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My brother has been feeling low (he has seasonal affective disorder) lately and I wanted to get him a thoughtful gift. Recently I realized that no one in our family has ever taken an interest in his hobbies. So I got him a gift related to his hobby, a three thousand piece puzzle of an image of a bunch of characters he loves. I thought he would love the gift, and he did, but there's one thing I didn't consider.

There isn't a surface big enough in my brother's house to do this puzzle, save for one, the floor of the nursery, the one my niece will be living in less than four months from now. He sent me a picture of the floor of the nursery, covered in puzzle pieces. My brother returns to work on Monday, and realistically, between work, chores, baby prep, spending time with his family, he is going to have less than an hour a day to devote to this puzzle. He isn't an avid puzzler. He's got like four pieces put together so far (all edge pieces).

Now my brother is starting to panic. He's worried that he won't finish before the baby arrives, and he has nowhere else this puzzle will fit. He was going to just pick up the pieces and postpone the puzzle, but he promised my nephews they would all three do the puzzle together, and Ricky is already super into it, so my brother doesn't want to disappoint him.

Now my brother is racing against the clock to finish this puzzle before his daughter is born. What was supposed to be fun and relaxing has become a new source of anxiety for him. I should have gotten him a signed poster.

TLDR: I wanted to help my brother feel less depressed, so I bought him a 3k piece puzzle, and now he only has a few months to finish it and is stressed.



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NovaHorizon t1_j2fmuww wrote

Next time get him a puzzle mat so he can just roll it up and finish it later or somewhere else


Boobsiclese t1_j2fpl4p wrote

So... just for some perspective, that baby is not going to be spending the night in that room for a few months or more after they're born.. most new parents get bassinets and keep the baby next to their own bed. Maybe remind him of that or consider going in on a bassinet for them? Just a thought.


Dzyu t1_j2fsimv wrote

Well, another thing to consider is: how many fresh parents with a fresh baby have time to puzzle?


vrythngvrywhr t1_j2ftbm5 wrote

Ah the ignorant bliss of new parents.

Like a sheep to the slaughter.

Send help. I have a toddler.


AcrobaticSource3 t1_j2fo22b wrote

This is an excuse for family members to join him in this activity, which could be a bonding moment and help with seasonal affective disorder


Specialist-Tax4362 t1_j2fo9ch wrote

3k puzzles are intense. They are not for beginners in my opinion. Best of luck to your brother in finishing the puzzle. Itll take a long time.


apexncgeek t1_j2fk4gx wrote

A few cheap 6 ft plastic folding tables from Walmart should do the trick.


mrgreyeyes t1_j2fm8r9 wrote

My mum just makes them on nice fabric and roles them arround a carton tube. Easy peezy.


mik8c t1_j2fn4xq wrote

we gave my FIL a 13000 piece puzzle, he made it in sections and then at the end assembled all the sections on his office floor


JustBeingHonest4 OP t1_j2fnunn wrote

But how will my brother know which pieces go with which sections?


Boobsiclese t1_j2fppln wrote

The same way you put a puzzle together in the first place I suppose... testing and looking at the picture. 😉


soayherder t1_j2fuubn wrote

You might consider getting him something like this.


h2uP t1_j2fwv7g wrote

Just do it with him


JanetInSC1234 t1_j2fvp21 wrote

Amazon sells light boxes that are great for treating seasonal depression.


Bubbagumpredditor t1_j2fq7au wrote

Throw a shower curtain or clear tarp over the puzzle on the floor and just walk over it


coffeebuzzbuzzz t1_j2fva88 wrote

I have a different mindset. Work, puzzle, there is nothing else. And before you say anything yes I have a partner and child. They can entertain themselves lmao.