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Antiquemooses t1_ja13a9b wrote

What if aliens can see all the bugs on our skin and that's why they don't contact us, because they think we're super gross?


ScaryCryptographer7 t1_ja15pmd wrote

What if the bugs on our skin are the aliens?


Antiquemooses t1_ja17yw4 wrote

they've been having orgies on us this whole time


Fazed-and_Confused t1_ja1mqyc wrote

Imagine the kind of jack-asses that would have never ending orgies all over your face, but not show even a shred of decency and invite you to participate.


Whitestride t1_ja13w75 wrote

If they'd be grossed out, and they're of the highly intelligent kind, they will also be intrigued and want to look further into the purpose.


Antiquemooses t1_ja14gln wrote

or is that just your stupid bug covered monkey brained idea of what a highly intelligent kind of being would do? what if they're huge perverts? you don't know


Whitestride t1_ja14wgj wrote

If they are scientific in any sense, they wanna catalog everything, know everything, even if it grosses em out. Both opinions are a potential though.


Antiquemooses t1_ja15893 wrote

what if thoughts can be like viruses? and we must protect ourselves from them?


Whitestride t1_ja15oqh wrote

Kinda already the case with mental illness haha. For some anywho.

Imagine a higher being fixing that problem quickly, oh these neuron pathways are all wrong, and done, then they ask some weird questions since they did something for you.


Fazed-and_Confused t1_ja1me1v wrote

Thank god we’re still comparing the mentally ill to viruses. I was afraid we’d been humanizing them too much.


Whitestride t1_ja1qusu wrote

I meannn haha, I was more saying on the part that we have to fight the thoughts themselves, and some people do have to. But thanks for the award hehe


Orangecuppa t1_ja24te7 wrote

We have humans who have super disgusting kinks. I'm sure there are aliens with crazy kinks out there too.


monkeypox_69 t1_ja26355 wrote

Apparently cats can see spots on humans we can't normally see and they like us ok. It's probably the selfie/TikTok videos.


Granolapitcher t1_ja1adlb wrote

Tiny janitors. This is why I smash birthday cake and feces into my eyes once a year as a thank you to my eyelash mites.


tattooed_dinosaur t1_ja1xfb1 wrote

You should really consider lighting your face on fire as part of a failed eyelash mite gender reveal party.


runningmurphy t1_ja1hzl6 wrote

How can I unlearn this information?


jeanettera t1_ja1o2ne wrote

Well, I had learned this and had forgotten it. But now I probably never will, repetition and all


sryii t1_ja8h95k wrote

Why would you want to? I hate to break it to you but there are MANY creatures actively living in you and on you right now. It is just a part of being a large organism on planet Earth.


BrokenEye3 t1_ja1bhkz wrote

Eh, I wasn't using my dead skin anyway


Whalesongsblow t1_ja16s8k wrote

This website is cancer and doesn't work in the EU unless you give up your privacy rights.


ZootOfCastleAnthrax t1_ja329ua wrote

My dermatologist told me there's a theory that rosacea is caused by sensitivity/allergy to these mites. He said Ivermectin (of purported COVID-cure fame) has been successfully used to treat rosacea b/c it's an anti-parasitic.

Which led me to wonder how people decided that an anti-parasitic could treat a viral illness.

And, to wonder whether people with oily faces are drowning the little buggers.


Marconidas t1_ja4msyr wrote

Some Alzheimer drugs were firstly designed as a anti influenza medication.
Antimalaria drugs are used for autoimmune diseases.

It's not a long shot assuming that a anti-parasitic drug can be used to treat viral illness. Other research has shown Ivermectin to have in vitro efficacy vs some viruses.

Unfortunately, it didn't work so we're left with far more expensive medications or medications that have some sort of anti-HIV activity, with the potential to increase HIV resistance as HIV is a virus that mutates too rapidly.


sryii t1_ja8ipcl wrote

Ivermectin can inhibit some functions of integrins which are needed to bring viral sequences into the nucleus. We actually knew it could inhibit other viruses from infecting cells prior to COVID-19. So we gave it a shot and while it CAN do it in cell culture it doesn't work in a full organism, at least not in a safe dose.


glisteningdinkus t1_ja1bke5 wrote

Falling asleep tonight should be fun. Thanks.


GoblinCorp t1_ja1c9gu wrote

Think of them as cleaners. Without those mites your eyelashes would be covered in dead eyelid/brow skin.


Diligent_Nature t1_ja4jb2t wrote

Whatever you do, don't think about them having sex on your face before they take a shit there.


PeachSnappleOhYeah t1_ja176l5 wrote

oh, great. thanks. now everytime i feel an itch i'm going to be freaked out.


on_ t1_ja2sc1o wrote

The person who discover it probably had a hard night that day. Is the world ready to embrace this nightmare?


logosfabula t1_ja5alf8 wrote

Question: if I wash them all away everyday, how come they pop up again? Where they come from?


debbieopperud t1_ja5l600 wrote

Wash your eyes with a baby shampoo