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McWalking_Episode t1_j5r77tu wrote

Not telling your doctor is the first step you should take to not get better. Manipulation and lying in order to continue getting a medication that youre abusing is exaxtly what is going to keep you sick. Been there, no offense. But, that is a recovery thought-train error. Youre not gonna get sent to treatment over this. That, im almost postive because i have told my doctor way worse things on a regular basis. But, dont tell him and continue down this path, you may need treatment. Used to take 300mg vyvanse/ 80mg ritalin a day. Good luck!


ididabadone OP t1_j5r9yyq wrote

thank you. I agree. I think I should be honest with her about what happened and tell her that I want to explore medication options with less potential for abuse. hopefully what you say is true and no grippy sock vacation will ensue. my only real gripe with that is not being able to be away from work.


LitLitten t1_j5s0z9r wrote

Also, a psychiatrist won’t necessarily think the worst if you tell them your med is working at some points better than others. It’s not uncommon to have a supplemental medication for towards the middle/end of a stimulants med’s duration.

You however did tell your psych your substance abuse history, so she/he is taking this to account w/ your medication plan. Try to keep in mind treatment plans aren’t cures — there are ups and downs and falls and leaps, especially when just getting started.

Look at what you’ve succeeded in— you’ve reached out for help. You’ve communicated your history and problems with your psych. You made a treatment plan. You communicated with your partner at every step. You practiced active awareness of the risks of both medication and substance abuse. Though you did slip up, you immediately communicated this to those necessary.

That’s a lot of real, positive progress, man.


McWalking_Episode t1_j5rcba8 wrote

Welcome. Also, not a doctor but inquire yourself into a medication called, Intuniv, its a non stimulant adhd medication. Cant really abuse it, still quite effective.


ididabadone OP t1_j5rf2u6 wrote

I think that may be something worth exploring for me. I will let her know about it. :)


Ganthid t1_j5t12vc wrote

Bring your bf with you to the next appt to help keep you accountable.

Having the urge to take 8 isn't what others experience.


depressed-salmon t1_j5ugpr6 wrote

There are actually non stimulant medications for adhd too. But some of the issue might not actually be the effect it has, but how you see it. If you're seeing it as a "get me through the difficult parts of the day" vs "this is just medication like antibiotics or blood pressure pills", that's going to make it much more tempting to abuse.

Also, your boyfriend just giving you the colder shoulder and not communicating is a little immature honestly.


Hashtagworried t1_j5s4h0m wrote

Jesus 300 mg?!


McWalking_Episode t1_j5s4pvy wrote

Yeah man, 5 or 6 of 50mg capsules. Classic case of using opiods/ benzos to get low and stimulants to bounce back up.


No-Hippo5631 t1_j5t0g76 wrote

Jesus I'm just glad you're alive... I once accidentally took 2 adderall (or 5 minutes apart bc I forgot the first dose), I'm very tolerant to stims (can drink 2-3 monster energy drinks in the morning and only feel slightly less sleepy), I thought I was going to throw up due to nausea and my eyes felt like they would explode.


-Distinction t1_j5sang8 wrote

Was that your recommended dose. My Vyvanse is only 60Mg and while it does keep my focused I do feel like I could use a higher dosage.


McWalking_Episode t1_j5sbmzr wrote

It wasnt a rx


-Distinction t1_j5shpm8 wrote

I assume rx means recommended dose?


dominus_aranearum t1_j5sm03t wrote

℞ is a symbol that has a latin origin from recipere and means 'to take'. It's long since been shortened to the symbol ℞ and just written as the letters Rx.

It means prescription.


jakkiljr t1_j5yhzxr wrote

If 60mg is keeping you focused then why do you feel you need a higher dose?