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ActualCannibalMrY8s t1_j6jdq01 wrote

Hold up, are you saying hair grows on your dick itself, like the shaft? Go to a doctor wtf


forestapee t1_j6je10s wrote

Its pretty normal to have hair growing on the lower part of the shaft. I'd say it's odd if it's more than a third to half way up.

Depends on dick size too though I imagine. Available surface area and all that


ActualCannibalMrY8s t1_j6jfafe wrote

Yeah there's a little on the base of mine but it seems like OP means all the way up lmao. If it hasn't effected him negatively then it's not an issue I guess though.


[deleted] OP t1_j6jdtmk wrote



Apollo_3249 t1_j6jiult wrote

How far down the shaft does it grow op?


hemuliheiluu t1_j6jnt8f wrote

lol for me there are a couple of hairs growing all the way up on the outer part of the foreskin (bottom side). Just a few which are hard to notice but still there tight lol