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MikeColorado t1_j6bhxat wrote

As a dad, I can tell you how I would be, so this is from my viewpoint, not trying to hurt, you, but want to be truthful. If he loves your child, and deeply loves you as well, his heart is broke, his confidence and trust in doing his best is now in question, he may pull away from you to protect his heart. Is he 100% right, no, but the hurt is there and will take time to rebuild. Communication will be the key, and both of you will have to work on it. Please approach him and let him know you want to rebuild and it will take time. He will learn to trust in you again, he will learn to confide in you again, and he will learn how to help out so you feel it as well. As tough as men try to be, in reality we have a most fragile heart. Also know he 100% wants your relationship back the way it was. My middle son gave me a father's day card that brought me to tears. Inside he had written, "When I was young I wanted you around more. Now that I am on my own, I realize that you were sacrificing so we did not have to."