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paigezero t1_j1wmlqn wrote

You went away from your home, that's not a staycation. You didn't stay, you went. To a different place.


EndlessLadyDelerium t1_j1xfd4v wrote

That bugged me too. It's not a staycation if you leave to go elsewhere. The literal meaning of staycation is to stay put!


woodfloorsmakenoise t1_j20d24d wrote

Nope, a staycation is when you stay in the same area (ie no travelling). I wouldn't call staying at home a staycation, but some people do. Most commonly people book a hotel/resort/airbnb in their area for a true staycation.


lizziebordensbae OP t1_j1wx4y1 wrote

True. I guess I said that bc it's relatively close to home, but you're right


cyanidelemonade t1_j1xex0z wrote

I think they meant that they went somewhere but then just stayed inside the whole time. I guess there's not really a word for that tho lol


ZannX t1_j1z2iax wrote

It's called my ideal vacation.


apole2308 t1_j1xpa8f wrote

Thought staycations were if you stayed in the same country. So going from London to visit Cornwall would be a staycation. Whereas going to Spain would not


Stirlin t1_j1yew73 wrote

Lon to Cwl is a holiday. As you can go to Cwl and rent actual Holiday cottages.

Going away for a length of time to somewhere you don't live is Holiday Taking a week off work, sitting at home watching TV or visiting local attractions but returning home each night is a Staycation.