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The_Earnest_Crow t1_j6m2weq wrote

It's only as werid as you make it. I've slept with a few of my close friends and years later we're all still friends.

I think open and honest communication is best.. For sure write down what you want to say before you say it. You sound young and there's a good possibility of miscommunication.

You also mentioned that it's the first time doing that. Part of the weridness could be that you rushed in without fully knowing your feelings for him. Take a night and think about it. When you picture the two of you together hanging out going to a movie or laughing at random dumb stuff, are you happy? Do you feel a dumb grin across your face thinking about him? Do you feel the warmth in you? If not then you can always just talk about it and try to stay friends.

It might be smart to not wait too long though, incase the ex comes back, that'll be a bit of heart break and confusion.