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Poppypie77 t1_j4y7hk7 wrote

Oh my god I got bit on the boob by a horse once too!!! and I don't work with horses either haha. I was on a night out with friends and saw a police horse, and went over to say hi. I had a low cut top on and have a big cleavage, and he just turned towards me and bit me hard on the boob!! My boobs must have looked like a juicy apple or something 🤣🤣🍏🍎🍑 I went home to my boyfriend at the time, with what looked like a massive love bite on my boob, and I told him my friend was a witness and I didn't do anything suspicious haha. I laugh about it now but it bloody hurt lol.


DarkMoose09 t1_j4z59rj wrote

What is it with horses and boobs? I have huge boobs sadly, and horses just go straight for them every time they are a bunch of perverts 🤣


Taliesine_ t1_j4z8bar wrote

Boobs are warm and smell goods so pets love them, not just horses 🤣🤣🤣🤣