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poignantname t1_j1lix2d wrote

You realise that the majority of the people in the book are either children or described as being hideous examples of humanity, right?


RandomUsername12123 t1_j1llsr2 wrote

The studs and the women are so hot tho.

And i didn't really mind the descriptions as in my mind everyone was attractive, age appropriate and it was a kink thing 😂


MundaneRuxx t1_j1msine wrote

Who the fuck is downvoting this? All the characters who aren't wealthy men are literal children. The book spends the first 3 chapters telling the reader, over and over and over. It's half the point of the book, doing taboo things by emphasizing how taboo they are.


RandomUsername12123 t1_j1ni8fa wrote

The book is objectively disgusting of you think of if for more than 10 seconds and the more it goes, the more it worsen

No reason to say otherwise but hey.


wingchild t1_j1o4stm wrote

That's de Sade in a nutshell: telling you what a libertine he thinks he is, while being endlessly repetitive to make sure you remember that rules are being broken. Aims for transgressive, lands on boring. Justine is like that, too; after a while it's less "oh no, poor Justine, set upon by all these creatures of lust" and more "what haven't they done yet? let's tuck that in. Oh we did that? Let's triple it up".


MundaneRuxx t1_j1qo947 wrote

Exactly this. I think most people who read his stuff are attracted to the taboo and hype and very quickly get gore-bored. It's not a warning sign if you've read de sade, it's a red flag if you finished de sade.