Submitted by HelpMePlz52 t3_10k3feb in tifu

Final update for everyone that keeps messaging me to see how my disastrous life is going.

I’m the talk of the whole company at this stage and everyone has seen said pictures by now, every day I’m in the office I hear a remark from someone or other about it. Most in whispers behind my back, but some a brazen enough to say it to my face. I think I respect them a bit more for being upfront. Lots of you guys suggested that I collect all these instances and file a bullying complaint with HR, but I decided to let it pass as I wasn’t their favourite person as of late.

My boss has been watching my every move like a hawk, doubling my work load and expecting me to pick up all other slack from the whole team. I ran with her demands for a week but I eventually had enough and handed in my notice, I don’t get payed enough to deal with that work load. So she wins I give up, starting a new job on Monday. Smaller wage but with better benefits, like fully work from home. Hopefully the money I save commuting will off set the loss of income, but I think for my own mental health it’s worth it.

Also trying to cut down on my overly expensive online content model addiction, time to stop having big titty goth dommes control my life.


When the dust settled I was the joke of the office, boss was out to get me and trying to get me to quit with ridiculous work load. For my own mental well-being I gave in and admitted defect. Starting new job on Monday and hopefully put all this behind me.



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dasbootdasfoot t1_j5o5opf wrote

One positive though, you've gone down in history. All those people you worked with will be talking about you in 20 years time, remember that guy who sent everyone a picture of his dick? Lol

You will be remembered, for something lol 😅


HelpMePlz52 OP t1_j5o7xen wrote

Every cloud I guess


RumTonRum t1_j5rjn46 wrote

hey just wanted to say im sorry that it all had to go down this way dude, and I hope that your new job works out better for you.


paleoderek t1_j5v617c wrote

I was thinking about this...well, not THIS...but this in a general sense the other day. I retired a couple of years ago, and was talking to former coworker about people we had worked with in the past. It was never "that guy that wrote the awesome C++ code" or "that amazing database administrator". We referred to damn near everyone in terms of something memorable they did that had absolutely nothing to do with work. There was the alcoholic guy. The guy that committed suicide by filling his pockets with rocks and going "ice fishing". The guy who tried sleeping with his boss's admin, the HR vice president, and his own admin.

The big takeaway: don't worry about working hard to impress people. Just try not to send accidental dick pics and you'll be fine.


nacari0 t1_j5ojh05 wrote

If anything this has made you either stronger or harder. Life is about growth and managing crisis.


jaffa3811 t1_j5olhl2 wrote

buddy, him growing, being strong and hard is what got him into this mess in the first place


ellilaamamaalille t1_j5ofygd wrote

I am a man and I have a dick. It is my dick but it is a normal dick. It is not the biggest or smallest. It is not a dick to take a pic and sent to anybody.


EvilDairyQueen t1_j5p3wc1 wrote

I thought you'd adapted the Rifleman's creed for a second there.
the whole " This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine."
which FYI - is well worth a read when rifle is replaced with Penis.


Matt0071895 t1_j5pwu8c wrote

Isn’t that just the old Marine (and possibly Army) chant of “This one’s my rifle, this one’s my gun. This one’s for fighting, this one’s for fun” anyway?


Soggy-Ad-4210 t1_j5s17uz wrote

That’s from the movie Full Metal Jacket


Matt0071895 t1_j5xc26c wrote

The phrase is older than that. It dates back to 1942, maybe before, and was published in a book called “Battle Cry” by Leon Uris in 1953. “Full Metal Jacket” didn’t come out until 1987


TheRafiki7 t1_j5o6bmr wrote

Why hand in your notice? If they didn't fire you for that you could at the very least just continue doing just your work. If they fire you for not doing other's work you have a reason to request unemployment.


HelpMePlz52 OP t1_j5o7w3x wrote

For my own sanity it’s best to leave, plus my boss was on a mission to make my work day as miserable as possible. I don’t have the energy to deal with that.


cryptoceelo t1_j5r646b wrote

depending on where you are that could be classed as constructive dismissal you should have played the ultimate power move and sued them for it after


ExtensionSystem3188 t1_j5rqf6k wrote

I'd have to disagree. I think this make you the petty/shameless/shady part of the equation. Who would be proud to sue their way to the middle?


TheRafiki7 t1_j5ydm6a wrote

Companies don't give a fuck about you dude. Stop giving a fuck about companies.


stevehammrr t1_j5rf1f1 wrote

Lol this isn’t real, you’re just some coomer who gets off to people looking at your dick. Your entire post history is just dick pics wtf lmao


Soggy-Ad-4210 t1_j5s1tkr wrote

Seriously, seems like a guy that takes stimulant drugs and is addicted to masturbation/porn.


OkVolume1 t1_j5po1oy wrote


You were bragging so hard about how you played dumb to PR and were gonna make it through this.

Yet, it was too much for you.


Mr007McDiddles t1_j5p6ajo wrote

New job interview

"So, why'd you leave your last position?"


SheetPostah t1_j5sazo2 wrote

OP: “I was the biggest swinging dick at my last job. Now, I’m looking for new worlds to conquer.”


KrankySilverFox t1_j5orvo6 wrote

If you stop taking pictures of your dick you won’t have to worry about “accidentally” sending them out.


HelpMePlz52 OP t1_j5ot42v wrote

I know lesson learned, snapchat from now on when horny big titty goth Domme requests photo evidence


staffu22 t1_j5qmgsv wrote

Can't believe people believe this shit.

The rest of your posts have been dick pics and talking about how big you think your dick is and fanfic about girls not wanting to hook up with you because of how big it is, then you write this fanfic where you "accidentally" send pictures of your dong to your coworkers?

You're sad, dude.


throwpoo t1_j5rayxf wrote

Now you gotta send a farewell email with more dick pics.


reevelainen t1_j5ohczj wrote

Wow, what a shit show over an accident. The world has truly gone tense, fragile and mad. I hope your example works as a "Let's not things escalate like they did with this guy"-type of example.


Groovy_1 t1_j5rd9w1 wrote

Send them a full frontal on departure to really rub it in