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Vivistolethecheese t1_j63o5mo wrote

She's also a child, what do you want her to do?


lostmonkey70 t1_j63p472 wrote

Be supportive in some way? Maybe tell her parents it's fucked up that she got a real birthday party and her literal twin sister got nothing but insults for her birthday?


blackscales18 t1_j63tood wrote

Show some level of empathy or compassion to her sister instead of being complicit in it. 15 is a little old to not know something's fucked up


Vivistolethecheese t1_j659wvt wrote

OP never said she didn't, even hoped she'd see this. Y'all are asking for a kid to stand up to her verbally abusive parents, and yet also thinking one shouldn't. Neither should.


parksandrecpup t1_j65xnnw wrote

Again, I grew up in a not only verbally but physically abusive house. There’s no way I would have let my sister get literally nothing on her birthday while I had a huge party and a cake. I also would have made damn sure to apologize to her and wish her a happy birthday. Her entire family not bothering to wish her a happy birthday is really fucked up, and a 15 year old is old enough to say “happy birthday” to her twin. And if you re-read it, she clearly says she’s not close with her twin and hopes she reads it, as in hopes her twin can maybe bother to recognize that what’s she’s doing is wrong.


inhaledpie4 t1_j64vjsn wrote

I am a twin and I sometimes tried to help her when I thought our parents were being unjust for whatever reason