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Bossanova87 t1_j5s5f4c wrote

People that play up the "I'm not mad" because they don't know how to communicate was my takeaway from this. Be with someone that speaks their mind.


ididabadone OP t1_j5tvjkn wrote

the thing is, he really /wasn't/ mad. I assumed he was,but he wasn't. he told me to come to bed an hour later and we're fine now. he was just understandably upset and needed a little time to cool off/process. i have exes who would have reacted violently to that and who I would not have been honest with about this situation out of fear.


Bossanova87 t1_j5u2972 wrote

Just seemed like another game people often play with trying to "play-up" anger to prove a point. I just see it all the time, and it gets old with me. Glad you guys are doing better. GL