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AshleyPoppins t1_j4vssxz wrote

My nipple got bit by a horse at work once. I do not work with horses.

My conclusion: Jobs are bad for boobs.


Forgetful8nine t1_j4vyz9u wrote


AshleyPoppins t1_j4w1mwh wrote

I’m a nanny. Took kid to riding lessons. Was petting horse. Different kid came in and did some type of hyena scream. Horse freaked and bit what was closest. Which happened to be my boob because he had been sniffing my shirt (smelled cat maybe?).

It bruised so bad.


mtgfan1001 t1_j4x32rn wrote

A moose once bit my sister


dmusicstud t1_j4x828j wrote

No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse


FukinSpiders t1_j4y1ncc wrote

Some moose knuckle come back in there somewhere, but can’t piece it together 😖


JugV2 t1_j4yg54x wrote

I would like to advise that the people who wrote the above posts have now been fired.


NexexUmbraRs t1_j4xi12v wrote

It's almost like nature doesn't want women to work. /s

(this is a joke.)


AshleyPoppins t1_j4xi5rk wrote

Horse was like “girl these kids are crazy you need a day off, let me help with that!” 😂


Poppypie77 t1_j4y7hk7 wrote

Oh my god I got bit on the boob by a horse once too!!! and I don't work with horses either haha. I was on a night out with friends and saw a police horse, and went over to say hi. I had a low cut top on and have a big cleavage, and he just turned towards me and bit me hard on the boob!! My boobs must have looked like a juicy apple or something 🤣🤣🍏🍎🍑 I went home to my boyfriend at the time, with what looked like a massive love bite on my boob, and I told him my friend was a witness and I didn't do anything suspicious haha. I laugh about it now but it bloody hurt lol.


DarkMoose09 t1_j4z59rj wrote

What is it with horses and boobs? I have huge boobs sadly, and horses just go straight for them every time they are a bunch of perverts 🤣


Taliesine_ t1_j4z8bar wrote

Boobs are warm and smell goods so pets love them, not just horses 🤣🤣🤣🤣


fatdongg t1_j4ymsb8 wrote

i gave myself a blood blister on my nipple when it got pinched between a table and a case of broth