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ScarletDarkling t1_j5sbjrx wrote

Addiction doesn't make you bad. Falling off the horse will happen. You just gotta remember that a slip up doesn't mean you can't get back to things. Just try your best not to, and definitely have someone dole them out. I was addicted to butabitol in my early 20's because my head would hurt, and I would forget, and take it again. Then I got rebound headaches... Eventually was taking 22 a day. Weaning too fast actually killed me, needed resuscitation and medication induced coma.

You are not bad. Addiction is a demon, you'll have to fight it every day, but you can win.


yogopig t1_j5sybr4 wrote

Thank you, this is the message she needs to be hearing. She fell off, but she was prepared to fall, and did the right thing as soon as she did. That’s winning behavior.