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Hightidemtg t1_j54aup2 wrote

Just be honest. You send someone a gif in chat and accidently mixed up links. Shit happens. Just own it


LeileiBG t1_j54bozw wrote

A professor that doesn't even capitalize "I" in a sentence and repeatedly misspells words is already shady.


RiverTeemo1 t1_j54azvy wrote

Send a second mail telling them you are sorry and this was the wrong file. It'll mostly just be funny to them


A_Gaijin t1_j54b5s4 wrote

Resend the email with the correct link 10times again. So they might ignore the old ones.


Patient_Candidate_90 t1_j54dfi1 wrote

I think this is your best chance, if you send a few like hey it accidentally sent out too many times students are more likely to just read the newest one especially if you make it seem in the subject like it’s the right one.

It’s not just a video of a girl dancing, it’s a compilation of only ass shots of a woman the same age as your students… I’d be so uncomfortable if I got this from a professor tbh.


sqooooq t1_j54bi0l wrote

They’ll understand I mean it’s Hani, who wouldn’t?