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Question_Few t1_j6gola8 wrote

Well done. Lost a bit of steam on the delivery but I'll give it an upvote nonetheless. Don't use elipses if you're going for the shock value.


-1KingKRool- OP t1_j6gspq5 wrote

Good call, updated it so it’s hopefully improved.


Astroxique t1_j6goklj wrote

Ah, fuck it, I'll admit it, you got me!


WhiskeyTangoFoxy t1_j6gqso8 wrote

Divorce now! Once she goes black lab she won’t ever be yours again.


amillefolium11 t1_j6ijxfb wrote

Hey, I laughed. Ya got me, at least it wasn't loss


OkVolume1 t1_j6hjg2u wrote

The real question is if the meth lab is yours.


smudgetimeusa t1_j6i4vkb wrote

I'm so tired of this stupid shit on TIFU


smudgetimeusa t1_j6l4ylv wrote

This was posted earlier today…


-1KingKRool- OP t1_j6lh96i wrote

May wanna check the timestamps then, cause that’d mean I beat the other person.


zakurie t1_j6gr7sg wrote


Zito6694 t1_j6i2jhk wrote

Read the whole thing it’s a joke.


zakurie t1_j6idys0 wrote

Oh, I did. Still doesn’t make it funny.


WholeSilent8317 t1_j6lb8tz wrote

you read the whole thing and still thought he was pretending to be in the other story? work on your reading comprehension skills then come back.


zakurie t1_j6ldcvl wrote

Thank you sir. It’s pretty obvious that OP is joking, duh! They are still trying to take advantage of a real tifu to score internet points. r/Jokes would have been a better place for their attempt at humor.