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Grey___Goo_MH t1_j63g1ty wrote

Save every penny you can

Get a job as soon as you can

Start planning to move on when you hit 18

Control your own money and don’t let your parents touch a penny

Comforting words are pointless plan ahead


throwingwater14 t1_j64kqd3 wrote

To this point, make sure you have a bank account on your own. Not attached to your parents. Most places (in America at least) will let a minor create their own bank account around age 16. It’s better if you do it at a bank that your parents aren’t at. Aka a completely different brand. Gather your important documents and make sure they’re accessible. Birth certificates and ssn cards can be replaced fairly simply with a fee through the web or a visit to the appropriate offices. When you’re able to get out, do it as one fell swoop as much as possible. Distinct possibility that when they realize you’re leaving and intend to cut them out of your life, they’ll try to beat you to the punch to hurt you for not conforming to their control anymore.