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Hello! It didn't happen today, but it was pretty recent. I just had to get this off my chest already.

I recently became fwb with an old friend. We've only had sex a few times over the last few months because our schedules are pretty hectic, so we're still getting to know each other and I'm learning to be more and more comfortable with him. Today, i had a few drinks and went to hang out with him at his part-time job afterward. I did pee before getting there.

He works alone, so no one was there besides us. We started to get busy, and suddenly, i had to pee. There isn't a bathroom near there and and i would have to walk in the freezing cold to get to the closest one, so i figured I'd hold it in a few minutes while i finished giving him head. I let him know we couldn't have sex and i had to leave bc i had to use the bathroom. He said, "Let's just give it a try." I agreed to, but let him know that if i peedoh him, it wasn't my fault. So i get on top, and I'm trying to go slow, but we got a little carried away, and the next thing i know, there's pee everywhere! We quickly ran to the door, and i went outside to pee. I'm literally outside peeing in freezing weather, naked. We died laughing while cleaning ourselves and everything else. We decided to finish what we started since i emptied my bladder already. So we start going at it again, and all of a sudden, i peed again😭. It was just a little but still🫠.

I've never had bladder problems, and i practice my kegels, so I have to blame it on his big d. So that's the story of how i accidentally gave a golden shower😭.

TL;DR held in my pee during sex and accidentally peed all over fwb, twice.



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OkVolume1 t1_j182k6v wrote

Fwbs= friends with bladder splatter


[deleted] t1_j17uppt wrote

I’m sure he’s fine. He had sex after all


Arrasor t1_j18bki1 wrote

It's all fun and game but I know a bride who held it in too long for her wedding it bursted and she died on the way to the hospital. Don't ruin your body over silly things.


Individual_Ad_3036 t1_j19j68a wrote

bah, that's just squirting


mymy0121 OP t1_j19np4v wrote

No, it was pee. I wasn't close to finishing, so i know it wasn't squirt.


Individual_Ad_3036 t1_j19pwij wrote

Take the win! lol


mymy0121 OP t1_j1ao96k wrote

I can't. If this is it, then i dont understand the hype🤣


xXxWarspite t1_j1bvucw wrote

Squirt isn’t real OP. Squirt is literally just piss, so yes you technically squirted on him


littlematt44 t1_j18z1nr wrote

Ahh you broke the seal after a few drinks before going


Gloomy_Guard_ t1_j17us30 wrote

It's raining gold somewhere right now.


THEwed123wet t1_j19g5ib wrote

That was funny and i think it was all in all a wholesome experience. I think he is a keeper. You guys will laugh about it in the future.


rob_inn_hood t1_j1celm8 wrote

It's just pee. Could have been worse. And considering squirting is so damn close to peeing, I think you would find a majority of men would not care if you pee on them during or even outside of sex. Shit is a whole other story.

I have never in my life met a guy who stopped banging a girl because she "peed on me".


mermiss1 t1_j1dkeki wrote

OP would be shocked at what a man will tolerate to get laid. A little pee? Please!!


lordbrett10 t1_j18xb1u wrote

2nd UPDATE:,the%20emitted%20fluid%20often%20exists.
Actual medical article talking about squirting ^^^ and how it works ^^^ FOR CONTEXT before you read my message and act stupid lol.

For the girl learning her body. Squirting comes from your bladder. You will naturally piss/squirt in sex. And MOST MEN enjoy it. If they don't, they are boys and don't really respect ya yet. When you squirt like that as it comes from the bladder it might contain some urea and smell like piss, but it is NOT piss.That said always empty your bladder before and after sex if possible to avoid utis, and actually pissing on your partner lol.

Update: No, I do not have a piss fetish; while I enjoy a life of BDSM, I don't think projecting MY WANTS onto others would be appropriate, not that I even want that thing. Maybe perhaps you are just reading into something I was very clear about? I am an actual psychotherapist my peep, I just speak on health and shit. I am also autistic and have a wife, not looking to creep on random girls I don't know the age of. So maybe DON'T sexualize my comment? You are the one being a creep lol. Lastly:,the%20emitted%20fluid%20often%20exists.

Since you don't know your shit ^ actual documentation because people are stupid. I might be an asshole but I do not project my sexuality, watch your own assumptions good sir lol.


mymy0121 OP t1_j19ohk2 wrote

Hi, thanks for the educational response. I have read about the sensation of having to pee before squirting but i dont think that was it in this case.This happened literally a minute or 2 after penetration, and i didn't have any other type of stimulation. I was nowhere near finishing.


lordbrett10 t1_j1c4c9i wrote

Squirting is triggered relative to your stimulation and a full bladder feeling. Most things that aid a woman in squirting are the same things that make a woman feel her bladder is full. Pillow under the small of the back, pressure on the lower abdomen, stimulation relational to spot or bladder region. It's about being forced to have uncontrolled release and then the dopamine you get from it. It could happen in 20 seconds for some, but I absolutely hear ya, again IMO not a TIFU :P Don't worry about it!

It's more likely your panic system set in so you didn't get to enjoy it nearly as much as you can if you relax, just as with any erotic experience. If you don't relax and get into it it won't be the same. That said, be assured technically, you squirted. Maybe with a full bladder, so to you, it more just felt like pissing, but it's pretty normal, and some women will do it quite a lot to the point a waterproof bedcover is a norm. So don't feel shame or shy is my point. Even if it was piss, fuck it honestly lol; in the end, sex can be a bit messy squirting comes from the bladder if someone makes you orgasm hard, he is likely gonna make you squirt a little, just comes with the territory. That said this is gotten more "detailed" than I would like to risk on a Reddit post, and the only aim to inform and assure, my job is here done! ~Fin