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TIFU and almost killed my family

This actually happened a few days before Christmas, but... details...

So, my parents, sister and I rented a cabin a few hours from home for Christmas, a little staycation if you will. All was well, and we were having a great time. Until I went out for a smoke at 1am on 12/22, and then reheated myself some soup on the gas stove. Somehow, I left the gas on and didn't notice, and toddled myself off to bed in my room, which happened to be a modified wraparound porch, the best and only really ventilated room in the cabin. I was awoken by my very angry and sick sister at 7am, who had gotten up early for a work call, smelled gas, and realized that her stoned sister had almost killed them all. All was well in the end, we turned the gas off, opened all the windows and had breakfast wrapped in our winter jackets, but it was a close one. If she hadn't had that call, we all probably would've slept in and, they probably wouldn't have survived. They've all forgiven me, but I'm never touching a gas stove ever again. I'll eat cold soup out of the can next time!

TL;DR : I got stoned and left a gas burner on and almost killed us all right before Christmas

ETA a lot of y'all are coming for my comment about staying away from gas stoves instead of weed.... WE HAVE AN ELECTRIC RANGE AT HOME. Of course I'm not super worried about it happening again, given there's no gas to leak in our home! We were on vacation in a cute old cottage a couple hours from our city. I haven't really used a gas stove much, which definitely didn't help, and it was old, at least from the late 80s. I learned a lot about gas appliances and won't make this mistake again if I ever encounter another. Yeah it was dumb, and I probably won't cook that high again, but y'all really took an offhand comment and ran with it!



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bee-sting t1_j1vn6nn wrote

I know you know this, but my god you're an idiot


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1vnyfh wrote

Oh I know 😂 what's weird is that I sat eating my soup and scrolling reddit for probably 45 mins with the gas on and didn't smell it. I took a COVID test that morning just in case, but I'm all clear and apparently just stupid, and no sense of smell

ETA it's weird but my family is actually less upset than I am?? Like, I checked those burners every single night for the rest of our trip, but they were all very unfazed for people WHO ALMOST DIED BECAUSE IM A STONED IDIOT!!?


forrest_fox t1_j1vx9h1 wrote

You don't smell the gas if you have been sitting in the room from the beginning, only if you walk into a room after it has been leaking for some time. Happend to me once, I was sitting in the kitchen with my roommate and started to feel a headache. But didn't feel the smell. We were both awake and talking. After some time a neighbour from the flat above us knocked on the door because she could already smell it when she walked trough the corridor and saved us (important, you shouldn't ring a bell in such situation because it could start an explosion). We have been sitting by a stove leaking gas probably for more than an hour.

EDIT: Thanks for the award! The note about the bell seems to interest many people, so I'd like to add, you shouldn't do anything that might cause a spark of electricity, like switching on/off a light or any electronic device or plugging anything out or in electrical outlet. Don't touch anything with electricity and of course don't light a match.


WhatANiceCerealBox11 t1_j1w9vu6 wrote

Same thing happened to me except it was my dog. Wife and I sat in the kitchen probably for at least 30 mins trying to figure out why my dog was freaking out before we realized our toddler had turned the handle on the burner stove without igniting so it was just spewing out gas


withoutpicklesplease t1_j1wddm6 wrote

What a good boy! (The dog, not the toddler)


ThoroughCumin t1_j1yhr2d wrote

When my wife was still with her ex, he asked her to go start the propane grill while he finished prepping the meat. She turned the gas on but didn't light the burners because she didn't know you have to do that. He lost his eyebrows that day, and she doesn't touch our grill.


Squigglepig52 t1_j1zdx7f wrote

Buddy's brother did that to my buddy once. I saw the lid rise through the air from the other side of his house.

Cue Chad being chased down by his brother and beaten.


SakuOtaku t1_j1x8a78 wrote

>(important, you shouldn't ring a bell in such situation because it could start an explosion).

Glad I know this now!


ka1lu t1_j1ysmlr wrote

This reminds me of a story...

a guy wanted to basically burn down his house, so he left the gas element on. He forgot to leave windows open for at least some sort of airflow. He rang the phone, but nothing happened...

Anyhow..,... He wound up going home to check why..... and opening the door and the house exploded....


LexiTRexi94 t1_j1yto2w wrote

Did they survive the house exploding? I'm guessing yes since we know why it blew up. I'd love to read any articles you can find.


greadfgrdd t1_j1wc2gd wrote

I can’t smell shit for a while after I smoke.


Mrpotatoeface t1_j1zclj4 wrote

You're not a stoned idiot either. If you don't grow up around gas, like most people I know didn't, then you aren't as aware of the dangers. Super glad your sister woke up early!


Bambooziler t1_j23zm1w wrote

The heck do you mean by "ETA" can't be estimated time of arrival


JackHungary1234 t1_j1xqhmv wrote

Yeah, just like you I’ve never made a mistake in my life either! OP is so dumb. We are so superior.


ROMPEROVER t1_j1y1emp wrote

For me the reason why OP is dumb is that OP blamed the gas instead of the weed habit


Leprai t1_j1vzovy wrote

Not gonna lie. If it were me, I never would've reheated the soup. That's a lot of work for stoned brain.


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1w05h6 wrote

Lmao long time smoker here and I was so cold and so hungry that it was worth opening a can, dumping it in a pot and waiting a bit


TigzyGee t1_j1w6nql wrote

>I was so cold

My recommendation for your next family Christmas vacation, come to a hot country like Australia, that way you won't be cold needing soup, you can munch down on icecream instead 😜


nysraved t1_j1w9o0o wrote

I know Australia is probably a great place but I have an irrational fear that if I visited, I would be eaten by a gigantic spider/snake or dropkicked by a kangaroo.

I’ll take my chances with a gas stove


PanTran420 t1_j1wut5a wrote

What you really have to watch out for are the Drop Bears


TraqJoker t1_j1x5l44 wrote

Just come to New Zealand instead of aus. We have no creatures that are deadly and you also wouldn't have to put up with Australians, so it's a win win really 😂


chmath80 t1_j1y2ln3 wrote

We do have a few Australians in NZ though. Thought I heard one talking the other day, but when I turned round I couldn't see anyone drinking XXXX, and I didn't want to accuse an innocent local of being Australian, so I didn't involve the authorities.


[deleted] t1_j1wb1ik wrote



DancingShallots t1_j1wexht wrote

Uhm, do you have a source for countries not letting in people with autism? That sounds a bit far fetched tbh.


Horsedogs_human t1_j1wf88u wrote

Wtf. Why do you think you would not be able to visit New Zealand?


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1wi4ss wrote

It's immigration that's harder for autistics, not visiting. Getting a visitors visa shouldn't be an issue.


PM-me-fancy-beer t1_j1wug8p wrote

Wut? I really wanna know where you got this impression. Those border security shows are one of my mate's special interests, and never have we ever gotten the idea that neurodiversity is an exilable offence. I'm now imagining customs agents giving Reading the Mind in the Eyes tests


SaintZdid t1_j1wo17r wrote

nice try. no one is visiting that jungle.


regular_gnoll_NEIN t1_j1wqlqg wrote

This exact thing happened with me and friends also at a rented cottage. We survived because the slide doors were open for the breeze, but almost died when i was getting ready to spark my morning smoke before i sniffed and was like "whats that smell? Ohhh drunk people didnt turn the stove off" lmfaooo


Leprai t1_j1w1lcu wrote

Yeah, I've been smoking for a decade or so, although currently enlisted, so not nearly as much as I used to. Just gotten used to cold meals, so when I do smoke, it's reading and videos. No moving unless absolutely necessary haha.


waynesunderworld t1_j1wmab1 wrote

Enlisted like Military?


Leprai t1_j1wq1k2 wrote

Yes, indeed. Around six years now.


waynesunderworld t1_j1ws6l4 wrote

Oh cool. If you don't mind me asking, how do you get around the random tests? I've never tried cause I'm too scared.


Leprai t1_j1wssxh wrote

It's super simple, actually. I limit myself based on known time frames for those tests. Not to mention, I don't smoke nearly as much as I used so, so my system is clean way faster than a habitual user. For example, I'm on leave currently. I smoked for a couple of days, but in this instance, I haven't smoked since September ish. So my system will be clean in under two weeks, if not less. (Just FYI, it's based on amount and potency as well, but the most important factor is how often you do it.) I've also made friends with the UPLs, and they let me know a bit ahead of time, too.


waynesunderworld t1_j1wugql wrote

Okay makes alot of sense. I've only ever accidentally indulged due to THC vapes in bars but this seems like a simple way to just get back into it lightly. Thanks for the info! I've just finished year 11 this month.


Leprai t1_j1wumq9 wrote

Heck yeah. Mind if I send you a message? I've got a link to an article for you.


KELVALL t1_j1wttng wrote



Leprai t1_j1wuevv wrote

You may think so, but it's tried and true for the tests, at least in the service. There's definitely articles about this as well. There's one article in particular I used for research, but I can't post links I'm pretty sure.


M00psz t1_j1vzv72 wrote

We have a gas detector just for this kind of situation. I am probably going to forget too someday.


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1w01mq wrote

Smart, unfortunately this was a rental, and didn't have one. Luckily we have a glass top (induction? Idk) stove at home so hopefully it's a one off


Mop_Duck t1_j1xhyoq wrote

if the plate works without anything on it its not induction


paigezero t1_j1wmlqn wrote

You went away from your home, that's not a staycation. You didn't stay, you went. To a different place.


EndlessLadyDelerium t1_j1xfd4v wrote

That bugged me too. It's not a staycation if you leave to go elsewhere. The literal meaning of staycation is to stay put!


woodfloorsmakenoise t1_j20d24d wrote

Nope, a staycation is when you stay in the same area (ie no travelling). I wouldn't call staying at home a staycation, but some people do. Most commonly people book a hotel/resort/airbnb in their area for a true staycation.


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1wx4y1 wrote

True. I guess I said that bc it's relatively close to home, but you're right


cyanidelemonade t1_j1xex0z wrote

I think they meant that they went somewhere but then just stayed inside the whole time. I guess there's not really a word for that tho lol


ZannX t1_j1z2iax wrote

It's called my ideal vacation.


apole2308 t1_j1xpa8f wrote

Thought staycations were if you stayed in the same country. So going from London to visit Cornwall would be a staycation. Whereas going to Spain would not


Stirlin t1_j1yew73 wrote

Lon to Cwl is a holiday. As you can go to Cwl and rent actual Holiday cottages.

Going away for a length of time to somewhere you don't live is Holiday Taking a week off work, sitting at home watching TV or visiting local attractions but returning home each night is a Staycation.


Rich-Juice2517 t1_j1we2uz wrote

So lesson learned

Reheat first, then smoke


elfinshell t1_j1wn5zz wrote

Finally someone reasonable in the comments lmao.


S2Charlie t1_j1x7aic wrote

The gas probably wouldn't have killed anybody... unless someone lit up a cigarette. Gas leaks that cause CO are from the gas only partially burning, not leaking unlit.


tubetoptoney t1_j1xkrdc wrote

I can't believe I had to scroll this far to find the right answer. Almost impossible to die of natural gas or propane. You will begin vomiting well before asphyxiation. CO on the otherhand, shit will kill you pretty quick.


WaterYourGardenMate t1_j1ybb5q wrote

Gas leaks, that contain CO are from water gas and coal gas, not natural gas, so unless the person lives in a place, that still produces those, they're absolutely fine until someone makes a spark in the gas filled room.


josamy1966 t1_j1zpxz7 wrote

love to se someone NOT being an asshole this was a very simple mistake but not life threatening as OP thought hope you are okay and glad the family forgave you ‘:)


DirtyCreative t1_j1w7zny wrote

Just to clarify: you ACTUALLY reheated your soup, you didn't just imagine that you did? And then you somehow extinguished the flame, but left the gas on? How did you manage that?

All the gas stoves that I have ever seen had little sensors that automatically turn the gas off (or don't even turn it on) if there is no flame.


DuckRubberDuck t1_j1wampd wrote

Mine doesn’t turn of the gas if there’s no flame. But it’s also impossible to extinguish the flame without turning off the gas on mine.


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1wiel7 wrote

Definitely reheated it, burnt my tongue. It was an older stove, and I'm not super familiar with gas appliances, so I think the fuck up was in turning it off after, the knob was supposed to click and it didn't, but I didn't know it was supposed to click :c


Gaias_Minion t1_j1w5thn wrote

Foolish me thought the last line was going to be "but I'm going to try and stop smoking as much since I almost killed my family" or something similar.


daworstredditor t1_j1yo979 wrote

In this instance, the same thing would have happened if she wanted a midnight snack even if she wasn’t smoking weed. It’s completely dependent on her not knowing how gas burners work and not listening for the “click” when turning it off.


ConfidentMetal3678 t1_j1x2zzl wrote

It's sad to see debilitating addiction celebrated. OP is a drug addict, and their addiction almost killed someone other than their self. Sad to see.


nms_Rozz t1_j1w4ocj wrote

My favourite part is how youre never going to use gas again, but i bet ya use the weed.


a-_rose t1_j1wavjs wrote

Wouldn’t the logical thing be to not get stoned rather then eating cold soup? Seriously?!


Appropriate-Term-649 t1_j1w7zse wrote

Can't believe OP prefers to est cold soup instead of heating the food before smoking or stop smoking weed, your life, your choices, just be safe


rogarr t1_j1wh2ol wrote

Funny how the solution to make sure it doesn’t happen again is to stay away from gas stoves, not the weed.


Chiloutdude t1_j1w34xk wrote

Username kinda checks out


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1wi8nx wrote

Lmao it's a self fulfilling prophecy! I'm a psychic!


FGM_148_Javelin t1_j1wk71c wrote

Haha so qwerky and fun!

Almost killed your whole family because of negligence while high 😂✌️❤️🤮😭🙃


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1wlb6l wrote

Probably would've happened sober too considering I still didn't know how to use the stove in the morning?


ReaditSpecialist t1_j1z74mn wrote

Or just don’t use a gas stove if you don’t know how to use it and get a snack that doesn’t involve heating?


FGM_148_Javelin t1_j22hcgh wrote

Congrats on being so dumb you almost killed people using a stove I learned how to operate when I was 7 I guess


deethy t1_j1wgr1e wrote

This is why I'm glad I have an electric stove. Gas stoves freak me out


easyjet t1_j1x379k wrote

I know you're realising you fucked up, but you really fucked up. You came very close to killing yourself and your family. I hope it weighs heavy. You should start seriously considering changing your lifestyle. If you were in my family and you did that, and my kids were in the house, you are never coming back until you are years sober.

I've lost 3 friends to weed. I know that sounds stupid, but they were all long term smokers, 2 developed some kind of psychosis and killed themselves (within a week of each other) and the 3rd drove into a tree, without a seatbelt and died a few weeks later. It's no coincidence they were all heavy smokers in their mid 40s with 25 years of daily use behind them.

I don't gaf who laughs at me for saying it but long term weed habit can cause real harm. You find me a long term weed smoker with normal brain function and tell me it's perfectly fine...


daworstredditor t1_j1ynyi9 wrote

In this instance, the same thing would have happened if she wanted a midnight snack even if she wasn’t smoking weed. It’s completely dependent on her not knowing how gas burners work and not listening for the “click” when turning it off.

Pretty stupid the flame was able to be put out while gas was still going through.


sandycassandy t1_j1x67tx wrote

Hi hi hi working on my master’s degree and on the dean’s list. I also work 3 jobs and have a functional life. I smoke a lot of pot and have for more than a decade. I’m sorry about your friends but they are exceptions not the rule.


easyjet t1_j1xgaty wrote

They were also 25-30 year smokers


sandycassandy t1_j1xpv7w wrote

I mean one of those: the driver doesn’t clearly have anything to do with cannabis use, and with your other friends there’s very weak evidence linking long term cannabis use with psychosis, if there is going to be a psychotic break then the user will experience it early on and it’s most likely genetically related AND very likely to happen in any case. It seems like you might just being using anecdotal evidence to justify your already existing conclusions about a substance.


[deleted] t1_j1x73eh wrote

You should’ve gotten McDonald’s or some fast food like a normal pot smoker


cyankitten t1_j1w625t wrote

My landlord at the place I lived before this one, honestly he left the stove on at least a couple of times ooh AND one of my flatmate (aka roomies) did this a LOT he just forgot he’d left the gas on. I just got into the habit of for eg before work checking the stove every day and turning it off if it had been left on. With both people I don’t think they’d left it on very long maybe an hour or two - made breakfast using it, I think. Sometimes I’d think OMG what if they leave it on when I’m NOT there 😱 then I’d be like well if they do they do 🤷🏻‍♀️


Dirty_Hertz t1_j1wmost wrote

When my wife was still with her ex, he asked her to go start the propane grill while he finished prepping the meat. She turned the gas on but didn't light the burners because she didn't know you have to do that. He lost his eyebrows that day, and she doesn't touch our grill.


cpsbstmf t1_j1wp4v3 wrote

Yeah that's horrible but I guess better than taking an ax and giving them 40 whacks


ThatOneGuy308 t1_j1w94z7 wrote

I've only ever had electric stoves, so at least I don't have to worry about anything besides the fire danger, lol


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1wipa1 wrote

Same! I've only used a gas stove a couple times, and I didn't know the knob was supposed to click when it's fully closed! But since we don't have a gas stove at home, I'm not too worried, especially with the amount of comments educating me here lol


Ixneigh t1_j1wa3wq wrote

Maybe not touch stones again?


Scarecrow314159 t1_j1wajwe wrote

Because of how I was raised, few things scare me more than gas appliances. This sort of horror story was a regular bedtime story for me (okay not literally but I was warned VERY frequently against the dangers of gas to the point that I refuse to use gas things unless it is outdoors or my girlfriend is nearby. I also hold a lighter up to them because I don't trust the spark thingies to do their job and I'm scared if the gas is open too long it can explode and kill everyone... my girlfriend grew up around more reasonable parents and she uses gas appliances way more often than I ever did btw).

I'm glad you're all okay and I relate to your new fear!


thetimsterr t1_j1xdsai wrote

You would need a LOT of gas to cause the explosion you're fearing. I've literally left the gas open on my stove for 30-40 seconds trying to light it (my stove had a faulty lighter for awhile) and the most you'd get is a tiny fireball around the burner. Sounds scary when I say fireball, but I'm honestly talking about something that is no bigger than a standard cooking pot. It's not going to blow up the apartment.


SnakesmackOG t1_j1xb5a9 wrote

Agreed! I'm always worried about causing an explosion or leaving the gas on and killing everyone so I only get electric appliances. Is it an overreaction? Definitely, but whatever lol


Kcirnek_ t1_j1wh144 wrote

Modern gas stoves will always ignite the gas into a burning flame so the risk isn't there.


Substantial_Cap_9594 t1_j1wlps8 wrote

I had a very similar event right happen right before Christmas as well. I only eyeballed the macaroni on the stove (I didn’t eat any), which my sister just made and went back upstairs to my room where I was playing Bread and Fred with my girlfriend around 9pm. I continued playing with her for like an hour joyfully unaware. My sister was watching a movie upstairs as well (so she didn’t smell it). I went to walk my girlfriend to her car later, only an hour later cause my “curfew” at my house is 10pm. I immediately smelled gas walking downstairs which reeked. Must’ve been me cause I would have smelled it earlier if it was my sisters fault 😬 TLDR; I looked at macaroni and gas magically turned on by itself for like an hour I already felt like an idiot but this one was really damn sneaky be careful.


Reinventing_Wheels t1_j1wy1x6 wrote

>I was playing Bread and Fred with my girlfriend

Is that a euphemism?


Talvert182 t1_j1x44y0 wrote

Had to Google this, cause I thought that was the weirdest euphemism for sex, and I was curious how it came to be. Turns out, it’s a co-op platformer.


ar3ola_fifty0ne t1_j1x077d wrote

My drunk dad once cleaned our gas stove and passed out with the gas full throttle and unlit. I woke up, in my upstairs bedroom (1800 sq foot house) and went downstairs and turned it off. We had a wood stove, actively burning less than 30 feet away. I probably shouldn’t be here lol. This is def a fuckup


kami_oniisama t1_j1yh48i wrote

I was born without a sense of smell and currently my entire kitchen is gas. My partner didn’t understand when I asked to buy a different house so here we are. Constant fear


Rogue_Evelynn t1_j20dwgs wrote

It's like that time Thelma married Sideshow Bob and wanted to watch McGuyver.


Welchkinz t1_j1vq8ri wrote

How do the flairs work in this sub? Isn’t it S for small, M is medium and L is large? This sounds quite large


lvhockeytrish t1_j1vs3lv wrote

The flair refers to the length of the story, not the size of the fuckup.


Welchkinz t1_j1vuhwo wrote

Gotcha! I’ve always wondered that. Thank you!


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1vsmrx wrote

🤣 could've been a MUCH larger fuck up if my sister weren't so dedicated to her job. She's the MVP here


HotCaregiver3729 t1_j1wwbf3 wrote

Damn, I'm old... the late-80s were pre-teen years for me and they don't seem all that long ago.


Niith t1_j1x13u4 wrote

so, you are implying it is the fact that it was a Gas stove, that made you almost kill your whole family, rather than getting high?

See THAT to me is the real problem. Ya are not thinking clearly...


daworstredditor t1_j1yo9yb wrote

In this instance, the same thing would have happened if she wanted a midnight snack even if she wasn’t smoking weed. It’s completely dependent on her not knowing how gas burners work and not listening for the “click” when turning it off.


ReaditSpecialist t1_j1z7c0g wrote

Or she could’ve just picked a snack that didn’t need to be heated on a stove at all? If you don’t know how to use an appliance, don’t use it until someone shows you how.


WaterYourGardenMate t1_j1ybytz wrote

You wouldn't have been in true danger unless someone wanted to investigate the smell by lighting a fire.

Nowadays all the gas you can get isn't 'coal gas' or 'water gas', so there's no CO in it.


hoosyourdaddyo t1_j1ynq52 wrote

Lol interesting username, for someone who tried to kill their family…


SinfulJokester t1_j1y5zyp wrote

I mean I would risk it all with gas stoves to not have to use electric stoves every again


Deltoro19 t1_j1zgirq wrote

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stove top was burning, but there was no fire.

The room filled with gas, the situation was dire.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

My sick sister arose to a smell that had spread.

Kids in their cozies, and I in my cap,

Had just settled down for a permanent nap.


When out of the kitchen there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the foyer I flew like a flash,

Kicked open the door and my sister was brash.


She spoke not a word, but went straight to her work,

She opened the windows; then turned with a jerk.

And laying her finger straight at my nose,

You done fucked up, we were this close!


All's well that ends well, I thought in my head,

I apologize profusely, at least were not dead.

We gathered our stockings, and mittens, and coats

Then we ate breakfast, shoving food down our throat.


hlacalc t1_j1w7pr3 wrote

Get a wolf, they relight themselves if they detect gas flow. It’s pretty amazing.


Kcirnek_ t1_j1wgz2w wrote

Modern gas stoves will always ignite the gas into a flame. This only happens with old appliances


DuskyDay t1_j1x8m50 wrote

The problem is that you got stoned, not that you used gas.

You don't have gas at home, but this shows that while stoned, your ability to notice life-of-your-family-endangering situations is impaired. So the next time, you might endanger them by something else.


Rogue_Evelynn t1_j20ehik wrote

The problem is deciding to do stuff at 1:00 - 2:00 am in the morning while in a setting that's not familiar to her.

This was always gonna happen regardless of being high or not. It's just too early in the morning to decide to 'day-time', smoking included. 😆


Fogl3 t1_j1yeca6 wrote

It's not cold, it's room temperature soup


Spanky_Ikkala t1_j1yi8lr wrote

Your weed use almost resulted in a tragic accident, then when people commented on it, you lashed out and defended your weed use, rather than accepting that it was a contributory factor that was your choice.

That to me tells me there a future accident waiting to happen, let's hope no-one gets hurt the next time :(


Rogue_Evelynn t1_j20cykf wrote

I'm no expert or anything, but the OP did mention that it was 1:00 am in the morning at the time of negligence.

And although it is said that cannabis is responsible for low short-term memory retention as a side effect, I want to say that the majority of people with regularized sleep schedules will make stupid mistakes at 2:00 am, high or not.

Yeah, you are right about one thing though, it was a contributory factor behind the choice she made.

Don't operate dangerous equipment while under the effects of THC.

Respect the plant. Respect the molecule. Treat it as it's own activity.


rnej t1_j1ykzts wrote

In which country are gas stoves without automatic shutoff allowed? What the fuck.


Jenstarflower t1_j1z4rvw wrote

Well that owner is asking for it with a gas stove in a vacation rental without a working CO detector.


Technical-Contest-87 t1_j20eesg wrote

Just wanted to say that I LOVE your username! Actually spent a night in the B&B. It was awesome!

Also, my son almost killed us the same way lol. Supposed to be boiling water for pasta, but 10 minutes later all I can smell is gas. He had ignited the burner originally, but when he turned it back to be on "high", he didn't realize that the flame went out and gas was just flowing. But he learned his lesson that day and has been super careful since. Take it as a lesson learned and don't repeat it lol.


Past-Championship843 t1_j20w3vt wrote

we had a house blow up for uncertain reasons in our town, and a month or two later i couldn’t tell if i was smelling gas or not in our house. i have severe anxiety, also severe anxiety of being a hypochondriac, so i sat there for a while going back and forth on what the smell was. finally, i went downstairs to investigate, and turned on our gas stove to get a good sniff of the flame. smells didn’t match, and i went on my merry way upstairs. i was halfway up when my eyes widened like a deer in headlights realizing what i had just done.

needless to say we now have a wand gas detector for when i have anxiety


masterbuilder101 t1_j23znjl wrote

some would think the entire idea of piping flammable gas inside our homes through the walls is insane in itself


sonicqaz t1_j1wxgsv wrote

You should watch a movie called Manchester by the Sea


teapots_at_ten_paces t1_j1yj2u5 wrote

I lived with my brother for a couple of years. His kitchen has a gas oven when I moved in. I lived there for two years, and it is the only house I have never cooked in. I flat refused to use a gas stove, for the exact reason you outlined in your post. So gladyou all came out of it ok.


burnt_pubes t1_j1za6yw wrote

We've got a bluestar and it's awesome. Boils a pot of water in no time. Gas cooktops are amazing I'd never go back to electric. You can burn your house down by leaving your electric stove on as well... It's also very obvious if non combusted gas is leaking, you can't mistake that smell


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I almost did the same thing once when I had a gas stove. Made dinner, forgot to turn the lever in the back (it was an older model) and went to bed. Woke up in the morning (luckily), took a shower etc. Didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and went to work. At 4pm my landlord downstairs calls me and says they can smell gas in the stairway. Fuck. They went in, shut it off and opened all the windows. I came home 3 hours later and the smell was still really intense. I could have killed not only myself but also caused the house to blow up and wipe out my landlords as well. Fuck gas stoves.


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So weird to smoke weed in the middle of the night when on family vacation. But then again, I can’t handle weed, I just become anxious.


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Sounds like the perfect time for people who use it to sleep


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Damn lucky for many reasons. Thanks for sharing. Maybe it'll spike something in another person who will make a different choice in the future that will bring positive results.


soundtrackband t1_j1zfk7n wrote

I have an electric range. You get more control from gas everyone says. BFD. Gas is a pain and dangerous in multiple situations.


Rogue_Evelynn t1_j20bcmw wrote

Damn you almost got a pentakill in one shot.


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You're not an idiot. Accidents happen especially if you are unfimiliar with gas stoves. Your family realized this. Just double check and triple check like next time. I always do whenever using gas cause I have that fear. I am even getting up after the gas is turned off to just make sure. Get some portable detecters if you can


zastrugi444 t1_j1y537v wrote

That’s fucked, I had the same thing happen. On Christmas, years ago. Due to weed and stupidity, I left the burner partially on and woke up to seven fire fighters pounding on my door because they thought I was dead. It was 1am. My landlord was there too. Wonderful times…


Tofogi t1_j1ynkou wrote

You are not an idiot the guy who fitted that hop is

A device like that should not be in your house, people make lots of mistakes every day

It's very unfair if a device will kill you if/when you make a mistake, it should have been designed to cut the gas off to the hob when there is no flame.


ka1lu t1_j1ysbew wrote

And here I am thinking how often I leave an element active on my stove.... Hours.... It can also kill people in their sleep.......

And don't feel so bad, yeah you kind of fucked up. But it's not like you meant to do it... And had the time been right, it would have been right...

Things happen for a reason


Topinambourg t1_j1vwvy9 wrote

FYI it wouldn't have killed them. There is no carbon monoxyde in natural gas. Worst case the smell and irritation would wake them up. The risk would be more an explosion, but not sure it's quite possible with that amount of gas

Edit: downvote how much you want, but gas open with no flames cannot create CO. It's impossible. And for an explosion to happen the smell has to be VERY bad.


Lined_the_Street t1_j1vxfnn wrote

It is absolutely possible, OP got super lucky no one else decided to have a smoke. That boom would've been a hell of an alarm


Topinambourg t1_j1vy383 wrote

It really depends on the type of gas and the amount that leaked. It doesn't blow up that easily


Lined_the_Street t1_j1wuwn0 wrote

It does depend on the gas

But leaving a stove top leaking gasses for hours in a poorly ventilated house (at least in America) is a major danger. Personally have seen this go wrong twice and almost a third time, its rare but still a serious concern


Topinambourg t1_j1wws21 wrote

Yes of course it's dangerous, I was mostly reacting to OP thinking everyone would have died of the sister has slept in ;)

Obviously if you smell gas, do not use any electronic devices, phone chargers, switching the light, obviously no lighter or cigarettes, open the windows and cut the gas.


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I'm super lucky I smoked beforehand apparently 😂


Lined_the_Street t1_j1wulj4 wrote

This! As a fell smoker of the reef, this is one those fails moments

Edit: Jeez apperently people on this sub hate that Mary Jane is a legal recreational substance now. If being stoned is SOOO bad, guess being drunk must be satanic


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Topinambourg t1_j1w40e9 wrote

Leaving natural gas open doesn't make Carbon Monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide is created by incomplete combustion, usually because of a defective device burning gas. This is absolutely not the case here.

It's useless to share random links if you don't read them nor understand them.

There was a 0% chance of a carbon monoxide intoxication by leaving the stove open (and no flame). As I said there are explosion dangers but it's not that straightforward and depends on the gas type and its concentration. So it depends on the volume of the house, the ventilation, etc

Now badly maintained devices can leak gas while working, and some of this gas can be CO, result of an incomplete combustion and a device malfunction. Once again that's not at all what happened there


Talvert182 t1_j1x4v03 wrote

You don’t need CO to die from asphyxiation. You just need enough of a gas to displace the oxygen. It’s the same reason people die from inhaling nitrous oxide. Carbon Monoxide is just especially good at it and used to be a lot more common.


Topinambourg t1_j1yh3v8 wrote

CO doesn't kill because of asphyxiation. It fixates on the blood cells and prevents them to work correctly. That's why it's called intoxication/poisoning.

OP cottage isn't a hermetic minuscule vault, the gas outflow would never asphyxiate anyone, because there is an enormous oxygen volume and because the place isn't perfectly hermetic from the outside air. It's almost like saying the CO2 created by their breathing could have killed them. And once again the smell would wake anyone up way before the level of oxygen is low enough to be damaging.

Reddit is just tripping