesn’t work like that at all, thank you very much. I get that your comment wasn’t meant with bad intentions but it is misinformation.


Robobvious t1_j1ozzvw wrote

I’d call it a joke but misinformation is certainly accurate too so fair enough.


Flat_Cod_747 t1_j1nq8as wrote

“Ofc everyone have money, money is a number and 0$ is a number!”


margo_plicatus t1_j1mktr8 wrote

What I’m inferring is that you are still with with the first person you ever dated - is that right? If so, that’s kindof impressive… don’t think that happens much anymore.


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1n03cv wrote

Technically my 2nd but my first serious GF.


twitchy_taco t1_j1nhnm6 wrote

I'm with my only girlfriend ever 14 years later. We got together when we were 18 and got married when we were 27. I had a boyfriend before her, but she's my only serious relationship. No regrets.


[deleted] OP t1_j1o3b4x wrote



comingforandinyou t1_j1o6kcv wrote

That person does not need your permission to not share personal information they don't want to and making a vagina joke in this context makes you look like a creep. Be better.


twitchy_taco t1_j1oh48s wrote

I've posted pictures of myself on here before. There's a recent one from a few days ago. This is my public profile.


[deleted] OP t1_j1nun0i wrote



twitchy_taco t1_j1ogxdl wrote

No, he was simply a first relationship. I met him online through a friend and dated him for a month online before I met him in person when he dumped me for looking my age (16). He started trying to hook up with my younger friend that looked 10. He was nearly 19.


Dankbudx t1_j1nlhzg wrote

My wife and I met at 14 and she was my first girlfriend. 10 years later we married and it's been another 10 years since.


FreeBeans t1_j1nlgd1 wrote

I’m the first person my husband dated as an adult, and my sister is still with her high school boyfriend (in her mid twenties now, probably gonna stick). It’s not that uncommon


whiskeyjane45 t1_j1nzys9 wrote

I was 18 and described as a butter face. I graduated and moved out of my parent's house at 17. Couldn't get anyone to go on a date with me. I had one dinner date with a guy and hung out at his house a few times before he ghosted me

Then I met my husband. I was 18. We've been together for 17 years now.


GingerIsTheBestSpice t1_j1mcoh1 wrote

This is one of the best "first Christmas together" stories ever! What a terrible yet great family memory


velofille t1_j1mx53f wrote

i thought she wee was newish, like 2000's ?


StormyLlewellyn1 t1_j1nb50e wrote

It is. And this whole story is a current viral tiktok. I call bs.


GGU_Kakashi t1_j1ned9x wrote

This person definitely doesn't type like they're 63 too


Elrokk t1_j1nwzfb wrote

Was there even google 50 years ago?


Bike_Chain_96 t1_j1omcsk wrote

No; Google as a company began in the late '90's. Like, I'm 26 and am older than Google I know. Before that there were other search engines. But 50 years ago, in the '70's? Not sure that home internet was really even a thing back then


jesuzchrist t1_j1nhpwj wrote

Last week I saw a reddit comment where someone linked to a company selling them for $20, ones which were identical to those you can get on aliexpress for $2.


tragicworldrecord t1_j1n2rd0 wrote

It was invented in 1999, OP is making shit up


general_3d t1_j1n9vdy wrote

Yeah, fun fact: Before '99, literally nobody had the idea for women to pee through a funnel, and there were no such products.

Shee-wee was the first and only brand.



BleedingTeal t1_j1nafcn wrote

Not to mention that Google was founded in 1998. Prior to Google there really wasn’t an easy way to search out knowledge, let alone e-commerce being a thing. But the first credited search engine that I know of is Archie, which was created in 1990. This story takes place 6 years before I was born: in 1975. Either this story is completely fabricated, or the names & details have been changed to protect the innocent. Such as the “dad” in the story is actually OP, and this story actually happened within the last few years.


not-my-day-job t1_j1nogy0 wrote

OP wasn’t saying they googled it at the time, they’re suggesting the reader should google it to find out what the item looks like


AspenRiot t1_j1nip6g wrote

So? None of these things are mentioned in the story.

FWIW I'm slightly suspicious of the writer's story, but not because of... the age of Google and e-commerce?


MangosArentReal t1_j1nzcwq wrote

>Not to mention that Google was founded in 1998. Prior to Google there really wasn’t an easy way to search out knowledge, let alone e-commerce being a thing.

Re-read the post. OP is telling Redditors to Google it. He didn't say they Googled it in 1975.


Paechs t1_j1n6spl wrote

OP isn’t making shit up, just probably couldn’t think of the name. My dad and his brothers made an ad for one far before the 90s that they called the “shoe-dry” but it was intended for old dudes that had trouble not pissing on their shoes. Not a new concept by any means.


BleedingTeal t1_j1nak1q wrote

The 1990s would still be 15+ years after this would have happened which was 1975. It may not be entirely made up, but as written it is entirely false.


Paechs t1_j1nb0o4 wrote

I said far before the 90s, I don’t know when it was, but my dad is also 63 like this guy and they were quite young. Wasn’t when he was a kid, but I don’t see any reason the idea couldn’t have existed before it caught on in America


angry_cabbie t1_j1ngp22 wrote

The Urinelle was the first mass-produced female urinary assistant device, per Google. It came out in 1996. It definitely was not the first such device, but it was the first mass produced device.


Amiiboid t1_j1nda01 wrote

There were functionally equivalent products at least as far back as the early 80s. I remember seeing them explicitly marketed toward people going fishing.


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1n40od wrote

Technically that may not have been the literal name of the product. I had to Google to find a name for a female urine funel thing. Plus the brand names in Canada may have been different from US names. The closest match I could find was the "she-wee". But for sure it was a plastic lady pee gizmo.


ooooooooooooolivia t1_j1mnfen wrote

>Not on the spectrum really... just unaware of social norms?

OP, I hate to break it to you, but this is exactly what people with autism were described as before ASD became a diagnosis. And it's nothing to be ashamed of, this is a funny story and I'm sure your dad was a lovable guy.


Foinatorol t1_j1n7fom wrote

But..hypothetically someone could have had a somewhat isolated or informal upbringing and have less “socially guarded/careful” oriented approach to life without being “on the spectrum”, no? I mean is everything really about adhd and autism? What about, i dunno..general diversity of human experience?


ooooooooooooolivia t1_j1n9bn5 wrote

What, like the diversity of humans within the autism spectrum? We're all technically at some point within it.

Yes, there are "weird" people and also people who were raised in a very secluded environment. But there's also just people who exhibit many symptoms which make ASD a very understandable explanation to anyone who knows what having autism is like


asonicpushforenergy t1_j1nuvs5 wrote

Only autistic people are on the autistic spectrum.


ooooooooooooolivia t1_j1oseer wrote

What I meant was: all people are neurodiverse to some degree. We all have traits that would be considered signs of autism, but some people have more than others or are impacted more by them, and that's when it gets diagnosed as a disorder.

Autism is not a clearly defined genetic or physical trait; the line we draw to say someone has it is artificial. Autism being a complex disorder almost necessarily means some factors will occur in nearly all people. There's like hundreds of genes that relate to it


HotSupermarket3682 t1_j1mlhhc wrote

Your dad was strategizing on how he would never have to remember to put the seat down again


EuropeanTrainMan t1_j1maahw wrote

That does not sound too bad. Glad it all worked out at the end.

I'll admit it was confusing to read that this happened near 50 years ago.


Vast_Reflection t1_j1mntg8 wrote

I had no idea that she-wee was invented that long ago! A guy friend gave me one for a birthday present once


notsureiftwins t1_j1mtfv2 wrote

Two dates and invited to Christmas morning? My how times have changed.

Very sweet you've been together for 47 years, congratulations and happy holidays.


AcrobaticSource3 t1_j1mhjsc wrote

Did she ever try using it? She has had 47 years of opportunities...for easy math, let’s very conservatively say that a person pees 1,000 times a year (that’s less than 3 times a day), she’s had 47,000 opportunities


ScotnCan t1_j1mu8yo wrote

I love this comment. I want to follow up the answer to this question, with did she follow the guys urinal code when she used it?


iJuddles t1_j1mw4to wrote

The one about shaking afterwards or about not crossing the streams or looking at your neighbor?


ScotnCan t1_j1mwkrp wrote

Well making sure to not choose a urinal directly beside someone, ensuring there is at least one open one between you and the other person. But your code rules are good too.


Atze-Peng t1_j1n3jzg wrote

A few years ago a bunch of friends and i were clubbing. Club was rather full and so were the toilets. So us 3 guys ended up going together into a single stall, starting to pee and all simultaneously yell to not cross the streams. 3 guys having the same stupid idea at the exact same time.


general_3d t1_j1naaej wrote

It's not exactly a product meant to be used at home with a toilet. More of a "camping or stuck in traffic emergency but want to expose self as little as possible" product.

Definitely worth practicing with in the shower to prevent unforseen mess in case of actual use though.


Capable-Site-301 t1_j1meqdg wrote


At least, as wholesome as it can be thinking about your GF, mom, and sister all peeing while standing up.


iJuddles t1_j1mvtx0 wrote

That’s a holiday photo that’s got to be stashed in a box somewhere.


greatwhiteparrot t1_j1naq26 wrote

also TIL needing to sit to pee as a person without a dick is a ... disability


tragicworldrecord t1_j1n2ju4 wrote

47 years ago?

"SHEWEE is a British company that creates Female Urinary Devices (FUDs), which allow women to urinate while standing, with no need to remove clothes. The original Shewee was invented in 1999 by Samantha Fountain while she was at university. Her idea won Sam the 1999 James Dyson Product Design Award."


LowLeadBambi t1_j1n37gr wrote

Yeah this doesn't read like it was written by a 63 year old. I call BS.


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1n5ff5 wrote

Ah. Well some Canadian beat them to it back in '75. But I guess it couldn't have been THE actual SheWe. Thanks for the fact check.


Foinatorol t1_j1n7wzx wrote

Reddit community…can we find a pre-shewee photo of a canadian wee funnel?


ph4mp573r t1_j1nahhm wrote

I can't find any device on the market at that time. In fact the first device to market seems to have been in 1993, a few years before the SheWee.

However, there are two parents of interest in the right time period:

The second, from 1975 has the exact purpose as the SheWee, and it's patent expiration of 1993 coincides with such products hitting the market. It's theoretically possible the original inventor sold some small scale in the decades between 1975 and 1993, and the sudden adoption when the patent expires shows there was intetest, but no way to prove it that I can find.


Foinatorol t1_j1oy6ac wrote

Interesting;thanks ph4..corroborates the timeframe given by OP. I wonder if either one looks familiar to OP?


Doomgiven t1_j1n3frj wrote

Shee-wee's are clutch at concerts and festivals though!


Ben62194 t1_j1n8oa3 wrote

He wanted to make her feel like number 1


virji24 t1_j1mzpgz wrote

Meanwhile I can’t even remember what I had for dinner the other night


arcanum7123 t1_j1n5l2l wrote

The thing that surprises me most about this is that she-wees existed 47 years ago


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1n62oe wrote

It appears that brand didn't exist then so it couldn't have been a legit she we. Some Canadian brand we had back in the 70's. But if you Google She-We that's exactly what it looked like.


slvrtonguewrit t1_j1mf4fd wrote

This is gold!!!! Thank you for sharing!


azvitesse t1_j1nc0yh wrote

BEST Christmas story ever! 😂😁🤣


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1ngl2c wrote

Well... there is a story about a virgin pregnancy and wisemen and angels and sleeping in a barn and whatnot. It's also fairly popular this time of year. :)


Nutz_of_Brin t1_j1nix4i wrote

I'm slightly confused. You googled what a SheeWee was, 47 years ago when he gave it to her?

Nevermind, you googled it recently to figure the name. I got it now. Redditing while tired here.

Hey, his heart was in the right place!


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1nj3mj wrote

No I googled it today to figure out what on earth a lady funnel pee thing is called. :) But if you want to know what it looked like feel free to Google She-We. That's it exactly (although that brand wasn't around back then)


Out_numbered_3to1 t1_j1nls5u wrote

You need to get her a new She-Wee next Christmas!


lavoid12 t1_j1npusi wrote

This is Gold. The fact that y’all remained together, made me smile.


kaceFile t1_j1nsqag wrote

…Wasn’t the she-wee invented 20 years ago? 😬


Svartdraken t1_j1mx3ig wrote

Are you sure this gift isn't the exact reason why you're still together?


kagalibros t1_j1mxfo1 wrote

the real question is: Did she keep it and use it?


WaddleWobble t1_j1n1zo0 wrote

My dad was awkward, and had zero fucks, the first girl I brought home for my dad to meet, I was 17, and my dad looks at her, then at me, literally smacks his lips very smugly, and says "so, you fuck her yet?!" That girl did not stick around.


Ali_knows t1_j1n5vnw wrote

That's hilarious.


crispytacofan t1_j1ndaxv wrote

This is adorable. He sounded like a great dad!! Mine never got me a present. He also yelled at me one year because he didn’t like my wrapping paper.


gwaydms t1_j1ndh78 wrote

I'm almost your age. All's well that ends well! May y'all have many more happy years together.


SarahNaGig t1_j1neaqr wrote

Yesterday I was given socks and two self help books I certainly didn't ask for by my mother. I actually think your dad's gift rocks!


moons_of_neptarine t1_j1nfad5 wrote

Btw the modern equivalent is awesome when hiking or using gross portapots


twitchy_taco t1_j1nhemt wrote

The she-wee was actually really popular among trans men back when I first came out in 2009. I think because there's more realistic looking prosthetics readily available now they're less popular. They were known for being very effective. I had no idea they'd been around so long. I still have mine from back in the day. It's green and made from silicone.


NorCalAthlete t1_j1niwf3 wrote

I remember a friend got one of those as a serious gift one year (she’s a competitive cyclist). By the end of the night we were playing cards against humanity and taking shots from the she-wee. It was a pretty funny night.


24nicebeans t1_j1nj85r wrote

Hell I’d be so glad to be gifted a she-wee. I need to know what I’m missing


anywhere402000 t1_j1njic5 wrote

What was google in 1976?


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1njs88 wrote

Umm... a library? Maybe an encyclopedia set if you were rich? My post must lack clarity.


anywhere402000 t1_j1nmilo wrote

I just thought it was funny you used that term for something back then but realized you meant you used google recently to look what the product is called now


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1orgfm wrote

Yes. Exactly! I went to write this up and realized I had no idea what a lady pee funnel thing is called.


MissAnthropoid t1_j1npwc4 wrote

These things are fantastic if you need to work long shifts alone in a boom or scissor lift. I used to avoid lift calls (a type of lighting work in film and TV) until a male supervisor cracked open a supply drawer and gave me one. He liked to send the Teamsters (big burly biker types mostly) to pick them up, so that he could put the women on the team in the air. Life changing. I ended up loving lift calls - hours and hours either driving these big fuckoff machines around or tucked up cozy in a sleeping bag watching Rick and Morty with a panoramic view of the whole city while the ground crew busted their asses. Highly recommended!

Also popular with pilots apparently.


nixiedust t1_j1nrlcf wrote

My father-in-law showed me a petrified possum corpse he found stuck in his barn the first time we met. We loved each other instantly.

Those She-Wee things are pretty great...your wife knew a good thing when she saw it!


-underdog- t1_j1nrxc7 wrote

they had she-wee 47 years ago???


AndrewFrozzen30 t1_j1nsxmx wrote

>That which doesn't kill a relationship makes it stronger? Anyway we are still together today - 47 years later.

I'm curious what she thinks about it today!

I'm sure, in all those years, she had many things like that from your dad. So she in the end realized that's the way he is, that's his normal and he has no bad intention behind it.

So, what does she think of it now? I'm sure she finds it funny, because if she didn't you would probably have broke up long ago.


jmdavies98 t1_j1nve37 wrote

I got my girlfriend one for her stocking this year lol, definitely a gag gift for me tho


Legal_Eagle_1155 t1_j1nzyr4 wrote

Everyone’s questioning wether the dad was or wasn’t on the spectrum, all I know is my man invented those things and was shot down by his family but nowadays they’re sold everywhere


moeman32 t1_j1o8ui4 wrote

Is the she wee really a 50 yr old invention?


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1or09s wrote

Not that brand. That brand name came along later. But we had something similar in Canada back then.


eyeswideshut935 t1_j1oc1bn wrote

I am looking for the comments about Google and the shewee where both not around 47 years ago when you say this took place.


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1oqoqs wrote

Omg I can't believe I keep seeing this comment. Lol. Clearly I need to work on how I phrase things. No of course Google wasn't around then. But if you would like to see what it looked like you can Google that term today with Google now and see what it looked like back then.


IResentment t1_j1of8jr wrote

I need to slow down reading. I thought the beginning said your gf was 16 and you were 63🤦🏽‍♂️


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1oqgud wrote

Bahahha that would be an entirely different FU wouldn't it? :)


LilCurlyGirly t1_j1ofuiv wrote

Omg I'm ngl that's a great start to a relationship. And hey at least he tried!!! Thoughtful in his own way ☺️🤣


shoulda-known-better t1_j1omg87 wrote

I mean it's always been a secret dream of mine to piss standing up.... I would have married you also!


Jexthis t1_j1onbk5 wrote

You didn't google shit 47 years ago.


Smirkydarkdude t1_j1oqd7o wrote

I agree. And I didn't say I did. But perhaps my post was unclear. I was saying that if you want to see what it looked like you could Google it now.


ThatRedheadMom t1_j1ooopd wrote

Still together, wow!! Congratulations and Merry Christmas!


dr_goodvibes t1_j1n7ss3 wrote

Damn I really didn't expect you to still be together after all those years! The she-wee must be more powerful than any of us think.

50'th is coming up soon OP, wish you all the best and merry Christmas!


hi_im_sefron t1_j1nc69n wrote

Yeah, I'll be that person; that's not how you use a semicolon!


KoburaCape t1_j1nibwt wrote

ahh, today

in 1975 cmon


ckohn99 t1_j1njp61 wrote

If thats true, its one of the funniest and sweetest story I ever heard


Splitsurround t1_j1nko6k wrote

Homestly sounds like a fun bonding moment for the gf and the ladies in your family. I’m sure they all shared an awkward look together- that probably started things off in the right direction.

Anyhow congrats. Staying married is hard, I’m on year 24.


r3dditor12 t1_j1nnvhx wrote

You're still together, so maybe dad actually knew what he was doing !! ... Nah, on second thought ... probably not.


Loxatl t1_j1nod3w wrote

Thank you for the white elephant gift idea for my wife and friends.


Corgiverse t1_j1nqwnn wrote

Honestly I’d be thrilled to get one. Road trips would be so much easier/ I’ve got the bladder of w cocker spaniel puppy and sometimes if you’re driving in the middle of the night … it’s hard to find a bathroom


karateema t1_j1ntqpa wrote

Did the man get better at that?


LillianIsaDo t1_j1nv6cj wrote

I would have loved it! I have a similar funnel now, for road trips, festivals, and concerts. He was very considerate.


purduephotog t1_j1nyjed wrote

Were you all ... avid hikers?


Rancor_Keeper t1_j1nzzh7 wrote

My GF from college, a Bar Harbor girl from Maine, wanted me to come back with her for winter break to her home town in Bar Harbor Maine. To make a long story short, the conversation of snow shoeing came up with her Mom and Dad and younger sister, because I guess that's one of the fun things to do when there's a foot of snow on the ground during the winter. I don't know when or how the outdoorsy, snow shoeing conversation took a strange turn, but it did when her Mom started talking about how a woman goes pee with all that clothing on, while wearing snow shoes and all the other gear. Just like a bolt of lightning the mom jumps up and runs into the other room and returns clutching something in her hand. "Ya, see.... You don't have to take your pants down or worry about falling in your own pee with this device...." She produces a funnel of some sort like what OP was describing. I thought it was a joke and looked over at the family (GF, younger sister and the dad), my GF's head in her hands, with both the younger sister and father red-faced, dying of laughter. Then the mom proceeds to show me how to use it. That was a really interesting dinner.


Brave_anonymous1 t1_j1o0ckk wrote

Your dad used the top notch cognitive dissonance techniques to make you look really different than other average boring boys and their families. Even if she would be able to break up with you after such a bonding - she would never forget you.

Something to remember when your grandson will bring his first girlfriend to your Christmas party.


peanutsfordarwin t1_j1o0uhh wrote

1975? If you are 63, 1999 is when it was invented. Or 39? Not 16.


tobydiah t1_j1o3g52 wrote

It’s not a FU. This is the timeline where you’re happily together with her.


Plantsandcats1 t1_j1o3tio wrote

Thank you, this made me smile and I really needed it. I also think the gift is a bit sweet as well. I have had to pee quite a few times out in the wild and having to squat and worry about pee splashing on my ankles was quite a disadvantage in those cases. The newness of the relationship does make it awkward though haha


Godofwar512 t1_j1o44w1 wrote

My brother in law got one for my mom for Christmas one year because my parents camp. I was laughing. So hard. It was a gag gift kinda. But I think she probably brings it camping. Perfect gift for the ladies in your life. 😂😂


slotheroni t1_j1o6cby wrote

The way in which you described that this GF is now your wife after 47 years would make your quirky dad proud.


erriuga_leon27 t1_j1o8b7s wrote

I mean, things went mostly fine if you guys are still together


xxthursday09xx t1_j1o9mqs wrote

Omg I would have LOVED if that was my first Xmas experience with my husband! Its so sweet and hilarious!


DanteShmivvels t1_j1ogrns wrote

At least 3 women I know would love that as a gift


gotterfly t1_j1opuxf wrote

"And to this day, she still uses her She-Wee"


Oh_No_Its_Dudder t1_j1oqvg1 wrote

Sounds like a She-Wee for the chicks in your life is the way to go, present wise. Now they can experience the joy of writing their names in the snow, without the hassle of having to scuttle around like a crab to do it.


prontoon t1_j1q6cr5 wrote

I hate these tifu posts that start with "this happened 50 years ago". Totally sounds like they fucked up today.


Mindraker t1_j1o83g4 wrote

> Anyway we are still together today - 47 years later.

Do you still have the "she-wee" giggidy