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AutisticPenguin2 t1_j1jz7vu wrote

Reply with "I'll tell you when you're older". Give her a taste of her own medicine 😀


Choice_Ad9265 OP t1_j1jzhbe wrote

I just make the sound of a strangled meerkat and swiftly exit whatever room she's in 😅 no mother I will not explain to you why 'Decorative Penile Wrap' is apparently a thing.


MrScrib t1_j1k71ax wrote

She knows.

She's been playing innocent since she was a third your age, but you weren't born from nowhere.


AdvonKoulthar t1_j1lbri4 wrote


SpicyRice99 t1_j1lsl26 wrote

Does XKCD really have a comic for EVERYTHING?


SturgiesYrFase t1_j1lvui1 wrote



maggotshero t1_j1m6239 wrote

I mean, just because your have a kid doesn't mean you know all of the far reaches of kinks


Smythe28 t1_j1l5jxe wrote

Tell her to google it if she’s so curious, that’s what we did playing Cards Against Humanity with my grandfather 😅


A_Filthy_Mind t1_j1m70iu wrote

Gahh, memories of my sil explaining to my mil what pixelated bukkake was just resurfaced.


SometimesGlad1389 t1_j1mrzn6 wrote

Hahah my husband once had to explain that one to my grandma. I've never seen him turn so red lmao


peachesdelmonte t1_j1llgyl wrote

When my Mom asks awkward questions I just say, "hmmm, I don't know, why don't you look it up on urban dictionary?" Now she does it without asking me first!


a-snakey t1_j1mnkan wrote

Something tells me ol dad will be trying to diy some of these inventions. Mom is going to find out soon^tm


AutisticPenguin2 t1_j1o4wsk wrote

Maybe, but finding out would involve pouring into their parent's sex life, so I guess we'll never know 🤷


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AutisticPenguin2 t1_j1mjf8j wrote

Jesus dude... there's a time and a place, this is neither. Take your horny arse to a porn sub or something.


Pure_Discipline_293 t1_j1mkb50 wrote

Nah, I’m fine right here. Thanks