Submitted by RogueMoonbow t3_10f9jor in tifu

Not sexual but adding nsfw just in case. This was definitely not safe for work though XD

Not today, though I did think about posting here the day it happened.

I work at a cafe that does bubble tea, and we make our own tapioca in a pot heated over a plug in induction stove on the back counter. It's there for maybe an hour and a half, as it has to heat uo, boil for 30 minutes, and then sit for 30 minutes. I was working and we were making some. Behind the pot was the grubhub tablet, and we got an order so I went to accept the order, leaning past the pot.

Unfortunately for me, I was wearing a bra that... doesn't have the best coverage. After a while, especially of working, my nippes end up right on the edge. Meaning it wasn't just skin that was burned, but the edge of the areola.

This turned out to be a real breaking-skin burn that's about 1 1/2 inches long. During work I coped only by putting water in a baggie and sticking it in my bra (which at one point burst, getting some water on the nipple area of my shirt...)

I've had a large bandaid on it for the last few days. Not the most comfortable sensation.

I've burned myself several times. This is definitely the funniest way I've burned myself. And unfortunately one of the worst.

Tl;dr: burned my boob, including part of the nipple, by leaning over a pot of boiling tapioca



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AshleyPoppins t1_j4vssxz wrote

My nipple got bit by a horse at work once. I do not work with horses.

My conclusion: Jobs are bad for boobs.


Forgetful8nine t1_j4vyz9u wrote


AshleyPoppins t1_j4w1mwh wrote

I’m a nanny. Took kid to riding lessons. Was petting horse. Different kid came in and did some type of hyena scream. Horse freaked and bit what was closest. Which happened to be my boob because he had been sniffing my shirt (smelled cat maybe?).

It bruised so bad.


mtgfan1001 t1_j4x32rn wrote

A moose once bit my sister


dmusicstud t1_j4x828j wrote

No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse


FukinSpiders t1_j4y1ncc wrote

Some moose knuckle come back in there somewhere, but can’t piece it together 😖


JugV2 t1_j4yg54x wrote

I would like to advise that the people who wrote the above posts have now been fired.


NexexUmbraRs t1_j4xi12v wrote

It's almost like nature doesn't want women to work. /s

(this is a joke.)


AshleyPoppins t1_j4xi5rk wrote

Horse was like “girl these kids are crazy you need a day off, let me help with that!” 😂


Poppypie77 t1_j4y7hk7 wrote

Oh my god I got bit on the boob by a horse once too!!! and I don't work with horses either haha. I was on a night out with friends and saw a police horse, and went over to say hi. I had a low cut top on and have a big cleavage, and he just turned towards me and bit me hard on the boob!! My boobs must have looked like a juicy apple or something 🤣🤣🍏🍎🍑 I went home to my boyfriend at the time, with what looked like a massive love bite on my boob, and I told him my friend was a witness and I didn't do anything suspicious haha. I laugh about it now but it bloody hurt lol.


DarkMoose09 t1_j4z59rj wrote

What is it with horses and boobs? I have huge boobs sadly, and horses just go straight for them every time they are a bunch of perverts 🤣


Taliesine_ t1_j4z8bar wrote

Boobs are warm and smell goods so pets love them, not just horses 🤣🤣🤣🤣


fatdongg t1_j4ymsb8 wrote

i gave myself a blood blister on my nipple when it got pinched between a table and a case of broth


acealex69 t1_j4w5wqe wrote

I had a rather busty friend who was a bartender, she would get an armful of beers, hold it against her chest and using a bottle opener pop them open super fast and put them on the bar. One day she caught her nipple between the bottle top, and the opener...


jabbo13 t1_j4vl1ht wrote

Made a bit of a tit of yourself


drone42 t1_j4vhjnh wrote

Oh god that's painful. A bunch of years back I almost lost a nipple to a friend's cat, I feel it all over again.


MrNuggat t1_j4vlifo wrote

Dude whats wrong with your friends cat? How even, you cant just drop that like it happens to everybody. I need Details.


Elelith t1_j4wpule wrote

For future: r/ABraThatFits . Your boobs aren't supposed to pop out of your bra! Ouch! Hope you're healing well! <3


someawfulbitch t1_j4xo945 wrote

By not the best coverage could she have also meant thin? Not sure. Could have meant either. 🤷🏻‍♀️ A good bra can be so damn hard to find, and sometimes expensive af 😭


RogueMoonbow OP t1_j4ysreo wrote

Didn't fit right, not that it's thin. It was once a push up, but I think was sized wrong so the push part just pushed the boob out of the bra itself. A little bit. It's not really uncomfortable though.


someawfulbitch t1_j4zx2co wrote

Oh gotcha, been there! I've all but given up and just live in pullover bralettes most days now because I can't afford a real bra, and I get too stressed trying to shop for one that fits properly. What an embarrassing thing to admit 😭


super_senpai64 t1_j4vowpz wrote

Get some burn gel on that, yo! Alocane works great 👍


RogueMoonbow OP t1_j4vpm2v wrote

I didn't have burn get but I put an ointment on when I got home


coci222 t1_j4yyoez wrote

Sun Bum Cool Down works great for burns. The lotion one, not the straight aloe one


get-r-done-idaho t1_j4wij0q wrote

Not really your F'up. The stove should never be allowed to be where you need to reach over it to do your regular job. I'd bet if this were investigated by OSHA the owner would be fined. Did they offer you the opportunity to seek medical treatment? If not you could file a complaint with the state labore relations board.


RogueMoonbow OP t1_j4wo01j wrote

It was just me and my coworker. No manager present. I could have alerted them that I needed medical attention, sure, I'm sure they would have let me, but it was me that didn't say anything and just dealt with it myself. If this was like, starbucks or something, don't worry, I'd absolutely do that. This is a small local business that I absolutely adore. Not gunna make them pay off anything for my sake.


cyclops32 t1_j4vzttu wrote

Hello, Mrs. Doubtfire. So good to see you!


ex-tumblr-girl12116 t1_j4yl3xz wrote

Once when I was younger, I was in the school band, I played cymbals and drums. We were practicing "america the beautiful" which has a large cymbal part. You dampen the note with your body. Men do it with their chests.

Well I was going really hard at it, focusing on getting my timing right. And SMASHED my left boob in the cymbals trying to dampen the noise. The bruise took 3 weeks to leave !!

Hope you feel better soon. It's one of the worst places to get hurt.


Van_GOOOOOUGH t1_j4wofis wrote

Did your melted nipple flesh get mixed up into anyone's bubble tea drinks?


_ser_kay_ t1_j4wx7c8 wrote

The words “melted,” “nipple,” and “flesh” do not belong anywhere near each other.


cyclops32 t1_j4xygj6 wrote

If that’s the way you put bubble into bubble tea, I don’t want my bubble tit anymore.


Ohgodgethelp t1_j4wwk0r wrote

My burn treatment is a layer of some medicine - neosporin, burn creme, or silvadene, something oily and antiseptic - and then saran wrap over the burn.

1)Reduces friction to zero, 2) prevents the sensitivity that comes from heat loss, 3) accelerates healing and reduces the chance of scarring by allowing nutrients to pass through moisturized skin.


RogueMoonbow OP t1_j4x0695 wrote

The concept of putting saran wrap on my boob is a lil odd to me.

I am using bandages and ointment though


Ohgodgethelp t1_j4x4p93 wrote

I get that a lot.

Edit: it does make it feel better tho.


AleatoryOne t1_j4y5lmk wrote

That old bra was definitely a boobytrap


tommy_trip t1_j4vmi71 wrote

Bwlear grylls almost lost his nipple in a similar way


No_Love_1353 t1_j4x2z7t wrote

Omg… I’ve got a sunburn on mine and rubbed the skin off on the inner seam of an inner tube, but your story is horrifying.


Risingsuns44 t1_j4zb3bd wrote

Ouch, it made my boobs hurt just reading all the comments with several experience as op


Justin2166 t1_j58luqd wrote

Workman's Compensation Claim.


aussie_nub t1_j4y16tt wrote

Sounds like you should get some ointment applied to it. Happy to assist if you need some help.