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TheRafiki7 t1_j5o6bmr wrote

Why hand in your notice? If they didn't fire you for that you could at the very least just continue doing just your work. If they fire you for not doing other's work you have a reason to request unemployment.


HelpMePlz52 OP t1_j5o7w3x wrote

For my own sanity it’s best to leave, plus my boss was on a mission to make my work day as miserable as possible. I don’t have the energy to deal with that.


cryptoceelo t1_j5r646b wrote

depending on where you are that could be classed as constructive dismissal you should have played the ultimate power move and sued them for it after


ExtensionSystem3188 t1_j5rqf6k wrote

I'd have to disagree. I think this make you the petty/shameless/shady part of the equation. Who would be proud to sue their way to the middle?


TheRafiki7 t1_j5ydm6a wrote

Companies don't give a fuck about you dude. Stop giving a fuck about companies.