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compaqdeskpro t1_j5rec3i wrote

I got the same problems but I'm never touching meds, I know I would like them too much. I don't think there any drugs that can do a good thing without doing an equal and opposite bad thing.


RumTonRum t1_j5sdz7a wrote

there are literal chemical imbalances in your brain. Correct medicine/dosage helps regulate that.
What you determine as feeling opposite or "bad" is probably what stable/normality feels like. But people generally dont get to this point since it takes taking the medicine for longer than a couple weeks along with lifestyle changes to start seeing any real progress.


scaztastic t1_j5so9cj wrote

Considering all the people whose lives were ruined by prescription medicine, I think his worries are justified. There are very real downsides to taking meds.

The "bad thing", for example, could be developing bad side effects to an anti depressant he's been taking for years, but now he's chemically addicted and when he tries to quit, he goes through extremely weird-feeling withdrawals. So either he deals with the side effects of continuing, or with the constant nagging pain/discomfort/emptiness of quitting.

Either way, his life changed for the worse, maybe permanently.