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So for context I (16m) have always had fat and low self esteem issues. Due to these, I always stuck up with people that didn't really appreciate me and used me for their personal benefits. For some time now I have been doing excersise and running to slim up and get in shape. This has caused my confidence to grow back up and I refused to be used by my so called friends. They had been socially shunning me for sometime anyway so I didn't care much.

In the school the ringleader of the bullies made a snide remark that I was getting conscious and started verbally abusing me. In my anger I made a remark about his teeth ( for context he had wanted to put braces but was afraid of the pain and yet he called me a puss ). He did not like that and started shoving me trying to start a fight and was getting aggressive. A teacher saw that and thought we were playing around. he tried faking a punch at me to make me flinch but I raised my hand instinctively and (very) lightly punched him on the nose. Though the punch was light his nose still did bleed a little and the school is holding me responsible.

The consequences are that he has blown the incident out of proportion and told everyone I was being aggressive and punched him out of nowhere. The school has suspended me for 1 week and I am being shunned again by the children for different reasons. However I don't really care about these issues as I am in this school for a few more weeks and then my boards are taking place. His parents however are trying to make the school ban me from writing the boards and that is catastrophic.

I have a meeting in school today afternoon and I am scared shitless. I will keep you guys updated if you want and just needed a place to vent.

TL ; DR : I stand up to a bully and now risk being barred from my 10th grade finals.

Alright guys update time :D

Since the last time I saw the guy was in the meeting against parents. His parents firmly listened to their child and denied my accusations calling me a "future murderer" or "future criminal". However my parents supported me too and thankfully no lawyers were involved. The children have somewhat of a newfound respect for me. They do not engage with me jn any manner which is still better than being bullied by a million times. The guy I beat has tried to fight me multiple times since then but I simply move on and refuse to fight. He too is being teased by the classmates for getting beat up but idgaf at this point.

Father has spoken to a teacher and I will be enrolling in my MMA classes in the beginning of April :). Unlike all the fight that happen in school ever so often, this one just isn't settling for some reason. The children refuse to forget the incident. Overall I came out a much better person from this incident and my respect for myself has skyrocketed.

I can answer your questions in the comments regarding any further details so feel free to ask.



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Clementea t1_j6gz3ft wrote

Your parents have to talk back against his parents, you have to explain it to your parents that it is self defense.

If its blown out of proportions especially if its involved parents vs parents, school will eventually drop it out.


Hehe_boi420 OP t1_j6h04k0 wrote

I have spoken to my parents and they believe me and have been extremely supportive as they know me and know I don't have a history of violence.

My parents are appearing in the meeting today with me and I will keep the post updated.


Squigglepig52 t1_j6i4fwj wrote

Good to hear.

I got bullied a lot in high school, in the 80s. In those days, fighting wasn't as huge a deal, but, still, detention or suspension. And, our principal made the guy in the Breakfast Club seem tolerant and understanding.

Anyway - I always fought back, always got the blame, always got the detention/suspension.

And then, one day, I no longer got punished for fighting back. not even for teh ball peen hammer incident.

Nearly 40 years later, I found out why. Dad had paid a visit to the principal, and threatened him with a beating the next time he blamed me for starting fights.

Having your parents on your side is awesome, dude. Don't take shit from bullies.


Hehe_boi420 OP t1_j6ifl7k wrote

Thanks such for the kind words and advice stranger 🥲 I always had a problem standing up for myself but am trying to improve now. You have one hell of a dad! I am happy that mine fought for me too today. He yelled at the principal for the first and only time and it was awesome.

He has also agreed to get me enrolled in MMA classes too so that's an upside.


Clementea t1_j6h10i5 wrote

Idk where you live as far as l know there is no law against self-defense so if you can prove it is self-defense, you should be alright.

Your parents can even potentially sue the other parents back.


Bubbagumpredditor t1_j6i2s4n wrote

"he physically attacked me, I defended myself" is literally all you should say until your parents get a lawyer involved


PicardTangoAlpha t1_j6if6jb wrote

OP you should stick up for yourself and not allow a slanderous version of events to become official party line. Stand your ground with these people.


SunChipMan t1_j6jvi99 wrote

Standing up to the bully isn't over. Keep going, keep defending yourself.


Thick_Information_33 t1_j6gy7h0 wrote

Never hit first.


Hehe_boi420 OP t1_j6h0kr2 wrote

That has been my golden rule for so long now. Instead of hitting I try talk the situation down. Here my reflexes got the better of me and I tapped him on his nose. He has been telling people we were playing and I used it as an excuse to hit him out of 'Jealousy'


Bubbagumpredditor t1_j6i2v60 wrote

You didn't hit first. You already said he shoved you. That's attacking.


Hehe_boi420 OP t1_j6i3s8h wrote

Yes that point was brought up in the discussion.

Also no lawyers are getting involved. Where cornered, he said he was just playing around and my "attack" was dismissed as just a reflex action. The school is not barring me from boards as the teachers testimony was completely in my favor. Sure, I might get shunned but screw that at this point.