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MSGRiley t1_j6kxkh1 wrote

If you like him, really like him that way, just tell him "hey, let's date, exclusively, girlfriend boyfriend, I want to, I like you."

If you don't, then give him a lot of space because he probably wants to date you. Just saying.

If you're not sure, ask.

Your situation is already bad, better for it to get better, or worse and get it over with instead of making it stay where it is.


chaos021 t1_j6kz19j wrote

This. Staying in the gray right now is not where y'all need to be.


forever-lost435 OP t1_j6lyc5v wrote

yeah that makes sense ty


cannibitches t1_j6mcm3x wrote

Something new just hit your friendship. You need to communicate at the very least. Your primary concern from what you said is that you'll lose him. Talk to him about that. Be straightforward. He's probably thinking the same thing you are.


tallerthanu17 t1_j6mz9l9 wrote

Are we not concerned at all about the clear rebound? OP is going to come across as a home wrecker or a rebound, and neither one is a solid start for a relationship.

I’m not saying it won’t work, but it’s something they will need to work through and be aware of


MSGRiley t1_j6n0zi7 wrote

You can come up with an infinite list of reasons not to get into a relationship with someone you care about and want to be with. Then you're 50 and alone and no one is calling you asking for a date.

When I was younger I had all these rules and considerations in my head and I'm glad I didn't let that keep me from taking a chance on a totally screwed up situation that turned out to be the love of my life.