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Fat_Lard765 t1_j482b1s wrote

Wtf did I just read.


ninian947 t1_j4bincg wrote



Fat_Lard765 t1_j4bt45o wrote

Good point. I feel getting a kidney stone would be easier and give the same “pleasure.” Also a lot less awkward if you end up in the ER


RudeSprinkles1240 t1_j486ndq wrote

So. Being a person who has actually catheterized people, I'm going to choose to believe that you are absolutely not telling the truth. In the event that you are telling the truth, you should know that what you are doing is absolutely going to cause you infection, scarring, and perhaps incontinence.

So get some help.


realdummyshit OP t1_j48k1ft wrote

I have photo proof and have had no issues. Whenever I read people complaining about catheters on reddit I just can't relate. sounding was so easy for me


OkVolume1 t1_j4899lf wrote

The biggest FU was reading this.


freebat23 t1_j48g43r wrote

what a time to be on reddit


harleyspoison267 t1_j48r1si wrote

Somehow the strangest part of this for me is the idea that you have foreceps in your kitchen... So I'm hoping you mean tongs. Please be so careful with the sounding, I'm not an expert, but that's a scary degree of penetration and stretching. Even if you choose to later have gender confirmation surgery, you'll still need those parts to stay intact.


Rachymoo t1_j495ewz wrote

How did you fit a literal metal straw into your female urethra?!?! I’m not here to kink shame at all but GODDAMN HOW?!?!


avoidancebehavior t1_j4a283p wrote

I'm here to kink shame. Some kinks should be shamed if physically attempted. People can't necessarily control what thoughts get them off, but some things should stay in your head.


Berek2501 t1_j4bgkuz wrote

>Open Reddit while on the can

>First post I see in my feed is this

>That's enough Reddit for today

I'm impressed, this is a new record for me


TurningTwo t1_j48408d wrote

I’m sure we’ve all had this happen at one time or another.


avoidancebehavior t1_j4a1qor wrote

Holy fuck this is so fucked up. I've never heard of an AFAB person doing this (not that it's healthy for a penis either). Jesus Christ that's dangerous


Obamajuice69 t1_j484uhf wrote

i mean i understand ehy people think feet are sexy but would u mind explaining what is nice about sticking somenthing in ur dick? or the pee hole of your vag vag


Giulmeow t1_j4as6u7 wrote

This is a fine example of I'm not kink shaming im kink asking why/how


bbaristo t1_j4ake78 wrote

This is fucking sick. How can you fit a METAL STRAW in your pee hole?? I CAN BARELY SEE MY PEE HOLE. SEEK HELP.


postedUpOnTheBlock t1_j4cuhaa wrote

How do you even come up with some wack bs like this? Is this like the new AI art, but with short stories?

Edit: yea they weren’t lying. I was unfortunately blessed with proof. I asked, it wasn’t unsolicited lol


realdummyshit OP t1_j4ikl9b wrote

I will literally send you pictures if you want im not making this up lol


ButtHoleLips69 t1_j4d37ql wrote

Image making up some complete bs for some internet strangers. And for what? This is cancer. You’re cancer.